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Friday, February 21, 2020

The Russians Are Coming...Again !

It appears they have landed somewhere in the South Bay or this could possibly be the Punta Banda Estuary ! OMG !

The Russians Are Coming...Again ! ( volga boat guys song on link)

As it happens, I have been out of circulation since the shooting at SADM.  I had to go to Sharp Urgent Care for outrageous pain down by my kidney.  For over a week, I thought maybe this was a Kidney infection so I was drinking tons of Cranberry juice.  The Doctor there diagnosed this as a hernia.  Next, I had to go back up and check in with my Primary Care Physician who is an internist, who doesn't think this is a hernia but a problem with the muscle, and no one will really know until I get a Cat-scan which is scheduled in two weeks, then a return trip to the Primary Doctor at the end of March.  The problem is I am in intolerable pain and self medicating with ibuprofen, which we all know is really bad for kidneys.  Right now I am slightly numbed out by 800mg of ibuprofen every eight hours and really pissed off that our Medical Insurance(the co-pay on cat scan is $125.00) and Provider (Sharp Reese Stealy)  are pieces of shit. It still is impossible for me to bend over or get up from sitting or even walk.  We are attempting to speed this process up, and get some answers and service.  Sharp Reese Stealy overloads their Doctors and this insurance is expensive ($1,000.00 a month)...what a joke. I guess we're all in the same boat.  So, going to make this short and sweet and go back to bed.

Edit:  Mike called SRS early this afternoon for someone to address this problem and was told someone would call him back.  They never called him back.

John King Takes On Trump Jr's attack: This Is Dangerous 


11 Bottles Of Beer On the Wall.....

 ~ From The Chicago Tribune/New York Times: 

The 11 Criminals Granted Clemency by Trump Had One Thing In Common: Connections


All The News:

Democracy Now ! 


Local Mayhem:

The last I checked  90 people executed in TIJ this month (which so far is incredibly low as compared to previous monthly totals - to early to tell if this is the beginning of a trend or just a lull in the action)) and we are back to body parts again both here and in Ensenada.  So, what you need to do is go to the link, drop down to to Noticias del Dia to stay informed.; infact hit all the links. You will notice the urgent call from the Mexican population to end the Femicides, and make a mental note to yourselves exactly how AMLO plans to deal with this outrage. Looks like CANACO has some good ideas, I'll post that a bit later. Big show of force in the Zona Rio a couple of days back:

Zeta Tijuana 


Unsure of when I'll be back kids...


 ~ Nevada Caucus tomorrow !