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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Notes on the Last "Debate" - Los Tigres Del Norte Sell Out

As the conventional corporate pundits roar across the nation and worldwide that Hillary Clinton won the last and final "debate" and rally their respective populations to the Hillary camp as the rest of us watch in horror, here are some better choices for evaluating the most absurd deception of a lifetime:

From Democracy Now !  October 20, 2016

 - Chris Hedges vs. Eddie Glaude: should Progressives Vote for Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein?

 - The Full Presidential Debate & Democracy Now's Special coverage with Expanding the Debate

 - Bruce Springsteen:  Donald Trump is a "Flagrant, Toxic Narcisssist"

 - From Palestine to BLM Alicia Garza & Phyllis Bennis on Issues Ignored at the Debate

 - In Warmest Year Ever, Climate Change Ignored Again at Debate

 - Historian Eric Fomer:  Trump is Logical Conclusion of What the GOP Party Has Been doing For Decades

 - Green Party's Jill Stein on "Donald Trump's Psychosis & Hillary Clinton's Distortions"


Everything under the moon here with great comments:

Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines


Talk about a day late and a dollar short and completely missing the point(s) this one takes the cake.  Los Tigres Del Norte who we believed were somewhat intelligent satirizing the Mexican government in "La Granja" completely missed the parallels between that entity and Hillary Clinton. At the "Rise Up As One" concert a few days back, they endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Wait a minute guys, the point was to expand the consciousness of all Latinos, not to keep them subservient:


Los Tigres Del Norte Urge Latinos to Vote for Hillary 

Apparently Los Tigres completely forgave Hillary's positions and vote on "the wall", deportations and neo-lib policies.  They also forgot about these 'Latinos'  (not to mention the Haitians...oh right, they are not "Latinos"):

Courtesy Democracy Now !

Amnesty International

Take Action ! - Two Human rights Defenders Murdered (Honduras: UA 241/16)


Ah well, so much for the subjugation of the ego, right Tigres?