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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Every Picture Tells A Story, Right Trump? - Tecate Checkpoint Closed Until Further Notice: Barrett Fire (Border 32 Fire) - Month of August in TIJ: 189 Executions/Homicidios

I'm going to come back to our out of the park, elevated execution/homicidio rates in TIJ for this month (also who knows how many more today).

Meanwhile, looks like Trump is jumping through hoops with his expected double talk and bullshit:


Every Picture Tells A Story (click link kids)

Must watch videos:

 ~ From CNN:

"Hear What ex-FBI Special Agent Noticed In Evidence Photo Taken Inside Trump Home" 




A break down of the pictured files:

 Dissecting 7 Key Pieces Of the Mar-a-Lago Photo 

Updated 5:22 PM ET, Wed August 31, 2022




Wow. Another one of my fave GOP guys - and yes I know all about his wife Kelly Anne jeesh. You'll have to click the link to watch  - blogger goes nuts when I put up too many videos:

George Conway Says DOJ Filing Has Trump 'Dead To Rights'



Trump's Next Move: More hyperbole. More diversions and stall tactics, as ludicrous as they are.

 ~ From Salon:

"Lordy There Are Pics": Legal Experts Say Trump Lawyers May Need Their Own Lawyers After DOJ Filing

By, Igor Derysh
Deputy Politics Editor
08/31/22   9:30AM (EDT) 
The Heads Are Back

 A little after midnight here, no more reportings of homicidios throughout the midday and evening, as if we needed anymore. Extreme high numbers, I'm pretty sure this is a record for this year:in the month of August, 189 executions/homicidios in TIJ; YTD=1,287.

 ~ From Zeta: 


Abandonan cabeza humana en hielera en puente de Tijuana

 Destacados - miércoles, 31 agosto, 2022 1:50 PM


    En lo que va de agosto se han registrado 189 homicidios dolosos  y mil 287 en 2022

    So far in August there have been 189 intentional homicides and 1,287 in 2022




Tecate checkpoint closed due to Barrett fire:






Barrett Fire - courtesy Zeta


Inland, it is hot - Barrett's weather forecast is brutal. Here is the latest tweet from Cal Fire:

#Border32Fire [update] The fire is now 4,243 acres and 5% contained. Fire continues to threaten the communities of Barrett, Potrero, and Tecate. Multiple agencies remain on scene fighting fire and protecting structures throughout the night. Next update will be tomorrow morning.
You can see how dry everything is


 ~ From Wildfire Today:

 Border 32 Fire SE of San Diego Prompts Evacuations 

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Updated 5:29 p.m PDT August 31, 2022


"The Border 32 Fire grew rapidly after it was reported southeast of San Diego Wednesday at about 2:15 p.m. PDT.

The blaze is about 5 air miles west of Potrero, the same distance northwest of Tecate, and 3 miles north of the US/Mexico border.

It is spreading quickly primarily to the east and east-northeast in the general direction of Potrero and Potrero Park. All but a relatively small portion of the fire is north of Highway 94. Judging from the map it apparently started east of Barrett Junction, south of the highway and southeast of the junction with Barrett Smith Road.

At 4:34 p.m. the fire had burned an estimated 1,446 acres.

The Incident Commander has requested a very large number of engines, dozers, and air tankers.


The San Diego County Sheriff’s office has ordered evacuations. They have posted a map showing the areas affected.


The forecast includes a heat warning for the rest of the week all the way through Saturday night, at least. At 4:30 p.m. PDT on Wednesday the nearby Barrett Junction weather station recorded 100 degrees, 20 percent relative humidity, and 18 mph winds gusting out of the south-southwest at 28 mph. For Wednesday evening and night the wind speeds will decrease to 6 mph out of the north-northwest by 9 p.m., with 77 degrees and a maximum humidity of 40 percent. For Thursday firefighters should expect 106 degrees, RH of 22 percent, and 13 mph winds gusting out of the west up to 21 mph.

 We will update this article as more information becomes available."


  ~  From Zeta:

Cierran Garita de Tecate Ante Incendio en Barrett, CA 

  Destacados   -  miércoles, 31 agosto, 2022 9:48 PM

' 'The Border Checkpoint  at Tecate will remain closed until further notice, as reported by US authorities, who have deployed elements to combat the fire still classified as out of control in California.'

 "The authorities of the United States Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP) announced that after a fire in Barrett, California registered this afternoon, the Tecate port of entry will remain closed to vehicles and pedestrians seeking to cross into the United States this Wednesday night and Thursday morning, while one lane was kept open to enter Mexico, until 10:00 p.m.

This September 1, the port of entry will not open its doors as it normally does at 06:00 a.m., remaining closed until the Cal Fire team can conclude the assessments of the state of the fire during the first hours of Thursday.

The measures taken are from an intense forest fire that has been registered since approximately 2:00 p.m. near Highway 94 and Barrett Lake Road, by 3:00 p.m. 2 to 3 acres had been registered, while at At 19:00 Cal Fire of San Diego announced that the fire was spreading between Barrett and Potrero, reaching 1400 acres consumed by the fire, causing the closure of Highway 94 towards Barrett and Campo and Dulzura.

Given the events, evacuation points were set up at the Mountain Empire school in Pine Valley and at the casino in Jamul, also setting up emergency modules for items from the Red Cross.

By 8:00 p.m., the fire had consumed 1,600 acres and 400 homes were evacuated.
The fire generated ash fall and intense smoke that spread from the Mexican side over the municipality of Tecate, so through social networks the municipal president, Edgar Darío Benítez Ruíz, reported that the coordinator of Firefighters and Civil Protection of the municipality, Enrique García, has indicated preparing a task force to deal with the contingency in case the fire reaches Mexican territory."




So be careful, avoid the area. Another hot one tomorrow - here lucky again, only 95 with a weak ocean breeze.

 See y'all later.