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Monday, February 1, 2021

Second Hand Rose...UPDATE: 02/03/21: The Lancet Says to Go Go Go With Sputnik Cinco...What About Alexei Navalny ?


Does anyone remember Sputnik I, circa 1957 ? Mike said he and his Uncle John (who actually had built a home made telescope to view the satellite, but it didn't work) swear they both saw it (or its tail) in the night sky. I mention this because Sputnik has returned to our vocabulary in the form of a COVID vaccine from Russia with love. But here is the good news:


 ~ From the New York Times: 

The Morning 



 A big problem down here is that no one is really talking about or mapping the variants of this virus plus not even mentioned by the Times are the vaccines which will be used in Mexico; namely, CasinoBio, Astrazaneca and Sputnik V. 

 Perhaps there aren't any variants in Baja, but I doubt it. Will Sputnik be effective against the variants ? The Mexican authorities are saying that on social media, there is massive disinformation regarding Spunik V.  How about any information at all ?  I found these:

How Gamaleya's Vaccine Works 


 ~  From Russia Beyond:

 7 Questions About Sputnik V, the first Russian COVID-19 Vaccine