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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Don't Say Nuthin Bad About My Baby : Ovidio Guzman Lopez - Maggie Gets Hands Spanked By Google - Juan Cole On Bolsonaro

From Rio Doce

Mas de Rio Doce


Boy, that was fast:

 ~ From CNN


 ~ From Rio Doce:


So...ever wonder who is sailing the ship ?

I'll be back tomorrow with a round up of the 2022 Baja California stats.



Okay, just before the local stats you have probably already heard or read that Jair Bolsonaro, a true blue Trump fanatical fanista is back to his dirty tricks, pretty soon he will turn up the volume and have his thugs shooting Lula supporters. Of course we hope not, but it is not at all inconceivable given Jair's history.

Should Biden cancel his visit to Mexico due to insecurity? By all means, cancel it. Afterall, there has been no announcement that the El Chapo brothers who obviously control large huge swaths of Mexico (probably even more than you or I can imagine) will be what is the point? I know thousands are hoping Biden goes through with his plans and are pissed off at me.

Rubio, Totsie, and Paris all concur with me. Mike votes that Biden should continue with his plans.

 ~ From CNN:


Must read; Juan Cole on Bolsonaro:

By Juan cole, 01/09/2023


The Local Stats:

Two outstanding reports from Zeta, the first is a breakdown of the stats from 2022 of Tijuana by Ana Karen Ortiz. With December closing the year off, Tijuana showed a monthly total of 166 executions/homicidios,  accumulating 2,058 YTD total (which I think might be close to a record breaker).

 ~ From Zeta:


Lorenie Lamas tracks all the Municipalities of BC and reports the results - which she notes do not contain the numbers of the missing people found buried; these decomposing remains found throughout the region in clandestine graves.

FYI: Excerpt:

"Total homicidios dolosos 2022 en Baja California:

Mexicali 305
Tijuana 2 mil 058
Ensenada 159
Tecate 87
Rosarito 119
San QuintΓ­n 19
San Felipe 13
Estatal: 2 mil 760"


High numbers. That is it for now, I have one lab to do on Friday, still on a cocktail and next Tuesday go to Sharp Memorial for left heart catheterization with possible percutaneous intervention (stents). After that it's recover and on wards to the damn knee ! 

Christ, I hope they do the knee before I kick the bucket.

wait....wait....what if they find brain damage which will be required to be fixed b-4 they can do the knee?

shite...what if they can't fix it ?


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My response (s):

Marjorie Drake-Grisak

3:04 PM (29 minutes ago)
to Blogger
I don't get it - in other words, you would censure the probably most realistic and credible news sources both in the USA and Mexico...for reporting exactly what was going on here back four years ago? Guess what, it's even worse now and the missing thousands and thousands of people, those who have vanished and disappeared?
Hell they are still gone, except for the bones left over in the clandestine graveyards strewn across the country.

Who are you working for anyway ?

Not going to change a thing but thought you would like to know that since then, the original Frontera was under so much pressure for reporting the realities, their original crew was shut the fuck down,

Yea, I bet that just tickled you, asshole.

Go fuck yourselves.πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

Marjorie Drake-Grisak

3:24 PM (9 minutes ago)
to Blogger
P.S. Hey assholes, why don't you get your shit together and fucking FIX my two step verification THAT I WENT OUT OF MY WAY TO SET UP? Put bluntly, it does not work, period.It worked for about a week then just fucking stopped. What kind of a clip joint it this ???


While you are at it, none of my images are coming up on the right sidebar, fix that too. They come up when I am posting, but do not show in "view blog" or when the blog is published.

Thanks, maybe we'll be able to see y'all do something creative. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

fix it!!!! 
~~~~~ Not legible because it goes off the margin, but I asked them what kind of a clip joint is this anyway regarding the two step verification which does not work and I want them to fix it. Christ, ya think these folks are trumpistas ? chums with Elon Muskfat ? or maybe...just stalker nemesis, you know his name. Love ya'll sorry for swearing, but I'm not changing anything, in fact re-reading it by going to the link they provide, that was a pretty good blog I must say myself. Also pre bad knee days. Later dudes.