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Monday, September 19, 2016

CJNG Is Taking Control Tijuana - 593 + Executions in TIJ Since The Beggining of the Year - 78,109 Dead During Three Years Of Pena Nieto And Counting

courtesy Zeta

As the U.S. Presidential election circus dominates the news reports in America and the social media, little or nothing is being reported about the raging drug war in Mexico.  This is good news for the promoters,  the majority of gringos remain clueless.  Which begs the question, what types of people utilize the lack of information and education as a control method ? Perhaps this is not such a hot topic anymore, perhaps no one really cares. Afterall, in a few years time, everyone can catch the drama on a Netflex special and not really have to deal with it.

Which leads me back to the U.S. Presidential circus and that is that neither of the major candidates has uttered a word  or even a little tiny peep over the drug war situation, oblivious to it.  Bernie Sanders, even though he turned out to be a complete sell-out did say several times earlier in his campaign that the drug war was a failure.  But now we're not one hundred percent sure that his statements were actually sincere.

Despite the silence from the corporate media and the politicians of the U.S. on the conditions of the drug war in Mexico, there are a bevy of publications that daily report the drug war carnage. In our area, the drug war has never stopped and the violence continues to rage.

Zeta predicted the clash of the titans (Sinaloa vs. CJNG) months ago, and now even the authorities who initially denied the presence of the CJNG in Baja California are admitting what is happening in our region is a repeat of earlier drug war atrocities when El Teo and the Sinaloa Cartel took on the CAF, which left most of us shocked and dazed with the majority of gringos who lived here making a run for the border and exiting, permanently. And finally just a few weeks back after the body count was undeniable, the authorities announced they would be unveiling "a new strategy" against the violence. An announcement was made that the Marinos were being called out to patrol the streets, but we haven't seen them.

Keeping in mind that I will add new numbers of fatalities to these figures almost four days after the following reports: Zeta reports that as of 09/15/16  during the month of September there have been 46 homicides-executions in the city of Tijuana and lists some of these from the previous week.  That number leaves us at 593 people including women and children, burned bodies, mutilated bodies, headless bodies, one body hanging from a bridge with arms and legs cut off which falls on a passing vehicle, people shot and killed in front of their families, bodies in the streets, shootings in daylight, bodies thrown into the highways - 593 people killed in homicides-executions as a result of the unnatural and eidolic drug war since the beginning of this year to September the 15th. This is the number for Tijuana and does not include the Municipalities of Ensenada, Mexicali, Rosarito Beach and Tecate.


46 Ejecutados en Septiembre 593 en 2016

CJNG Control extending into Tecate: (courtesy Zeta)

Additionally not have only threats been made to the authorities but authorities have been targeted.  On a tip from their law enforcement counterparts in the U.S. it was learned that the forces of the CJNG were planning to target PGJE and Ministerial agents which they have done.  The deep concern of the authorities now is that there is absolutely no doubt that the CJNG dominates at least one third of Tijuana and  there has been a measurable increase of drugs being moved and money being laundered, just like if not surpassing the old days.  The question remains, how much longer will it take them and their allies (CTNG - and offshoot of the CAF - and a reminder that authorities told the public to disregard the narco mantas from the CTNG a few years back, that they were not a viable force) to completely control not only Tijuana, but other areas ? And what will be the price to be paid in violence?

Zeta Tijuana

CJNG: Amenaza a Policias

courtesy Zeta

Adela Navarro Bella argues that little to nothing has been forthcoming from the Pena Nieto administration regarding the violence which defines Mexico and there is she states at play an effort to minimize the violence by either not addressing it or to even falsify information, particularly regarding the numbers of the victims where authorities have actually in fact lowered the numbers of homicides due to organized crime by huge amounts.

After an initial report from Zeta then two subsequent reports from the government where figures differed, another investigation was launched by Zeta's Jesse Lara Berudez which showed between December 2012 to July 2016, 78,109 people have been killed as a result of clashes between cartels, mafias and organized crime. In this year alone 12,512 people have been killed nationwide which works out to a monthly average of 1,800, July of 2016 measuring the most violence with 2,073 recorded homicides-executions recorded.

Putting the figures into perspective then the annual average during the Pena Nieto administration is 21,600 people killed.  If this rate continues at its current pace, the projected amount of people killed due to the insecurity will total 129,000 people which at that point will surpass the 120,000 recorded executions during the six year administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojoso.

Potentially then we could be looking at a  figure of 250,000 people in Mexico killed in the drug war since the days of Calderon, and this figure is not including the 26,000 people who are still missing.  250,000 !!!

Ms. Bello ends her report the same as her preface: She states that Pena Nieto is determined to deny or minimize the climate of insecurity while committing mistakes in other areas and attempts unsuccessfully to shake off the stigma of corruption.  The President of the Republic she states, does not take responsibility.  Gosh, that sounds familiar.

I'm going to cut this short because it started to thunder and lighting  and actually rain here which means the electricity might go off, but I'll be updating tomorrow. I saw there was another headless body out in Tecate. Here is the complete report:

Zeta Tijuana

Los 78,109 Ejecutados Con EPN


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Fortunately there is a huge contingent in the U.S. that realizes that our "leaders" and politicians are simply figureheads for the bankers, the corporations, big oil, the military, big pharma mafia, the health mafia-industry,the insurance mafia-industry, etc.  The powers behind the figureheads are terrifying.  And by the way, these "courtiers and tyrants" in the United States do not give a shit how many people are killed in drug war violence here in Mexico, they never have cared -  they could care less:

The Courtiers and the Tyrants 
by, Chris Hedges

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