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Friday, September 25, 2015

Updates On the Cartel Wars Casualties In Our Region 09/15 - 09/25/15

Over a week ago we were told by General Gabriel Garcia Rincon, Commander of the 2nd Military Zone that we should not be worried over the high crime rate because the people being killed are just criminals and insisted that there is coordination between the corporations.  The General pointed out that since he has been in control there has been 231 tons of marijuana, 211 kilos of cocaine, 459.25 kilos of heroin, 426 kilos of ice, 4 tons of meth and 20 narco planes seized.  Since that statement more drugs have been confiscated including 158 kilos of cocaine and arms belonging to the Sinaloa cartel by the PEPOs, although in that case, there were no arrests. But Manuel Cordero points out without the Military/Federal checkpoints in place, preventative measures are in essence lax ,therefore
the drugs are not stopped prior to entering the city of Tijuana.  Since that is the case, then how many more tons of drugs make it through not only into the United States, but feed the addicts throughout the municipalities of Baja California and amass huge profits for the narcomenudistas and the cartels?

The churning machine of violence continues throughout Baja California, today a man jumped from the second floor of the Palacio Municipal in Rosarito Beach out of desperation and claimed that none of the authorities would help him - he said his wife and daughter had been kidnapped and he was being extorted.  Since he has no money, he decided to kill himself. He jumped, but was not injured. Do we believe him? And, if we believe him what does that mean?

On 09/24 Manuel Cordero of El Sol de Tijuana reported two more attacks (contained in the stats below) that he said were hidden from the public by Police Chief Llares Valladares.  The authorities according to Cordero are in denial over the nearly 500 (five hundred) executions/homicides  just in Tijuana this year and the tragedy is that the figures are still rising.  He also accuses the AG in concealing five executions:

Muere Acuchillado Expolicia Municipal
Ejecutan balazos a sujeto en la Zona Centro

As of 10:49pm here are the numbers of executions/homicides in our region, I'll return to my old format soon,  it has just been too hot and the Muffin has not been feeling well.

09/15/2015 - 09/25/2015 :

Tijuana:  23

Rosario Beach:  1 (At the Club Marena)

Mexicali:  1

Tecate:  1

Wounded by Gunfire:

Tijuana:  15 - 3 of these are in grave condition.

Other gunfire and chases:

Tijuana:  High speed chase from the Zona Rio ends in crash on Avenida Internacional close to Playas entrance - rollover, daylight.

Rosarito:  Gunfire against another vehicle close to Blvd. 2000 leads to chase and 2 arrested.


Will return with information of recent arrests of CJNG leaders out of state, undetermined if these will impact the turmoil taking place in Baja California.

Tomorrow is the "big day" - the one year anniversary of Ayotzinapa.

Here are current articles related to Ayotzinapa:

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