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Friday, July 7, 2017

Who Can It Be Now ?

Apologies.  Insane and disasters mode here. Paris had a bad trip up to see Dr. Beth: up too early, too long in the car, hot and smoggy day, people and large dogs at office terrified her, she had to be sedated, and leg x-rayed.  We are looking at an operation to correct a possible congenital defect in her little leg (I would guess that this is a huge example of over breeding) within a six month window - and prior to the operation, she needs training to not to jump which is what she does.  Other than that, she did get an RX for her special flea meds ("Revolution") and it was good to see Dr. Beth. Paris could not stand Ramona, it was crowded beyond belief, nothing like the way it used to be back when I was growing up, or even the 70's and 80's. And so much for our planned vacation.  Other than that, Paris is adorable as always.

Mike's knee is not good, sees specialist in another week.  Most likely looking forward to a knee replacement.

Complete bummer here, even my most stalwart Mexican neighbors are admitting how bad conditions are, which shocked me. Carmen says it is bad here, dangerous in Tijuana and sees people wandering and lurking around over by the baranca, strange looking people. However, she did take all of my Fuck Trump pins to pass around so I need to order more.  Go Carmen ! Speaking of security, we finally fixed the garage door opener convinced by another Mexican national friend.  Done.  However, the gate dilemma continues.

Water line broke and flooded Reuban's garage which he just made (BTW, Reuban built his house that is how talented he is) and undermined the floor which he put in.  It took forever for the water company to get out here, and when they finally did it was a joke.  It was not the workers, they were working their asses off.  It was the fact they had no materials.  There they were after digging up the water line, bailing out water with a bucket - no pump !  Water shut down which also affected us. Plus they had to rent a back hoe.  RENT !!!  Next day another part of the same line broke, but they did not even have the most simple equipment (underground leak detector) to find the leak.  Give these guys some goddamned equipment  already !

Meanwhile the electricity went out while the water was out due to a cable which was hit by a truck.  No water, no electricity therefore no pila.  We had been told awhile back that the electric company would fix the transformer which is malfunctioning on our street (the cause of uneven flow of electricity which is blowing out appliances) but it never happened.  Found out from the electrical workers who finally showed up to repair the cable that no what we need to do is go into CFE and file a complaint. Have not had time to do that.

And finally, some one put hundreds of dollars of charges on my credit card with Go Daddy creating fake URLs of my blog ( and which automatically renew and redirect to my domain at google...and if you google in those URLs - guess who also shows up all over the google page and images ).  Gee, I wonder who can it be now ?  One I was able to cancel, two I have to eat it because of Go Daddy's restrictions on cancellations.  Fuckin rat thief ! Don't let Mike catch you, I cannot repeat what his plans are for you.  One thing I have to say about thieves is that they don't care, to them it is a big joke and they wear the title as if it were a badge of honor. On my fucking credit card son of a bitch.

So, watch the links, don't know when I'll be back.  It's bad here, terrible. Haven't read either of them yet, but Washington Post and The Wall St. Journal both have reports on the increasing levels of violence in Mexico.

another oldie....but goodie...except for the fact that it is not a fantasy, it is FUBAR here.