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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The DACA Kids Fight Back & Paris Agreement-Accord Updates

How anyone could believe that Donald Trump actually "cares" for the DACA kids or his claims that he really "loves them" is too far reaching for me.  Where we left off last blog, most of us were confused to their future status despite an accord reached between Trump and the dinosaurs of the Democratic Party Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  No details were made public, we were supposed to be mystified and relieved, even delighted.  But truthfully, it is difficult to trust any deals made by or with Trump, there's always an angle.

The DACA kids know the score and they blasted Pelosi out of the water:

"We are not your bargaining chip!" the group shouted while many held signs that read "Democrats Are Deporters" and "Fight 4 All 11 Million"—a reference to the full number of undocumented people estimated to live in the United States, as opposed to the approximately 800,000 who DACA is designed to protect. (Image: Screengrab/Twitter)

From Common Dreams: (with links to video within the report; don't miss all of their reports)

Refusing to Be Bargaining Chips, Dreamers Shut Down Pelosi's Pro-Dreamer Event

UPDATE/edit 09/20:  More on the Dreamers here:

DREAM ACT|Democracy Now



Over the weekend, there was plenty of back and forth talk of Trump "re-joining" The Paris Accord.  First he was, then he wasn't, then he was and just a few hours ago, he wasn't. 

Gizmodo points out it was all spin.

Still, our first thoughts were what were his motives if he really should re-join?  We all know his first concern (other than himself) are the corporations and big banks and big oil, he doesn't give a shit about the environment; global warming he says is a "hoax."  His ratings are low, maybe after all the Hurricanes he was working the crowd ? Naomi Kline addresses his "position"  this morning; don't miss all the news at DN:

Democracy Now !

Naomi Kline Warns Europe May Water Down Paris Accord to Win Support From Trump 

 UPDATE - 09/20:

From The Intercept

The Paris Agreement Disputes Is a Distraction. The Real Battle Is Playing Out In The EPA
by, Kate Aronoff


Probably one of the best don't miss reports on the environment (then again I'm a Chris Hedges fan); don't miss all of their reports:

From  Moyers & Company

The Great Flood
By, Chris Hedges - 09/12/17


I'll be back with the latest homicidios dolosos stats, there are so many dead people it is becoming a blur; we are somewhere over one hundred just in TIJ this month.

 Meanwhile, here's an oldie but a goodie to hold you over: