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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review of Recent Arrests and Their Impact - Another TIJ Municipal Police Officer Gunned Down - More Collateral Damage - More Threats Made To Police - More Wounded - Rosarito Beach: Heavily Armed Gunmen on Blvd. 2000 Execute Man - Federales Checking Vehicles on Scenic Hwy. - Zona Norte: 1 Dead 2 Injured, One Of Those is a PRI Politico

Hans Brinker - remember him ?

The story of Hans Brinker, the little Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike and stopped the sea from destroying his village can be interpreted in distinctly opposite ways.  From an optimist's opinion, the metaphor is a lesson in quick and decisive action to avert danger and tragedy.  From the opposite spectrum, the metaphor could also mean a "...treating of the symptoms, but not the disease.  Doing what one thinks is right without having a clear course of action after the hole is plugged." If viewed this way, the plugging of the hole by Hans could be viewed as merely a stopgap measure. 

Let's take a look at the recent arrests of importance in our area where operatives of both the CAF and Sinaloa cartels have been arrested and at this juncture consider if these arrests have had a huge impact as far as immobilizing the wave of violence which has been sweeping Baja California.

May 07, 2015:

 - Tijuana: Almost a month after the execution of "El Mono" Alberto Avila Alvarado aka "El Chacal" arrested in Playas de Tijuana on dope and weapons charges.  El Chacal was actually in custody and escaped from the PEP the same day (04/09) El Mono was executed. An important figurehead of the CAF, El Chacal who was the the brother-in-law of El Mono was second in command in the Zona Norte and the Zona Centro de Tijuana for narcotics distribution.

Detienen a "El Chacal" lider criminal de la Zona Norte

May 22, 2015:

Courtesy Noticias

 - Tijuana:  In the Zona Norte early Friday morning PEPo's and Sedena arrest the brothers of El Mono, Roberto Carlos Toscano Rodriguez and Marcos Rafael Toscano Rodriguez aka "Los Cuates" along with their accomplice Daniel Eduardo Tapia Lopez.  The men were on foot carrying two AR-15's with 30 chargers, a 5.45X39 rifle, a 9mm (concealed in suitcases), two bulletproof vests, more cartridges and dope.  It was believed that the Toscano-Rodriguez brothers would be taking over El Mono's Zona Norte and Zona Centro operations.  It was also a clear indication that Mexican Intelligence knew exactly where to find them.  At this present moment, there have been no reports on who controls the narcotic trafficking, the supplies to the "little shops" or weapon smuggling in these areas.


PEP y Sedena detienen a 3 miembros del CAF


Courtesy Reporteros

 - Tijuana:  Another blow to the CAF on Saturday in daylight and another shocker, just steps away from the Palacio Municipal, Benjamin Gutierrez Quiroz aka "El Quecho" - the brother of El Melvin shot and killed as he was exiting his truck carrying some packages to a building.  El Melvin, arrested two years ago, controlled the drug operations and Barrio Logan gang members for the CAF. Although Zeta states that recent intelligence reports indicate that El Quecho was not actively involved in the drug trade, that he worked at a car shop in colonia Libertad, some people were left wondering - especially after his arrest in March of 2013 where he was described as an operator and administrator of drug sales in the Zona Centro and Otay areas if that report was entirely accurate.  He had no control or at least input into the Barrio Logan gangs for the CAF?  He was shot by two men who drove off, the Army arrived on the scene reports say very quickly - but no arrests were made.  Also noted  that it was only Zeta, AFN, Manuel Cordero of El Sol de Tijuana, and Reporteros  who actually printed his name.  The other sources I use (El Mexicano and Frontera) did not mention his name but referred to him only as "a man".  There has been some speculation in my neighborhood that not identifying him would temper the violent reactions to his execution.  There has also been speculation in my neighborhood that old guard CAF operatives are being stalked and eliminated, but by who exactly is unclear.


Asesinan a "El Quecho", hermano de "El Melvin" operador del CAF


 - Tijuana:  The arrests of two men one from Jalisco the other from Michoacan with weapons and dope who authorities believe work for El Aquiles of the Sinaloa cartel trafficking drugs in Tecate.


Caen dos hombres que trabajaban para "El Aquiles"

 - Tijuana: PEPo's arrest six in a 24 hour period believed to be involved in organized crime; one of these is Alejandro Martinez Zavala aka "El Billy" who authorities hold accountable for recent murders in Obrera.  Not reported which cell group El Billy belongs to.


Captura PEP a 6 presuntos narcos en menos de 24 horas


 - Tijuana:  Another CAF operator down - this is Jesus Omar Avila Alvarado aka "El Chacalito" arrested in Playas with dope, weapon and cartridges. Although years ago many US sources had described the CAF in Tijuana as debilitated and practically non existent and completely disorganized (which at least the Mexican people I know did not believe at all), the only way we will find out for sure is if  new players within their ranks step up quickly and firmly take control of these vacated slots.


PEP detiene a 'El Chacalito', operador del CAF

 - Tijuana:  In colonia Rinconada de Otay Alfredo Enrique Zermen, an operator for El Aquiles arrested with 73 kilos of mota.  Alfredo had been arrested before in 2012 with 214 kilos of mota along with others including an ex Municipal Police officer who was "protecting" the group. One neighbor noted that 73 kilos wasn't a huge amount, authorities knew Zermen (who had no aka) and his route - so was this a sacrifice or will pressure be put on Zermen to spill the beans on other operations and El Aquiles? Keeping that in mind, also keep in mind the adaptability of the narco groups.


PEP captura a trabajador del 'Aquiles' con 73 kg. de droga

 - Tijuana: PEPo's arrest Jesus Miguel Gutierrez aka "El Becerro" believed to be the successor to "El Guero Chompas" of the Sinaloa Cartel in colonia Guaycura. Again, is this more thinning of the old guard and is the Sinaloa Cartel unified enough to have a replacement lined up?  If not, are we seeing many vacuum spaces in both the Sinaloa and CAF cartels in Tijuana which could potentially increase the violence as new contenders vie for these positions?

El Mexicano

PEP capturo a sucesor de "El Guero Chompas"

A footnote to these top dog arrests and executions mentioned by a friend of mine from Rosarito was that most of these high level long time operatives knew every crooked Judge, cop, attorney, politico and business person in Baja California in one way or the other.  Now, the operatives are dead - and dead men don't talk.  Interesting.


The Executions:  At the end of May, for just one month alone there were 71 executions. The total homicides since the beginning of the year for a five month period is 226 according to Subprocuraduria Estatal Contra la Delincuencia Organizada, Miguel Angel Guerrero Castro.  Officially he has referred to the CAF as the "Cartel de Tijuana."  The Zona Norte according to the Subprocuraduria is under the control of "El Alejo" and San Antonio de los Buenos is under the control of "El Chapito" and "Los Cuates" who operate for the Sinaloa Cartel.



 - Tijuana: around 6:45pm in Canada Verde of Sanchez Taboada one man injured from gunfire, his condition is unknown.  When the police arrived at the scene, the victim had already been transported to the Hospital - but they called in the Paramedics for another man who was on the street in the same location, so it is possible there were two injuries here.  Early report, more details if they come in:


Lesionado por arma de fuego en Canada Verde

Courtesy AFN

 - Tijuana: AFN is constantly updating this story so check the link. While still daylight in the Zona Norte  with people on the street, three men attacked by gunfire outside of the Guadiana Hotel between 1st and Constitucion; one is dead the other two are wounded, their conditions have not been updated.  This is believed to have happened after a fight involving a machete; two men return and open fire on the three men.

One of the injured is Manuel Figura a close associate of the PRI leader Alejandro Arredondo.  The other injured man is an alleged narcomenudista known as  "El Heroe"  and so far no id on the man who was killed.


En otro ataque a tiros muere un hombre

 - Tijuana:  Reporting this late afternoon that the Federal Police are checking vehicles headed north or south on the Scenic Hwy. at the Toll Booths.

 - Rosarito Beach: Frontera is reporting this early afternoon three heavily armed gunmen laying in wait on Blvd. 2000 five clicks b-4 Popotla shoot and kill one man, there are witnesses - more details as they become available, this is an early report:

Frontera (with pic of area where shooting took place)

Tres Hombres asesinan a otro sobre Corredor 2000

 - Tijuana:  In Porticos de San Antonio (San Antonio de los Buenos) late last night one man located on the street, shot in the head:


Localizan cadaver con tiro en la cabeza


 - Tijuana:  Tijuana Municipal Police Officer Carlos Dominquez Murillo gunned down while aboard his vehicle in colonia Independencia waiting for a shift change.  He was approached by another vehicle which opened fire on him, no arrests yet.  This will be the fourth officer killed in the past six weeks, that number includes Itzel Medina of the PGJE and the Ministerial officer at the 5&10 intersection where an investigation is pending.  Dominquez Murillo was attacked before in January of this year in the Zona Rio.

El Sol de Tijuana

Ejecutan a policia

 - Tijuana:  In the canyon Rosario Castellanos of colonia Reforma (Sanchez Taboada) one young man shot - his condition is grave, no arrests so far.


Joven lesionado, con arma de fuego en colonia Reforma

 - Tijuana:  A late report from El Mexicano of more attacks and more wounded:

    - In the San Francisco neighborhood two men attacked by gunfire while inside their vehicle, both are in serious condition.

    - In colonia Cassiopeia (Sanchez Taboada aka Sanchez) one man wounded by gunfire.

    - Around 3:00pm in Rancho Las flores of Playas de Tijuana one man wounded by gunfire.

El Mexicano

Cuatro heridos, en 3 ataques armados


Courtesy AFN

 - Tijuana:  In the colinas de Aqua Caliente neighborhood a mother and her two children ages 11 and 13 shot repeatedly in front of their home, their conditions are still guarded.  According to the mother, this was a case of mistaken identity as her neighbor owns a vehicle which is identical to hers and described him as "suspicious."


Balean a madre e hijos en la Hipodromo

 05/31 - 05/30

 - Rosarito Beach:  Sunday night the body of a man which was burning located  behind the canyon Cordero of Lucio Blanco.  He had handcuffs on and a wire was twisted around his neck.


Sin identificar cadaver calcinado localizado en Rosarito

 - Tijuana:  In colonia Las Cruces one man shot in his stomach when he answered his door, condition is serious.


Hombre resulta herido al ser atacado en su casa

 - Mexicali:  The body of a migrante located in La Rumoroso - the mountainous area of Tecate.  He was found because a witness came forward and told authorities he and a group of migrantes were attempting to cross from the desert area into the U.S. when they were attacked by gunmen.  So obviously the attacks on migrantes by armed groups who rob, rape and kill them continue.


Balean y matan a migrante en La Rumorosa

 - Tijuana:  In La Presa on Sunday an armed attack on another vehicle leads to the arrests of several people; one of those arrested told authorities he and his friends had been threatened at gunpoint which initiated the incident.  There is dope involved.

El Mexicano

Pleito termino a balazos en el vaso de La Presa

 - Mexicali:  Jesus Miguel Alanis Ahumada a teacher and attorney found murdered inside of his home, he was naked and stabbed to death.

El Mexicano

Encuentro muerto a abogado en su domicilio

 - Tijuana: Three are dead after armed attacks:  In the first attack in colonia Libertad a group of three men attacked by men in vehicle who opened fire on them with an AK-47 - two are killed, one is injured.  the next attack was in Soler where the driver of a "cloned" taxi is shot and killed.

El Mexicano

Fallecen 3 tras ataque armados uno es taxista

 - Tijuana:  A 17 year old shot by carload of attackers in colinas de la Presa, condition is grave.


Joven es baleado en colinas de la Presa

 - Tijuana:  In Playas just a few feet away from the Plaza Monumental one man shot and killed by another man who was riding a bicycle.  This will make the third execution in this same area in the past three weeks.

El Mexicano

Asesinaron a hombre de un tiro en el pecho


Threats to The Authorities:

 - Tijuana: In the Zona Rio two boxes left with the cut out tongues and hooves of a pig with the narco message left to the soon to be new Commander of the Ministerial Police Juan Manuel Ojeda Sotomayor.  One box had his name on it, the other had the message which read: "Por rata y hocicon" - or, "For the rat who talks too much (or has a big mouth)." the message was not signed. One of the responders asked a question about a shooting on Blvd. 2000 in Rosarito Beach - all I could find was at K35 on Blvd 2000 on 05/23 in the early morning the body of a man located, shot five times.


Vuelven a amenazar a Ojeda

 - Tijuana: A "corona de flores" ( funeral wreath) left outside of the home of a TIJ Municipal Police officer in the Villas del Sol neighborhood of La Presa with a narco message which  was addressed to Torres and Alaves (two MP's) and said "Por Pinches Ratas."  It was signed by El Aquiles. The two officers (Torres and Alaves)  are assigned to Cerro Colorado.


Dejan corona de flores y narcomensaje a policias

And that's just the last five days.