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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Who won ?

I managed to get down here, just tucked Paris Simone in bed.  PuppyLand is rough and I am exhausted. Paris is doing well on her schedule, but she is growing too fast and teething which is painful. We had to fence off my garden area because she knocked over all the gnomes  and statues and was trying to eat the cactus.  It looks like a day care center here, beds, toys, chewies, rugs, blankies strewn everywhere.  She is for sure an Alpha.

I remarked to someone that after dealing with the congestion in Los Angeles it was a relief to get back here. We now have two sets of gringo neighbors who are leaving, for good.  One of them said to Mike that, "It is too dangerous to live here anymore, my wife will not drive into Rosarito alone or even up to the States alone and our kids refuse to come here anymore."  My feeling of relief was probably tempered by a new bundle of joy and blocking everything else out.

Even today Mike reported that KPBS actually did a short blip on the execution 2016 totals for Tijuana (what a shocker !), but left out the other Municipalities and the other crime stats including assaults on restaurants, assaults on buses, decapitations, burned bodies, bodies left in public areas and in front of schools, the narco tunnels, the clandestine gravesite(s) and threats made to the authorities, not to mention the many people wounded by gunfire.  I guess the questions no one seems to be asking is who won, who is in control of the Plaza, how much longer should we expect the violence to continue ?  Already at the beginning of 2017 there have been five executions here, with one body thrown onto the Scenic Highway at La Joya down the road a bit.

 - To sum up then, 2016 in Tijuana closed with 910 executions, in December alone there were 112.  This is an historical high number, surpassing all previous years since 2006.

 - Ensenada:  As of 12/14/2016 according to Zeta there have been 66 executions with the "...majority of these concentrated south of the Municipality in the area of San Quintin."  Note the graph within the article which compares past years. Since then, I am counting two more since that article was published.

 - Rosarito Beach:  As of 12/16/2016 Frontera reports that Rosarito has had 87 executions, another high number.

 - Mexicali:  Zeta reports 107 for the year end total.

 - Tecate:  Waiting on the final number.


I'll be back with more information on the 2016 clandestine grave sites located not only in Tijuana, but throughout Mexico with Javier Sicilia's attempts to focus and organize active awareness of this particular carnage with the public and the politicos. And of course, we are bracing for the worse case possible with the Trump Presidency.