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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Heat Wave Subsided ! Thinking About Going To A Climate Crisis Boot Camp! DN's Interview With "Shut It Down" Author and Activist Lisa Fithian - 196 Executions TIJ For The Month of August


I haven't been around due to the outrageous heat and humidity which just knocked me for a loop this time around (I'm good for about four hours then I collapse), but we have been following the Climate Crisis discussions.  Also, now we up to eight kittens, the extra four were abandoned by their mother who was either an alcoholic or strung out on  that wild Mexican catnip.  What a disaster! The shelter in RB can't take them, but still going to trap them and have them fixed.

Paris and Daca Bob are coming unglued and acting out due to territorial concerns - wow, kind of like the drugs guys.  Speaking of which I'll return with validation, but looks like last month we had 196 executions just in Tijuana.  Everyone is asking the same questions: Is this an indication of a slow down, or that some sort of an accord has been reached ?  And, these remarks are from neighbors - who are wondering the same about BCS; what gives there and how did that go from blow up in your face violence to tranquility?  What was the deal made and by whom ? Maybe we'll never know.

Are you perhaps wondering why the DNC prohibited discourse on Climate Change|Global Warming during the "debates"?  You will find the answer to your questions don't miss all of their reports.....

The Intercept|Environment


I'm seriously thinking of going to a Climate Crisis Boot Camp.....

~ From Democracy Now !

Shut It Down: Veteran Organizer Lisa Fithian Offers A Guide To Resistance  In Era Of Climate Crisis

I don't think I'll find any boot camps around here...maybe San Diego ??? ???


Maybe this will make us feel a little bit better.....