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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Mike Update - Oh So Now Suddenly He (Trump) Is Joe-Concerned? Sr. Joaquin Pardave Y Gloria Mestre !!!

Small Update: Tried to post this last night and the computer was acting very weird, sorry....if I have time will be adding some action items & reports re Portland Oregon.

Greetings...Mike had a bit of a set back. You might recall, instead of clearing it with the Doctor, he decided to cut back on his meds.  Fortunately the Doc said no way, take each four hours, not every six hours and extended his time off work to the middle of August.  Then, after his first session in physical therapy, the therapist gave him some exercises to do at home. Whamo.  The excruciating pain practically unbearable began last Friday.  I told him he needed to call his Doc...finally he did.  By Monday, the new RX was ready for pick up: the percocet (powerful and addictive opiod) dose was doubled and the valium (for spasms) was replaced by methocarbanol. It worked. So far that is, so basically I have been monitoring him around the clock.  He has slowed down which is a relief because I was constantly worried he was overdoing it and would hurt himself.  So, now at times he is a little loopy but eating good and sleeping more. We go up again on Thursday.  One of our neighbors had  similar surgery and he told us that they had to change his medications four times before they got it right . Speaking of loopy, I am out of the loop entirely as far as the news especially the violence/COVID in Baja, and exhausted. So, always go matter what the Local Politicians say...(...a pesar de lo que dicen los politicos locales...(; )

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A Sad Day for the USA:

Profiles In Courage: John Lewis

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Our Trump has the bullshit flying including his sudden change of heart on COVID, as if he were Joe-Concerned, oh bullshit...not to mention his tweet of himself wearing the mask and calling it "patriotic"(golly gee, wonder what all those rednecked morons are going to think?), calling Dr. Fauci an "alarmist", etc.   Initially he said he would not fund the States for COVID testing, but suddenly changed his mind - here is a breakdown of the latest White House briefing:

July 21 Coronavirus News - updated 07/22/20


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And, The Latest Fact Checking ...

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Everyone Is Watching Portland, Oregon: and the Stormtroopers:

Democracy Now !

Informed Comment 



The Intercept - check out the spy plane


Loopy or Lupe ???

 Speaking of loopy , wasn't there a song about loopy?  Nah, that was about Sloopy...but yes there was a song about Lupe - when this came out in 1963 I thought they were saying "Loopy".  I think you'll get a kick out this.  When I first saw this I though OMGosh, that's my hero Jackie Gleason !  But no, that is Sr. Joaquin Pardave, the outstanding Mexican actor.  His partner is Gloria Mestre. The song about "Lupe" has been synchronized to a clip from the 1951 Mexican movie, "Del Can-Can Al Mambo".

Anyways, I have to go check on Mike & Paris...and I don't think Mike will be up to dancing like Sr. Joaquin Pardave any time soon (but we can hope).  Gawd isn't Pardave outstanding ?  Wow ! On further investigation, you can buy the original film over on amazon.

Don't take any chances and stay safe guys....