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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Governor Kiko Is Calling Out the Gendarmeria - Great John Oliver Video "Ya chole con tus quejas" from Aristegui Noticias (I'm a week late sorry) UPDATE: ORIGINAL VIDEO TAKEN DOWN I PUT UP A LINK AND ANOTHER DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL STAY UP WOW SOMEONE IS UPTIGHT

Zeta has noted the increase in violence in recent months is due to the inability of both the State and the Municipality to stop the murderers or to impose the rule of law.  Some thought the lull we thought we were experiencing  for almost twenty four hours was due to the announcement by Governor Kiko that he was calling out the National Gendarmeria , some thought the narcos were just reloading. Actually, we've been receiving more reports of executions late when we might have been thinking there was a lull.



 - TIJUANA:  There were two more this morning, although so far only Zeta is reporting the encobijado:

    - In a vacant lot in colonia Murua, police locate an encobijado who had been handcuffed.  An undisclosed narco message left with the body.

    -  In the Rio Vista neighborhood of Centennario, witnesses describe unknown armed men opening fire inside of a house, killing one man and injuring two others, one of those is a woman.  The woman had been handcuffed to the one victim who died.  El Mexicano describes the wounded in this case as in serious condition.  The gunmen then fled, no arrests so far.

Courtesy Zeta


Initially, the quiet was broken last night (Monday 10/19) around 8:00pm; both Frontera and Zeta have reported Monday night in colonia Campos two men gunned down in front of a home, one suspect is being detained.

But there was another reported 10/20, OEM ( El Sol de Tijuana) reports early Monday (10/19) morning:


 - Tijuana:  4:30am the burnt body of a man located in colonia 3 de Octubre. Only OEM reporting this one so far.


 - Saturday night in colonia Amparo Sanchez, one man located inside of a house shot twice, dead.  (Reported already by Frontera and Zeta)

Also, OEM notes that reports of a body located in a vacant lot in Sanchez Taboada which they had reported Sunday morning (10/18) has not been confirmed by the PGJE.


It is unclear if the Gendarmeria  will be patrolling the streets of all the Municipalities, or just those of Tijuana and when exactly they will charge into action.  However, the Gendarmes who first made their appearance in Baja California in September of 2014 didn't exactly have a happy track record, there were a few fracases:

 - 01/03/15: Tijuana:  Initially two Gendarmes were being internally investigated for two alleged arrests where the Gendarmes were accused of kidnapping the men then extorting them for their freedom and planting dope on them. At the hotel where they were housed on Blvd. Agua Caliente, seventeen of them were arrested for drug and undeclared money possession.

Radio Patrulla noted that the Commander of this group was also arrested - Commander Anthelm who according to this report had a reputation for corruption in several states where he had served, in fact Radio Patrulla reported that the Commander has always been identified as corrupt. I have one pro-Gendarmeria neighbor who said that "...well, that's just what they want the narcos to think."

01/05/2015: Ensenada:  there was a confrontation between Municipal Police and the Gendarmes where it escalated to the point where they drew and pointed their weapons at each other.  The Gendarmes relieved the MP's who were in plains clothes running a stolen vehicle operation of their radios.  So, as the article points out, this was a case lack of coordination. (if this link doesn't come up, do a search for: "Policia Municipal de Ensenada se efrentan con gendarmeria")

01/11/2015:  In daylight, two Gendarmes wounded and one US citizen believed to be a drug dealer killed in Rosarito Beach when the gringo and others open fire on the Gendarmes who were on patrol and gunfire is exchanged.

01/19/2015: Tijuana:  Another altercation this time between Tijuana Municipal Police and the Gendarmes results in the arrests of two of the Gendarmes.


It was after the arrests and the releases of the seventeen in Tijuana that they seemed to just vanish, no longer did we see them on patrol in Rosarito or Tijuana or the Scenic Highway.  It is unclear whether they and the 300 Federal police called in last summer down in Ensenada are still actually housed somewhere in Baja California waiting in the wings.

Despite accusations against the Gendarmes, particularly in Tamaulipas by the family of Jose Miguel Angel Lopez who say he was a victim of an extrajudicial execution and had dope planted on him by members of the National Gendarmerie which the Federal government denies, according to a recent INEGI poll, there appears to be more faith in the Gendarmes than other police agencies.


INEGI polls y "Ya chole con tus quejas" a must see video:

This recent INEGI poll shows that 68% of Mexicans who live in cities with 100K or more inhabitants consider where they are living as unsafe.  In other words, like the title says - 7 out of 10 Mexicans consider where they live (with 100K or more inhabitants) as unsafe. Who you going to call? Responders to the poll felt 67% Municipal preventative Police were little to ineffective against crime; 60% felt State Police were ineffective to crime, 43%  felt Federal police were ineffective to crime and 33.8% felt the Gendarmerie were ineffective to crime. So, more people overall felt that the National Gendarmerie were more effective against crime.

On the other hand, this poll by INEGI shows that the majority of Mexicans are satisfied with their lives. (?)  The comments are priceless.

The last word is here:  "Ya chole con tus quejas."  (c;

OKay,  original video has been removed, try this and I'll also put up another, don't know how long it will stay up.  (

Note on this video, someone has superimposed "idiot" pointing to John Oliver. And that is how uptight, tribal and weird the opposition including the promoters is down here....and deranged, fanatic, blockheads, bullies, assholes, capable of anything...whatever - that is how it is here. And you thought the tea party and Donald Trump were bad. Well, they are - but so far there have been no reports in the United States of political candidates,students and journalists murdered, one right after the other.


I'll be back.