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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Updates: Caravana Migrante In Tijuana - Pablo Perez Of Telesur Reacts To Xenophobia In Tijuana - Trump's New Plan:" Remain In Mexico " - Police Chief Of Tijuana Claims That 75% of The Migrantes Are Aggressive and Troublemakers - Zeta Reports @ 10:50am Yesterday 17 People Executed In 25 Hours Bringing This Month's Total In TIJ 141 Dead - YTD Total In TIJ @ 2,223 Dead - Updates 11/22 @ 7:00PM : AMLO Agrees To Trump's Plan & Trump Issues New Warnings That US Military Has Been Authorized To Use Deadly Force Against The Migrantes & Also Threatens To Shut Down The Entire Border- Heads Up: Demonstration Scheduled For This Sunday At San Ysidro POE By Migrantes - Happy Thanksgiving

I was just talking to someone from Google and I told him that normally on the eve of Thanksgiving I would be baking pies and making cranberry sauce. But we are doing things a bit different this year.  Late last Sunday night Mike started getting sick.  He had an appointment Monday to see his Doctor for his knee shot and also to look at the dog bite on his hand which is taking forever to heal.

  At any rate, at that point he was really sick.  They took a swab and confirmed he had the flu.  He had just had his flu shot two weeks ago (which made him horrible sick),  the Doctor told him that the flu shots are only 70% effective, but that he was in the window for the Tamaflu to work.  Get this - $60.00 for an RX even with insurance, what a joke our health care system is. The Doctor told him he needed to stay home for a week.  So, that is where he has been and that is what I've been doing, taking care of him.  Paris curls up and sleeps with him during the day, but he is a bad patient, terrible. Haven't been over to Mexicali or TIJ for the migrantes, will go next week.


This is a test...this is a test...testing...testing.....all hands on deck...all hands on deck....

This is a test...this is a test...testing...testing...all hands on deck...all hands on deck...

 - Tomorrow at 2:00 PM the San Ysidro POE will be closed to traffic going up to the States for 10 (ten) minutes.

Operativo Causara Leve Demora en Garita de San Ysidro


 Update /edit 7:00pm:

 - Aristegui Noticias updates this "drill" which they are reporting lasted 30-40 minutes and included the pedestrian walkways where about *one hundred of the migrantes had gathered. Keep in mind this drill along with all the other "precautions" the idiot Trump has arranged at the Border, is costing the American taxpayer close to three hundred million dollars.

Courtesy Aristegui Noticias

Courtesy Aristegui Noticas

 - From Aristegui Noticias:

 Reabren Garita de San Ysidro Tras Cerrar Por Media Hora

  * 07/23 Quickie Edit:  Today I read in the US Press - and it was another case of hysteria - that these migrantes were only 500 feet from US soil ! They were waving white flags ! Actually there were only two white flags. Presently, and prior in Playas de Tijuana where we saw the migrantes attacked by the counter migrante group there have been disputes within this group of how to approach the border. Check Frontera link below for current information, and Pablo Perez of Telesur also has mentioned a dislike between the groups of migrantes of different countries.  

The point is - which the US press completely missed, this group that went to the pedestrian walkway actually believed they could convince Donald Trump to let them in - that is how naive they are. They do not understand (but they will learn) what a Nazi he is.  It also proves once again these people have no attorneys, no leadership, no one is explaining to them the conditions of asylum, they are disorganized and uniformed.  So basically this should once and for all bury the right wing runaway  notion that this entire group was financed by George  Soros or the Communists.

If they were paid so well to carry out their hopes of attaining asylum, they sure don't have any money for food or shelter.  So, the US article got that right - they are cold and they are hungry.  It's flippin cold here now, with drizzle and light rain.

 Of course, the US report never mentioned why these people left Honduras in the first place - no mention of how the US triggered and sanctioned the present despotic and repressive government  and military which has been using the Honduran people (especially the indigenous people of Honduras) as target practice, hundreds of them in addition to sanctioning the gangs on the streets. It was the United States who trained the Honduran Military in the first place.  So fuck you Jeff Sessions for going along with & announcing the  changes to asylum requirements just a short while back - you knew the US backed the Honduran government which sanctions gangs (and drug activities) - yet now, being fearful for your life due to gangs no longer can be used as a reason for asking for asylum. And these gangs make the US gangs look like altar boys.

Meanwhile food, food, food, blankets, tents, clothes all desperately needed ! You can always just drop things off at Padre Chavas. Why didn't the San Diego report mention that?

end edit.


Of course by now you all know about the temporary restraining order put on Trump's new asylum rules:

From The Guardian

'He May Not Re Write Immigration Laws': Trumps Asylum Ban Blocked By Federal Judge

  - But look at this: Trump's New Plan - "Remain In Mexico"

  - From the Washington Post

Trump Plan Would Force Asylum Seekers To Wait In Mexico As Cases Are Processed, A Major Break With Current Policy
By, Nick Mirott, Josh Partlow & Josh Dawsey

Well, the authorities are saying they are looking for a facility to "rent" for the migrantes to stay in and Governor Kiko is demanding the Federal government of Mexico  give Baja California money to cover the costs.


Update/edit @ 7:00pm:  Aristegui Noticias has reported that apparently a deal has been struck and AMLO is in accord with the "Remain In Mexico" Policy, which has surprised many people:

 - From Aristegui Noticias:

 AMLO Aceptaria Plan de Trump Para Que Solicitantes de Asilo Esperen en Mexico 

And Trump then not only has ordered the US Military to use deadly force against the migrantes but threatens  to completely shut down the Border.  Check this out: 

 - From Aristegui Noticas:

Soldados Estadounidenses Autorizados Para Usar "Fuerza Leta" Contra Migrantes: Trump 

"President Donald Trump said Thursday that he authorized US troops on the US-Mexico border to "use lethal force" if necessary against the migrant caravan, while threatening to close "the entire border" with Mexico, If the immigration situation goes out of control. "If it reaches a level where we lose control or people may be injured, we will close the entry to the country for a period of time .

The entire border, "he told reporters after a telephone conversation with members of the Army. There is "a very bad situation" in Tijuana, Trump said, and he said he authorized US soldiers to use deadly force against migrants "if they have to." 

 "I have given my approval (...) I hope you do not have to do it. You are dealing with a minimum of 500 serious criminals (...) I have no other choice. I want that to happen? Absolutely not. You are dealing with rude people, "he said. HAPPY THANKSGIVING: Pres. Trump holds a teleconference to wish service members around the world to happy Thanksgiving. - ABC News (@ABC) November 22, 2018

 After a telephone conversation with military leaders on Thanksgiving Day , Trump also said that "there certainly could be" a government shutdown in December for financing the border wall.

 Trump received an updated report from the air commander, General David Lyons, on the state of the fight against the Taliban and members of the Islamic State (IS) in Afghanistan and took the opportunity to refer to the migrant caravan.

 "Keep them away from our shores. That is why we are making strong borders, you have surely seen in the news what happens on the southern border (...) large contingents and in many cases we do not know who they are and in many cases they are bad people, bad people, "said Trump from West Palm Beach. "We are not going to let anyone in, essentially (...) you are doing it over there, we are doing it here. We have their people on the border, military on the border for the first time (...) There has never been a Presidency like this, we have a powerful border now, "he said. Trump said the United States has the border wall and "with things that people can not even imagine." "We took care of the decomposed wall and wrapped it with barbed wire 'plus', and no one is going to enter these walls," said the president

. A San Francisco court recently invalidated Trump's plan to limit asylum or refugee applications to US border crossing points, since the law allows it to do so from anywhere in the country. "It's a terrible thing when the judges tell you how to protect the border, it's a disgrace. We are winning and you are winning, "he told the military commander. During the conversation, to commemorate the main non-religious holiday in the United States, the president made a round of talks with military leaders of the various branches of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard.  "


 - More on the Thanksgiving Day threats from Trump:

I noticed this AP article on MSN in the wee hours of the morning; since then, the original article has been re-written to exclude Trump's statement on migrantes.  I was able to find the original AP article where Trump says:

"Trump asserted that there are "fistfights all over the streets" in Tijuana, Mexico, and that "these are not like normal, innocent people."

"These are people you talk to them and they start a fistfight," he said. "I don't want that in this country."

The people of Tijuana "opened up with wide arms" to welcome the caravan, Trump said, and "now they're going crazy to get them out ... because bad things are happening."

He said if U.S. officials "find that it's incontrollable, if we find that it gets to a level where we are going to lose control or where people are going to start getting hurt, we will close entry into the country for a period of time until we can get it under control. The whole border."

Naturally these are more lies by Trump.  It has already been established what happened here, that it was the anti-immigrante groups who reacted violently to the migrantes - not the other way around.

 - From The Anchorage Daily News

By, Jill Colvin AP - 11/22/18

He is out of his fucking mind.

end edit 


 -  From Politico a couple of days ago: 

Troops At US Mexican Border to Start Coming Home
By, Wesley Morgan


 - So far, what we are reading locally is that there are 4,000 migrantes here which is a lower number than Buzz Feed. So, where are these folks supposed to stay? Let's look at the local coverage, I'll highlight a few reports going back to reactions of the near riots of the anti-immigrantes. You will recognize Angel Gonzales the author who keeps track of the executions in Tijuana:

From Frontera: (I wasn't the only one who was shocked)

No Esperaba Que Tijuana Materialializan Xenofobia:  Corresponsal de Telesur
Por, Angel Gonzalez - 11/20/18

"The signs of rejection and hatred towards the migrant caravan were not expected from Tijuana, said journalist Pablo Pérez.

 The reporter of the international channel Telesur began the journey with the caravan from October 22 and arrived in Tijuana on Friday. Pérez was present during the anti-migrant march, on Sunday, which ended with a group of protesters trying to forcibly enter the shelter of the Benito Juárez Sports Unit.
 During his stay in different municipalities, the reporter who currently lives in Mexico City became aware of the messages of xenophobia towards Central Americans, mainly on social networks. However, considering itself a migrant city, he did not imagine that these messages materialized in marches and acts of violence.

 "The actions of these problems are remarkable throughout Mexico, but they stay in the networks, until now, this is when these protests are present, there never was. For the character of this city is where I did not expect them; Tijuana is presented to us as this migrant city par excellence almost of the world, Tijuana is New York of Mexico, "he said.

With almost a month accompanying the migrants, the communicator said that, contrary to what has been handled by some sectors that are against the caravan, there is no sponsor or organizer behind the movement. "There are reasons behind this, there are no interests, there is no organization and there is no money, that is what has been accused a long time but everything is so disorganized, so chaotic, armed on the fly, there is no way of thinking about an organization , a financing, "he explained.

 Perez added that he has witnessed the problems within the group and that many of the members have no idea how they will cross into the United States. "One of the characteristics of these groups of migrants is that they distrust each other, because of their local origins, quarrels, because of their nationality, Salvadorans do not trust Hondurans," he said.

From Zeta:
Por, Manuel Ayala 


 - But the truth is, it doesn't look good for the migrantes.  So far, Frontera has reported that 90 (ninety) of them have been arrested (which means deportation from Mexico)including a reporter from Honduras.(One migrante died on the Tecate-TIJ Highway, hit by a vehicle)  According to the authorities, the arrests are for either drunken public behavior or for smoking the ganja.  In one incident, the Municipal Police went into the area where hundreds of the migrantes are staying and arrested four men for smoking weed, which nearly caused a riot. You can see the reactions of some of the Mexican women - it is anti-immigrant hysteria which is growing here.  One of my neighbors said he thought the cops planted the dope on these men.  But more and more this racist hysteria is gaining a grip on Tijuana.

In addition, business people of Rosarito are blaming the migrantes for empty hotel rooms and condos over Thanksgiving Holiday.

 - Police Chief Mario Martinez then issued this statement:

From Frontera:

75% De Integrantes De La Caravana Dan Imagen De Ser Personas Agresivas: Policia Municipal
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez

" 75% of the members of the migrant caravan give the image of being aggressive people, said the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Martínez Martínez.

Today in the morning, four men were insured by agents of the Municipal Police when they were identified as allegedly responsible for smoking marijuana inside the shelter located in the Benito Juárez Sports Unit.

In his supervisory tour, Mario Martínez Martínez assured that Tijuana does not have the capacity to receive so many migrants; Until yesterday, the number of Central Americans in Tijuana reached more than 4 thousand.

"As director of the Municipal Police, I ask for the conscience of the federal authorities, I do not understand why they are allowing so many people to enter the city of Tijuana, it is going to get out of control, it is not possible that this is happening in the city, we are doing everything possible because we do not get out of control, "he said.

The director added that, according to what he has appreciated since the arrival of the first group of the caravan, most of the members are troublemakers.

"They are rich people, 75% are seeing their characteristics that are not ordinary people, the other ladies, children, parents, the other 75% I am seeing them in that way," he said.

Since the arrival of Central American migrants until yesterday, 90 arrests were registered, however, Martinez said, to continue with the arrival of more people, it will be more difficult to maintain order.

"There can be violence, fortunately we have been able to control this situation but this problem can be out of date; most, all the people we have arrested, the majority is for drug use, you enter the shelter and you feel a characteristic smell of marijuana, "he said.


75 % ????? 


From Frontera: The Very Latest Reports : Every detail is here:

Toda La Informacion Relacionada Con Caravana Migrante 

Update/edit 7:30pm:  Frontera has added to the numbers of migrantes in Tijuana - they are reporting 5,000 - so this number changes.  Importantly there is a demonstration scheduled for this Sunday at the SYPOE by the migrantes,  

They are planning to be in the entry lanes in between the vehicles going up to the States.  Just keep your fingers crossed that the counter demonstrators (anit-immigrantes) will not be present and cause more turmoil and violence. Keep your fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong.


 - From Frontera: 

Planea Caravana Migrante Manifestacion El La Garita de San Ysidro

end edit.


Latest Tijuana Execution Figures:  Oh, and keep in mind Breitbart will most likely post these figures, although they NEVER give credit to their information sources who are the local Mexican reporters. Of course not, Breitbart HATES Mexicans:
 - From Zeta who reported yesterday at 10:50 am in the last twenty five hours 17 people executed in Tijuana, bringing the monthly total up to 141 dead in the city. Apparently the Caravana Immigrante is not going to slow down the executions - we were hoping that it would, but it doesn't look that way:

17 Ejecutados En 25 Horas, Solo Tres Victimas Estan Identificados 

Note: Frontera reported on 11/17 ninety four executed in Tijuana so far this month giving the YTD Tijuana figure of 2,176 dead.  Adding the difference between the two reports would put us at 2,223 executed just in Tijuana YTD.  And people are complaining about the migrantes? 

From Frontera:

Ola Homicida Cobra Otras Tres Victimas
Por, Angel F. Gonzalez - 11/17/2018


Have a nice Thanksgiving.