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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Throw The Bums In Jail Already ! - Totsie Came Home !

Actually, jail time is preferred !


I've missed so much that it is difficult to know where to begin again. I will say that IF Trump is legally able to invoke "Executive Privilege " over the January 6th insurrection, we are all pretty much fu*ked.

Here's the scoop:


 ~ From CNN: 


Live Updates: Jan. 6 Committee Pursues Criminal Contempt Referral For Bannon 


By Melissa Macaya, Melissa Mahtani, Meg Wagner and Veronica Rocha, CNN

Updated 4:47 p.m. ET, October 14, 2021



 Meanwhile, the latest here is that we are up to 59 executions this month in TIJ - giving the YTD total at1,564 executed in TIJ.  


All the local news here: (Don't Miss Narcopolicias del CAF)

Zeta Tijuana 



Rubio, Totsie & Paris 

The gang of three

True Love


Rubio cleaning Totsie

We had an almost disaster here  which went on for five days where everyone, Paris included ,were completely stressed out and sleep depleted.

Rubio who is the son of Daca Bob, and Totsie, a little feral kitten who was only as big as a mouse when she first showed up and jumped in my lap...went missing for five days. Both have had their "operations" and shots and have never wandered before - but we think there is a new set of kittens born next door which is making them very nervous. And, try as you might, I'm beginning to think you just cannot take the wild out of wild cats, no matter what you do. 

Just about everyone in the neighborhood were looking for them, with no luck. I began thinking the worse - that either someone grabbed Rubio (He's a little slow, but handsome and cross eyed) or they met a terrible ending.

After three days, Rubio showed up - without Totsie.  He was confused, muddy and starving. He gobbled down a can of albacore in water and dry food...then cried to be let out again.  He came in and back and forth about a dozen times, crying, looking for Totsie. Meanwhile Paris started peeing all over the floors. No one could sleep. Being somewhat delicate (we call her the little ballerina) deep down I didn't think Totsie stood a chance out in the wilderness. But I did pray to Saint Anthony ( Patron of things lost) & Saint Francis (Patron of little animals) to help her find her way home. Rubio continued his pacing, crying and looking for his little baby. I swore I would never take in another feral cat again.

This morning, Mike left a note: "Totsie is home ! She ate albacore, regular cat food and dry ! Drank a lot of water ! I'm running late !" But where was she ? I went back into the bedroom and I could not see her anywhere - I pulled back the covers and there she was, with Paris under the down comforter...Rubio was at the bottom of the bed. Everyone was safe, but it was a harrowing experience. Rubio said, "Haven't you found us a house yet in the states?"

Poor Rubio, you could tell by his expressions he was relieved.  He is as all of us are, completely exhausted. Thank goodness we didn't have to have a Memorial Service. Rubio had already chosen two songs for the occasion. Here's one.

Here's the other:




Wait...there's more!


OMG it's Marjorie Taylor Greene aka "Horseface"


 ~ From Raw Story:

 Marjorie Taylor Green Attacks Nancy Pelosi's Hairstyle: 'She Doesn't Look Good - We All Know It"




Well, coming from old Horseface herself, I'd say that is pretty rich. 


Take care y'all.