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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Rosarito Spruces Up - More Impeachment Updates: The Levee Is Breaking...As In Trump's Meltdown - Important Take On Hunter Biden - Common Dreams Chastises CNN - A Message From Bernie !!!

The Levee Breaks !

I have to say, I was impressed.  Mid afternoon Mike took Paris and me into Rosarito to finally have my pictures taken for FM's which I've been putting off due to inability to drive because of my knee.  I have to tell you, I was dumbstruck.  Every single building on both sides of Benito Juarez, every single one had been freshly painted, the streets were spotless, it was immaculate.

You could sense that people were trying with their businesses, everyone was friendly.  We didn't go down to Popotla, so I can't say anything about that, but downtown was dreamy, I could not believe it.
We ended up stopping at Manuel's for some street carne asada which was wonderful and then a quick trip into Calimax which is now stocking certified organic USA veggies and Dave's Killer Organic Prison Bread, OMG my fave !!! amazing.  No homeless on the streets or druggies, or for that matter rude, drunk and gross Spring Breakers and other gringo ne'er do wells.... clean as a whistle.

The only problem was that no one knew anything about  the Trump Impeachment Inquiry which is taking front stage in the states, which didn't completely surprise me because as I've mentioned before there has been very little coverage at least on  local newspapers. When I would say, "Oh no, this time he is going down!" they just rolled their eyes as in, "Right... tell me another fairy tale.".  More people rolled their eyes in a similar obsequious fashion when I brought up AMLO; the AMLO fever has been somewhat tempered.  Still, everyone still hates Trump, I gave out a lot of the 'fu*k trump' pins thanks to our source Lani up in Santa Cruz.

Are the folks in Rosarito conditioned to the violence  which surrounds them and are attempting to make the best of  the circumstances?  Don't know yet. 


Update/edit :10/03  @ 2:04pm - current Impeachment Updates:

The Latest On the Trump Impeachment Inquiry 

end edit.


Impeachment Updates:

Last night I caught this on Common Dreams  regarding CNN:

CNN slammed for Labeling Five Centrist Democrats As 'Leaders On Impeachment' and Erasing Efforts Of Progressive Women of Color"
 by, Julia Conley

As a matter of fact, Common Dreams devotes an entire section to CNN: and others - I was not aware of the Marc Lamont Hill situation, we were in the middle of caravans of migrantes here.

I always knew the USMSM including CNN treated Bernie horribly and pushed Hillary, but this too is unforgivable.  In the mornings when I turn on the computer, I automatically go to CNN to see the headlines - we don't watch it on TV.  Still, despite the negatives I'm going to use them as one source to keep current on the Impeachment affairs because they are like a fast rolling train.

 ~ From CNN:

The Latest On Trumps Impeachment Inquiry


 ~ From The Guardian:

Trump's Bizarre Press Day Was a Full-blown Impeachment Tantrum
By, David Smith - 10/02/19


 ~ From Vox: More on the Trump Press Meltdown

The Finnish President was All Of us at Trumps Latest Unhinged Press Conference
by, Aaron Rupar - 10/02/19


Okay, saving the best I think for the last -  this one is must read:

 ~ From The Center For International Policy:

Hunter Bidens Perfectly Legal, Socially Acceptable Corruption 
by, Sarah Chayes - 09/27/19


Also, I feel awful for Bernie, damn it. ....until the next meltdown everyone.....Paris says woof.


Update/edit 4:08 pm 10/03/19

Look what I just received !

Marjorie -

I want to thank you for all of the well wishes I’ve received over the past two days.
I am feeling good, and am fortunate to have good health care and great doctors and nurses helping me recover. And I am looking forward to sharing our vision for transforming this country at the next debate on October 15.
But the truth is, millions of Americans are not as lucky as I am right now.
Today in America, there are some 87 million Americans who are uninsured or underinsured.

That is unacceptable to me.

It is unacceptable to me that today in America, we end up spending almost twice as much as any other major country on health care, while our life expectancy continues to decline and our healthcare outcomes lag behind many other countries.
It is unacceptable to me that we give tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations while people are dying because they can't afford to get to a doctor or buy the medicine they need.

It is unacceptable to me that at meeting after meeting our campaign holds, I hear from people who have lost loved ones because they could not afford the unbelievably high cost of prescription drugs or from others who are forced to cut their pills in half due to the cost.

It is unacceptable to me that working class families and small businesses pay far more for healthcare than they can afford, and more than half a million Americans declare bankruptcy each year because they cannot pay off the outrageous cost of a medical emergency or a hospital stay. 

And in my view it is long past time that we end the international embarrassment of the United States being the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee health care to all its citizens.

So thank you again for your well wishes – they mean a lot to Jane and me. It means a lot to us that supporters like you made more than 100,000 calls on the dialer as part of our Call to Win program last night. It means a lot to us that so many are signing up for canvasses, organizing meetings and ballot access events across the country this week. It means a lot to us that almost 8,000 people made a contribution to our campaign yesterday without us even asking.

Thank you.

None of us know when a medical emergency might affect us. And no one should fear going bankrupt if it occurs.

It is time for Medicare for All.

In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders

We love you Bernie, and you are welcome ! end edit.