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Monday, January 24, 2022

And Then, There Was Lourdes Maldonado.....

 We just arrived home after a long day in San Diego at the Doctors to find out that yet another journalist , Lourdes Maldonado was shot and killed in Tijuana:

 ~ From Zeta: (last night)



Periodista Lourdes Maldonado, Asesinada Con Arma de Fuego


" A few days ago, the journalist announced that she had won after nine years of a labor award that she had with a company owned by the former governor, Jaime Bonilla Valdez, for unjustified dismissal.

On the afternoon of this Sunday, January 23, the journalist Lourdes Maldonado was found dead on board a vehicle, with wounds caused by a firearm projectile, in the vicinity of the Las Villas subdivision, in Tijuana.

According to information obtained by ZETA, it indicates that around 6:20 p.m. detonations by firearms were heard in the parking lot of a house marked with number 48 of Vista Dorada street, private Chalco, in the aforementioned neighborhood.

The first data indicates that witnesses reported to the emergency center about an unconscious person, apparently with a facial injury, aboard a red sedan-type vehicle, which had crashed glass on the driver's side.

Elements of the Municipal Police and paramedics from the Red Cross arrived at the scene, where neighbors of the victim reported that the car had been on the site for approximately 40 minutes with the engine running, which seemed suspicious to them, and shortly before they heard a sound like firecrackers.

This is the second journalist found dead in less than a week. On Monday, January 17, photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel was shot to death in front of his home in the Camino Verde neighborhood.

Last Friday, the communicator proposed that a contest be created in commemoration of photojournalist Margarito Martínez Esquivel, during the vigil at the Las Tijeras roundabout in Tijuana in which she demanded justice for the photojournalist.

A few days ago, Lourdes Maldonado announced that she had won, after nine years, a labor award for unjustified dismissal that she had with a company owned by the former governor, Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

It is known that Maldonado accessed the Mechanism for the Protection of Journalists (Federal) for almost a year due to threats he would have received from envoys of the now former governor, as he commented at an ANPAC meeting.

On January 19, it was reported that PSN (Media Sport de México SA de CV) had been seized and that Bonilla Valdez had to pay her lost wages, benefits and costs, which, according to the journalist, exceeded 500 thousand pesos.

“I achieved my goal, because I never asked for more than what it was, or anything. Yes, I went in the morning, it was with the president, it is because I knew that in the northwest I had nothing to do, here Bonilla's hand and power was very great, so that's why I went to see the president," said the journalist. the day of the embargo.

In 2019, Lourdes Maldonado, journalist, correspondent for national media, had exposed in a morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, her fear of death threats related to this labor conflict.

"I have come to ask you for support, help and labor justice because I fear for my life," Maldonado said then when explaining the situation of the litigation.

On August 24, 2021, Lourdes Maldonado began her program Brebaje, which was broadcast on Radio Sintoniza Sin Fronteras and on the internet.

Maldonado was also part of the Club Primera Plana, which recognized the work of fellow journalists."


Taken from El Sol de Tijuana, what Lourdes said to AMLO back in 2019:

“I also come here to ask for support, help, and labor justice, because I fear for my life, it is a lawsuit that I have been with for 6 years and that came out in my favor in the Federal Conciliation Board, however, recently it was It was, they returned the file and in 3 weeks it came out against me, ”said the journalist at the conference.

“That is why I am here asking for your support because you have said that taking away or not paying employees’ salaries is unfair and is even a sin, sir, and I know that against the corruption that exists in the Federal Conciliation Board and the that I am now living in Tijuana against this powerful character I can do nothing without his support.” 


Zeta reports that we now stand at 104 executions this month in Tijuana:

Balean A Hombre En Iglesia Y A Otro Afuera De Un Bar, Suman 104 Homicidios En Tijuana


Over & out for now.