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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman : It is all a huge tragedy

Okay, well I hung out at the hot springs at Agua Caliente (USA) for a couple of days, turned around came back to Mex and made a Thanksgiving Day feast, cleaned everything up, put away the decorations, worked in the yard and put in hydrangeas and fuschias (still tons more to do); we took the Muffin back up to Dr. Beths which resulted in a good prognosis - no MRI needed at this point, we are phasing in "Apoquel" for her allergies, and then came down with the worse I don't know what it is cold of my life.  I know it's not pneumonia because we had pneumonia shots but whatever it is it is awful - and I don't get colds.

Like many of you, we first read about the Australian surfers Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman in  Shortly after the Mexican reports, the US MSM and European press picked up the story, along with Surfer Magazine and many others. And like the rest of you, we are waiting to hear the results of the DNA tests. Every time I looked at Dean Lucas's picture, I am reminded of a young Robert August, they could have been brothers.

The US MSM 's reporting seemed accurate - and you have to hand it to MSN for having the courage of conviction in running the Derek Rielly editorial piece just today.  On the other hand, I was astounded by some of the replies in the early US MSM reports and I don't really know why I should have been. The misinformation on current events in Mexico from responders was astounding and of course, the paid hack(s) who are a permanent fixture(s) waiting in the wings to defend Mexico at all costs made their appearances.


One word kept popping up  in US reports on the Australian surfers- the word "tragedy." Yet, at no point did I see one US report describing the burned body located in Tijuana last week as being a tragic event. 

There has been no US coverage of the third police official executed in Tijuana in the past few days, nor has there been any coverage of the fact that at the end of November, we are up to over 600 homicides/executions in BC since the beginning of the year, and that number keeps growing. (that is just TIJ)  Maybe there might be a report on these totals in the future by the US MSM, but in their effort to redeem themselves in the eyes of their sponsors they will without a doubt twist the story at the very end to make it seem as though it is not as bad as it may seem, they always do (because they are in the palms of special interest groups doh). I'll be back with a run down of events picking up where we left off in the next few days.

 Further, how about the thousands of Mexican people who have vanished throughout Mexico or have been executed including social activists and journalists in just the past year?  How about the leaders and members of the Auto-Defensas in Michoacan being picked off and killed one by one? All tragic events, to name just a very few. Well, since the US MSM is controlled you can get those stories and more go here.

Meanwhile  this article-oped piece is spot on...I just wish Derek would have mentioned that mostly it is the USA who is providing the fuel for the fire and has no plans to change direction:

"Why Australian Surfers Chase Perfect Waves In Deadly Mexico"
By, Derek Rielly

Via.... (!)

Edit:  sorry, link is not coming up, try these or just google in the title:

Sydney Morning Herald 

The Age

P.S. Derek, I'm about twenty years older than you (maybe more - born in 1951) - and there was a time when this was the most gorgeous place on earth, lo siento, pero es no mas.

Edit, 12/30:  It is not just the Mainland, it is here.  Yesterday in Downtown TIJ (Zona Centro) cut up body parts of the over 600 - at this point roughly over 630 victims this year in Tijuana the overall Baja California total will be available at years end. Add that to the seven decapitations in TIJ this year, I'd call that terrorism plain and simple.