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Friday, February 14, 2020

Shooting At SADM - Complete Details Not In Yet & We May Never See Them; Zeta Names the Guard Who Has Died As 30 Year Old Nestor Luis Gutierrez Alvarez, Gunshot Wounds To Head, Face and One Arm - 02/15 TIJ Stats: So Far, 75 dead, YTD TIJ = 244 Dead

SADM Looking North

Just moments ago on his walk with Paris, Mike ran into Reuban and was told that a couple of hours ago (that would be around 3:00pm ), one of the Guards of SADM was shot. Unknown at this moment if he survived the shooting or has died. This Guard was apparently the Chief Guard, unknown what his relationship is/was with the Tijuana Municipal Police.

Here is what Reuban told Mike:

The guard was investigating a  vehicle (Jeep) which had pulled off the  Scenic Highway between the North and South entrances to SADM (closer to the South entrance).  The driver of the Jeep pulled off the shoulder onto the flat open stretch in front of the wall and the first row of houses.

The guard went to investigate and upon approaching the vehicle, was shot in the chest.

@6:11pm: Mike called Reuban re status of the guard. According to Reuban the guard is alive but  in critical condition at Hospital.

This is bad...more details coming up as we get them .

Thanks Reuban & Carmen


Update/edit:  6:15pm:

No reports in yet on this developing story, keep an eye on the links:

 ~ From El Sol de Tijuana:


 ~ Zeta Tijuana 


Update/edit: 10:33pm: 

Still no coverage of this shooting on the local news sources.


UPDATES/EDIT 02/15/2020: 

This morning, Mike spoke with both Pete & Reuban who told him the guard died in the Hospital.

Still, no mention of the guard, the Scenic Highway or of SADM in the news sources; just like the old days.  We all know why there is no mention - due to tourism and real estate concerns. Same as we never hear anymore about the contaminated ocean and beaches right in front of us which none of us can enjoy or the vile lingering smell of raw sewage being dumped from behind us from Tijuana flowing down our barranca  onto the beach and into the sea (last dump was roughly two weeks ago in the early predawn hours.)

 There is no way in the world I will ever disbelieve Pete or Reuban, these are the best and most honest guys in the world . What we are also learning is that the guard was an "Auxiliary Officer" of the Tijuana Municipal Police Department. Welcome to Mexico.

These reports came in overnight and earlier this morning:

 ~ From El Sol de Tijuana:

Notice they say a man, not the guard or his name, nor where he was shot:

Continua La Violencia en Tijuana, Matan a 4 Durante el Viernes
Por, Daniel Angel Rubio

"Tijuana.- A man who was transferred from Playas de Rosarito died this morning at the General Hospital of the city.
According to the report of the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), the victim was received yesterday afternoon with gunshot wounds to the face, head and right forearm.

However, he died around midnight, about six hours after being received at the hospital, the investigating authority said. 

He also announced that during Friday he recorded four more murders in the city, where all the victims were men.
Among them one that was found with the feet and hands tied with a rope and a padlock, in addition to three head shots.
This was past nine o'clock at night in the Habitat white stones subdivision.
The prosecution also said that the body previously located in the Hippodrome Bureaucrats colony, in addition to being wrapped in a blanket had stab wounds and had no hands."

 ~ From Zeta:

5 Meurtos Mas en Tijuana, 75 Homicidios en lo que va de Febrero

Last paragraph:

"In the month of February in Tijuana, 75 malicious homicides have been recorded, of which 70 were male and 5 female.
Together with the killings of last January, there are 244 homicides.
Between Friday, February 14 and the first hours of this Saturday 15, five homicides were recorded, the first was at 12:49 on Friday in the El Rubí neighborhood, of the San Antonio de los Buenos delegation.
In the event, a man identified as Mario Alberto Romo Aguilera, 57, was found dead outside the home marked # 10 on Edmundo Guajardo Street. The man presented a firearm injury to the head, where 4 .380 caliber caps and 3 warheads were located.
A few hours later, in the vicinity of the Illusion Street of the El Porvenir neighborhood, another man was found dead. The body had blood spots on the head and did not carry any identification.
At 5:11 p.m., between the streets of Faisán and Paloma in the bureaucracy racecourse, a man identified as 33-year-old Manuel Carrillo Valencia was found dead. The body had wounds due to sharp sharp objects in the face and the hands were missing.
At 9:30 p.m., a man was found without life and with his limbs tied, in a neighborhood road of the Habitat Piedras Blancas subdivision, in the Natura district. The body did not have identification, rolled between 40 and 45 years of age.
In his hands he had black handcuffs, while the legs were fastened with a yellow nylon rope. It also had three head injuries, caused by a firearm and 3 .9 mm bushings were located there.
In the first minutes of Saturday, February 15, the death of Néstor Luis Gutiérrez Álvarez, 30, was reported at the Tijuana General Hospital. According to information provided by the hospital staff, the deceased had entered about 6 in the afternoon, from the Rosarito General Hospital with gunshot wounds to the head, face and one of his arms."