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Friday, May 29, 2020

Roll Jordan Roll - George Floyd. Update 05/30: Riots and Violence Continues And In Many Cases, Intensifies. No Local Warnings To The Mexican People Have Been Posted To Forewarn Them Of Danger In the U.S...i.e. If They Are Thinking About Crossing Over- What If They Are On Their Way To Los Angeles and Are Unawares There Is A Goddamned Curfew ? - Close to 11:00pm 5/30 Zeta Covers The Riots...Gracias ! - State Of Emergency Declared For Los Angeles

We are sick over the murder of George Floyd and the fact that three Minneapolis Police Officers just stood by, watched and did nothing as the life of George was squeezed out of him by their compadre who held his boot on Geroge's neck.  All the officers at the scene should be arrested for murder. All of them. 

[ Correction/edit:  @ 3:26 pm:  Here is the video from CNN posted on The Guardian showing  three officers kneeling on George Floyd while he was handcuffed:

We've been watching all night like most of you, all the coverage of the riots - which are spreading  like wildfire nationwide.

Here are some links, many with current videos.  This is America. 

 ~ From CNN: (and do not miss Trump's asinine tweets)

Live Updates: George Floyd


More videos:



More images - nothing on the western U.S. & Los Angeles in yet: 

Images of Protests - CNN


 More videos:



No doubt there will plenty of coverage this morning here:

Democracy Now ! 



 ~ From CNN:(watch the video please...any thoughts out there?)

Joe Biden Says He Spoke to George Floyd's Family

Well said, Joe...and we will see; we hope for the best and for change, but many believe the empire is finally crumbling down. 

 ~ So far @ around 2:30pm, no coverage of George Floyd and the other recent murders of black people in the States or of the riots from Zeta.  Proceso had a short report and La Jornada covers Trump's outrageous and  violence provoking tweets.

 ~ UPDATE/edit 05/30/20 @ around 7:00pm: Where's the Mexican Press ?

The riots continue, last night the United States nationwide coast to coast was basically burning, with even more violence spurred on by more of Donald Trump's threatening tweets.  Still, to me it is unbelievable that there is simply no local coverage of these events.  Christ, the US is  in essence blowing up, and mum is the word down here at least on a local level. 

 You would think that maybe Zeta would warn Mexican citizens to not travel to or to stay out of the rough hot spots like Los Angeles for one, San Francisco for another, etc.  Everywhere Zeta, even Nebraska and Las Vegas. What gives????  There really is no "border closure" that is baloney  - thousands of vehicles are going through SYPOE daily, and the vast majority of these are Mexican people. Do any of these folks realize that curfews have been called for throughout the nation?

All across the country, the situation is not under control, both people rioting and police have been shot, some wounded, some killed. Some are saying that tonight will be even worse. It has become very dangerous. It is shameful that no travel warnings have been issued here to protect Mexican citizens, just downright shameful. It is irresponsible.

end edit.


UPDATE/Edit: Thank you Zeta - you did it ! Close to 11:00pm 05/30/20:

 ~ From Zeta:

Disparos, Saqueos y Protestas en EU por George Floyd

I don't know how much longer this is going to go on.  Talking tonight, Mike said this could be the end of Trump - but I pointed out that due to the widespread violence the riots could work in his favor. The 
violence is scaring a lot of  people. Matters are happening so fast all across the country, I can't keep up .  It is chaos, many are saying this is far worse than 1968. 

But what is even scarier than the violence and property damages across the nation is we were wondering when and if the far right  white supremacist groups are going to become involved if they haven't already.  Shots were fired yesterday into one group of protestors, one person was wounded. Although Trump is blaming Anti-Fa (with no evidence) for the sustained violence, how do we not know it is coming from - or at least some of it is coming from the extreme right who hate the black people ? We don't know, but I would not put it past them.

CNN Updates

The world is watching....



Botham Jean

  ~  October 2018: Botham Jean



Atatiana Jefferson

 - Last October:  Atatiana  Jefferson


Ahmaud Arbery

 ~ February 2020: Ahmaud Arbery


Breonna Taylor

 ~ March, 2020:  Breonna Taylor


George Floyd


Who's next ?


One of my most faves:

–By Brandon Ray
“Roll, Jordan, Roll” was written in the 18th century by a Methodist preacher. The song’s original intention refers to the River Jordan, which the Israelites had to cross to enter the Promised Land, thus allowing a life free of burdens. It was introduced to the southern Appalachian region in the early 19th century as part of the Second Great Awakening. Black slaves were introduced to the song as an attempt to instill Christianity and strip their previous religions. The slaves claimed and subverted the original Christian song to reflect their struggles. The song became a coded message for escape, where the River Jordan became synonymous with the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, which could carry slaves to the North and freedom. “Roll, Jordan, Roll” was published in Slave Songs of the United States in 1867. This song has become very influential to modern gospel and blues music."