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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Zelenskyy's Speech to the Mexican Congress

Well, this is a bummer and unfortunate. I lost the blog...again, it just vanished.  Since it's so late I cannot retell the stories of goings on around here and why I haven't been here. Poof don't ask me, it just vanished. Maybe I've been drinking too much green tea. 

Importantly though, I waited and waited and searched and searched for reactions to Zelenskyy's address to the Mexican congress, but came up with nothing. Did any of you see, read or hear anything? Maybe people were talking about it...or whispering behind closed doors. Despite running into a solid brick wall of apathy, it was a terrific speech.

Here it is for y'all - on the link scroll down to April 21,2023 it is there printed in both Espanol and English:

I do love this guy...


Bravo !


Meanwhile just quickly, AMLO has COVID for the third time how weird is that, I do have stats (will provide link -   we are up to about 130 executions in TIJ this month),  our neighbor is having problems with her hip and goes in for a MRI this week, I had a mild infection in my lungs and was on antibiotics hiding with Paris under the blankets after all the shootings up in the States and trying to read up on and understand Hawaii and I still can't walk. But poor Yolanda, she is a Mexican citizen and a nurse working full time in the USA. Every day she has a four hour drive back and forth from here to North County; the pain pills do no good she says, and I concur. We were all going to do something fun after my knee was fixed, now I'm not too sure.

I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't some truth to the belief held by many of those disaffected in Hawaii that Pele has given the order to the Tiger sharks to kill all of the tourists. Wow, are they angry or what? Might be just another conspiracy theory, but you never know. I guess. We can talk about that one later. Wish me luck with the Morrocan chicken recipe.

Take care.