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Monday, August 2, 2021

Wow, And You Thought Fox Was Pissed Off.....Outrageous Stats For TIJ In July: 190 Executed - Lady Of The Well

 Could this signal the  beginning of the end of the mad euphoria in Mexico over AMLO ? At least, the failure of the "Consulta Popular" indicates a high measure of social discontent and potential awakening. Presently, AMLO is brushing off the defeat and laying blame on everything else except for the reality of the situation here. This is going to be a short wrap-up because my knee is killing me. I know the US media joked about Ricardo Anaya of the PAN playing the flute when he was running for Presidente last time around, which I thought was pretty cool...not them making fun of him, but him playing it. But check this out: he ain't playin no flute: (or was it an oboe I don't remember)

 ~ From Proceso:

"La Gente Ya se Canso de Distractores y de Estupideces", Dice Anaya Sobre Consulta Popular 


lunes, 2 de agosto de 2021


 In a message addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the former presidential candidate for the PAN,  said that there is no pretext for the failure of this exercise as the INE or the media have been accused.

"MEXICO CITY (appro) .- The PAN Ricardo Anaya joined those who criticized and even celebrated the failure of the popular consultation held this Sunday.

 “The consultation was a failure: only 7% voted. It was not the fault of the INE, ”said the former PAN presidential candidate in his video posted on social networks.

In a message addressed to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Anaya said that there is no pretext for the failure of this exercise, as the INE or the media have been accused.

 "What happens, President, is that people are tired of distractions and stupidities, of a president who only talks and talks, and instead of solving problems, he sets up one circus after another to keep us distracted," said the national leader of the PAN.

 “Despite the government propaganda, the result of the consultation shows that the Mexicans did not fall for their game. The consultation was a complete failure: only 7% voted ”, said Anaya.

 He stressed that among the "distractors" of the federal executive is "the raffle of the plane without a plane", the rudeness of not living in Los Pinos "to live instead in the midst of the luxury of the National Palace", or the time spent in the morning to talk about the "lies" of his adversaries, which "is the perfect example of the donkey talking about ears."

[ "burro hablando de orejas" = slightly insulting; or "people who live in glass houses should not throw stones "- metaphor for '...when describing someone criticizing someone else for a fault that they themselves also have or had'. In this case, have]




  Zeta is reporting very low turnouts for the local Municipalities. Meanwhile...

  ~ From Zeta: 

Impunidad Deliberada en Mexico  


Edición Impresa    -  lunes, 2 agosto, 2021 12:00 PM


' Serious and growing situation of 98% global impunity, especially in forced disappearances, torture, extrajudicial executions, femicides and murder of journalists or activists. Academics and students from ITESO and Stanford University analyzed eleven emblematic cases without justice in Mexico. The lack of punishment is an incentive for criminality and the violation of human rights. The report reveals that authorities use mechanisms "to undermine their own investigation or to guarantee that their investigations do not lead to anything." It is proposed to involve external mechanisms for the supervision of justice'


"The word impunity is frequently associated with the commission of a crime that does not have a person responsible for it, a phenomenon that is attributed to the lack of capacity of the State agencies in the tasks of law enforcement; However, the study of a series of paradigmatic cases of massive violation of human rights shows that part of this impunity is deliberate, a desired result on the part of the authorities, so that the investigations do not lead to anything.

Such is the conclusion reached by the report made by academics and a group of students from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESO), Stanford University and the United States University Network for Human Rights, called " Active impunity in Mexico, how to understand and confront massive human rights violations ."

Led by researchers Alejandro Anaya Muñoz, James Cavallaro and Patricia Cruz Marín, the study starts from the decomposition that the country is experiencing in terms of the violation of the rights to physical integrity, linked to a crisis of impunity and access to justice , to the degree that Mexico has one of the most serious levels in the matter in the world, when it is estimated that 98% impunity prevails in the investigation of crimes, which is practically absolute.

Among the eleven cases analyzed by the investigators, there is the extrajudicial execution of 22 people in Tlatlaya, State of Mexico, in March 2014; the massacre of 42 civilians and a federal agent in Tanhuato, Michoacán in May 2015; and the incomplete and unsuccessful investigations into the homicide of journalist Miroslava Breach in relation to narcopoliticians in Chihuahua, in March 2017. Although there are also two investigations of residents of Ensenada and Maneadero, Baja California, who in 2011 were detained and tortured by the military , without finding justice for their causes.

In these and other cases that occurred from 2008 to 2019, during the presidents Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, Enrique Peña Nieto and Andrés López Obrador, the academics identified the mechanisms that generate active impunity, such as the alteration of the scene of the events. and the seeding of false evidence; the refusal to receive complaints; intimidation and threats to victims, relatives and witnesses.

The reluctance of the civil authorities to investigate elements of the armed forces, and the well-known attempt to tarnish the reputation of the victims, were also visible.


For Dr. Alejandro Anaya Muñoz, coordinator of the Master of Human Rights and Peace at ITESO, the crisis in issues such as the violation of the right to life, the prohibition of exclusions, as well as the right not to be a victim of torture, of Forced disappearance and the right to access to justice, they are going through a chronic and serious situation, a dynamic that generates active impunity on the part of the authorities in a country where only in 2% of cases there is an exceptional penalty for criminals.

Professor Anaya believes that when impunity is the norm, as in Mexico, it becomes an incentive for human rights violations and crime to be repeated and perpetuated, “because there is no sanction, there is no brake inhibitor for people who commit crimes, or a reason for victims to report, or for the authorities not to violate human rights; because if there is not going to be punishment, then I can do it, without any problem ”.

The interviewee assured that impunity is part of the explanation, but not the only factor that influences crime, since in contexts where there is low impunity, in any case, there is crime and violation of human rights: “There are other factors , but one very important to explain the current crisis, both crises, without a doubt is that lack of punishment, of that almost absolute impunity that we are emphasizing ”.

Anaya refers to the difference between global impunity and active impunity. The first refers to incompetence, such as failed investigations, evasion of those responsible for a crime, lack of sufficient evidence or any other pretext related to the lack of human, technical, scientific or training capacity of the operators of the agencies of law enforcement; while the second is that generated with all intention by the authorities.

“Active impunity is one in which investigations deliberately lead to nothing. It is a desired result, in which the very authorities in charge of the investigation of abuses, of human rights violations, do a series of things to undermine their own investigations or to guarantee that their investigations do not lead to anything, and that it is a very important difference with impunity that is explained based on the lack of capacities ”, explains the expert.

Colloquially, it can be affirmed that it is impunity on purpose , reiterates the coordinator of the research project, so it is understood that there are no perpetrators of crimes, or not even investigations, or that matters are tangled headlessly, in a dynamic constantly noticed in cases of forced disappearance, torture, femicides, extrajudicial executions or killings of journalists or activists. For this reason, it does not weigh any of the eleven matters analyzed with greater or lesser importance among them, since they are all emblematic and highly descriptive of the phenomenon.


It is demotivating for the victims and their next of kin that the authorities refuse to receive the complaint, or that the forced disappearance is not proven, nor the torture, and there are even threats to people who intend to file a complaint against State agents, “As if to tell them not to follow him because it is going to be worse for them; it is part of a series of mechanisms identified in this report, which are those that demonstrate this active impunity to which we refer ”, comments the doctor of law.

In his opinion, it seems that the finding that there is almost absolute impunity hits the victims' minds, and despite the democratic change of authorities every three and six years, and even modification of the criminal justice system, they make no difference and everything. still the same.

“It does not mean that there is no solution and we resign ourselves to living in the country of impunity. Another contribution of the report is an approach to break with this arbitrary and perverse cycle. It is not the only recipe, nor the only strategy, nor is it going to be the golden wand to solve everything overnight, but it is one of the alternatives on the table: raising issues to external oversight mechanisms of the Justice. If your conclusion is to say that this type of impunity 'on purpose' is sought by the authorities who have the mandate to achieve justice, we cannot leave to those authorities the solution of a problem of impunity, because they are generating it directly " , emphasizes the academic.

  According to the university professor, in four concrete experiences external -international- actors have been involved in the prosecution of justice in Latin America with good results, “one of them in our own country, in Mexico, the other three in Central America. : Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras ”.

These are exercises of involving international actors "in the quest for there to be justice, in search of serious, in-depth independent investigations, and that, therefore, there are sanctions."

For Alejandro Anaya, “the key factor of these actors is their external nature, that is, that they investigate, that they seek that sanction, but since they are external, that independence and autonomy can be guaranteed among the internal actors, which to date Not only have they failed to guarantee justice, but they have purposely sought to undermine truth and justice.

"These external actors would contribute to breaking the chain of interests that is behind active impunity, and of course, having the capacities and expertise in the investigations," he concludes."


the eleven number seems to be the tip of the iceberg so to speak.


July executions....

 There was concern around here that the violence was becoming a bit too close for comfort  with the four bodies in plastic bags thrown up the road at Punta Bandera and the daylight attack in Rosarito Beach.


Ensenada also had more high numbers, Loreny reports 39 executed this month, giving a YTD total of 237 dead.


But the whopper was of course Tijuana with 190 executed, giving a YTD total in TIJ of 1,213 dead and the Baja California YTD number at the end of July stands at 1,860 people executed - of homicidios dolosos.


That's alot folks. 


Over & out for now. Take care y'all.





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