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Friday, June 10, 2016

The Slow and Strange Death of Democracy in the United States of America

Courtesy Democracy Now !

The drug war and violence continues here despite the fact that the US corporate media will simply not report even the local events including but not limited to many more brutal executions throughout Baja California and an armed commando group's kidnapping of a Rosarito Beach businessman.  I will return with those reports with more exact numbers, data and links.  In a sense, we've been waiting for the dust to settle here after the tragic outcome of the Democratic Primary Tuesday last.

We are both  troubled over our position to have  to choose between the lesser of two evils in the upcoming Presidential election.  That said, because we strongly believe that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of progressive change and have shown themselves to be corrupt and controlled by conservative corporate interests, furthering these corporate interests with militaristic agendas, supported by the conservative corporate media, and engaging in a relentless campaign to shove the "presumptive nominee" down our throats, we are terminating our life long registrations with the Democratic Party, most likely for the time being re-registering as Independents.

Here are two videos and interviews with Dr. Jill Stein  who makes the points that we should not be voting out of fear for the lesser of two evils and that because of the glaring similarities between the Republican and the Democratic  candidates, neither can offer any sort of change.

Democracy Now !

Jill Stein to Bernie Sanders:  Run on the Green Party Ticket & Continue Your Political Revolution

Democracy Now !

Green Party's Jill Stein:  What We Fear from Donald Trump, We Have Already Seen From Hillary Clinton