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Friday, June 30, 2023

A Few Updates Russia-Ukraine

Sergei & Vlad

 I had to take down the Paris meme, "Sergei...Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" and replace it with Gerasimov due to developing reports that General Sergei Surovikin is being detained:

 ~ From AP:

Russian General Is Believed To Be Detained in Aftermath of Wagner Mutiny, AP Sources Say

by, Tara Copp & Nomann Merchant

Still, at this moment, Sky News has not confirmed this arrest but offers background on Sergei, plus Military Experts warnings to "keep an eye on him":

 ~ From Sky News:

Sergei Surovikin: Who Is Russia's 'Savage' commander - And what did He Know About Prigozhin's Wagner Group Mutiny ?

by, Richard Williams and Michael Drummond 06/29/23

Poor Paris, she really worked her little paws off, although she is getting quite good on the keyboard.


More Updates:

 ~ The KYIV Post



Russia-Ukraine War


 ~ From The Washington Post: 

War In Ukraine


 ~ From The New York Times:

Russia-Ukraine War



Where are you laying your bets ? That the Wagner Rebellion will have curbed Putin's blood thirst for power, that he has been weakened? Or, is it more"... likely he will take the path of escalation"? 

Nothing bothers him or his supporters.

Consider what the experts are thinking:

 ~ From Counterpunch:

Russia, The Wagner Insurrection and the Perils of Overwrought Punditry

By, Jeffrey Sommers, 06/28/23


I'll be back with the stats.