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Monday, February 25, 2019

I Don't Want to Drown In My Own Tears

I tripped over one of Paris's toys, fell and sprained the heck out of my wrist, that's why I haven't been here.  Actually wearing this compression wrap on my leg didn't help matters, because the sock over the wrap had loosened up and was disorienting my balance. Gawd, what a mess.  So, for days I've had my wrist on ice and tried to keep it elevated.  The good news is that the leg wrap comes off for good this week.  I told Mike, that's it, I need to go to the hot springs for at least two weeks. (Right...) Meanwhile, Daca Bob was in another fight and back to Dr. Silva's. Poor little guy, he is completely confused.

We left off with the deployment of the Military and Federal Police in Tijuana and Rosarito Beach.  It's a little difficult to say if it was their presence alone (which authorities already have stated the stay will last forever) which impacted the decrease in violent executions, or if the drug guys just cooled their heels to gain a better perspective of the Ejercito's strategy or navigate different strategies of their own; perhaps new deals and alliances are being made all the way around,  maybe everyone is dead and it is over, or the freezing temperatures and rainfall (13 inches to date here) or all of the above which accounts for the lower execution numbers.

What I can tell you is that the Military is everywhere.  In Rosarito, they are going up and down Benito Juarez and pulling cars over.  When they pull a vehicle over and take the person(s) out of the car, the Military and the Federal Police completely surround the vehicle - no one gets in, no one gets out. And, I will be back this week with the stats and local reports.

Briefly, we are looking at a wild week ahead regarding the Mueller Report and the so-called National Emergency:

The National Emergency:

 - From MSN - 02/24/19

 The Washington Post

 "A bipartisan group of 58 former senior national security officials will issue a statement Monday saying that “there is no factual basis” for President Trump’s proclamation of a national emergency to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border."

Former Senior National Security Officials To Issue Declaration on National Emergency
By, Ellen Nakashima


 - From MSN - 02/24/19

New York Daily News - 02/24/19

Republican Opposition Mounts Against Trump's Emergency Declaration, Could Trigger President's First Veto
By, Chris Sommerfeldt


 ~ From The Rolling Stone:

Will Congress Terminate Trump's National Emergency?
By, Ryan Bort 


 ~ From Vox - 02/22/19

The House Will Vote Tuesday On Blocking Trump's National Emergency 
by, Li Zhou 


The Mueller Report

I thought I heard somewhere that Mueller is going to release his report this week...

 ~ From Raw Story - 02/24/19

" And yet another group says that while worse may be coming, what we already know amounts to a damning imputation of Trump and his allies."

Why The Collusion Matters - Here's What Almost Everyone Misses About the Origins Of Robert Mueller's Investigation
By, Cody Fenwick, Alternet 

Well, not everyone...we're still waiting for Big Jim Risen's report on The Intercept.  
Everything that is anything here on Democracy Now !. 
BTW, I have not seen coverage of the Piedras Negras affair on the local news here, it is on DN under "Immigration".


I read that Spike Lee walked out of the Oscars after "The Green Book" took best film. Well okay Spike, but after all, it is Hollywood. I actually cried after "The Green Book" - and did the same after your "KkK" film.  We can sit and talk about  white 'saviors'; but couldn't the same said about your white heroes who stood up and backed your main (black) character? You had me believing  they were sincere. Apparently the realities of racism in American history can be portrayed in a zillion forms.  Well, the final episode of True Detective is on tonight,  my verdict is still out on that one.

 Still, if nuthin happens with the Mueller Report or axing the National Emergency, I don't want to drown in my own tears...although I won't be completely shocked. Paris says woof.