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Monday, May 9, 2022

Hello Darlins ! U2 !!! - AMLO Berates Joe Biden (again....) Over the Northern Triangle...ahhh, TWICE ! Gimme a Break ! Los Lobos !

I have been down with a terrible cold and strep throat for days. Paris had surgery for her bumps, nothing is cancerous and this time around she is reacting much better, and we have been napping together, she is so precious.

 Okay so here's the deal: You might know this already, but a few days back on his whirlwind tour through Central America, AMLO blasted Joe Biden for not coming through with more dinero for the migrantes down south and  monetary support for a couple of AMLO's suggested  "plans". 

 So, rather than trying to explain this with a foggy head, I'm going to come back and give you guys the most recent links I could find on USA's monetary assistance (there are a lot of them) to to the triangle countries and you can read for yourself what is going on. Once again, no oversight at all with these proposed "plans"(hahaha this is familiar, just like the oil & everything else), corruption up the ying yang,not to mention highest level drug dealings and money laundering with Hernandez and others in power positions, and huge amounts of remittances daily, monthly, yearly it will blow your mind. So, if you don't already,after reading these links you will know where the bullshit is coming from. And it is not from D.C.

Meanwhile, to hell with Putin's fucking Victory Parade, this should hold you over I will try to get back here with those links asap:


I love this song: - as you know, U2 has been playing in the bomb shelters of Ukraine. I don't see any freakin Mexican Bands.




Mucho amor - BTW, that video was put up from Brazil where there are thousands and thousands and thousands of Ukraine supporters.


 Latest Ukraine Updates From CNN:

 Russia's War In Ukraine 


By Rhea Mogul, Andrew Raine, Tara John, Ben Church, Aditi Sangal, Laura Smith-Spark and Maureen Chowdhury, CNN

Updated 5:06 p.m. ET, May 9, 2022

Okay, back with some links then I have to go again and will continue with more. And these are just the tip of the iceberg BTW.



  ~ From AP:

Mexican President Slams US On Tour of Cemtral America - May 5, 2022

Weirdly, AMLO made the statement about not yet receiving funding for his "plans".

“Honestly, it seems inexplicable,” he added. “For our part, we are going to continue to respectfully insist on the need for the United States to collaborate.”

Well, maybe  here is a pretty good reason for starters ya think :

 ~ From BBC:

'Has Honduras Become a 'Narco-State'?


By Will Grant
BBC Central America correspondent

Published 04/22


From : Small Wars Journal:
Commentary: It Starts At The top In Honduras: The Case Of Juan Orlando Hernandez, Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime 
 By, Jonathan D. Rosen
 Well, cmon guys, he's certainly not going to be the last, more on the way - that is how it works.


Older from Insight Crime, but still.....



Let's not forget Jimmy Moreles. Not only have Yo Jimmy's relatives been fingered for drug trafficking, but independent members of his Administration have been arrested. Wait, and Jimmy didn't know anything? Oh, Jimmy Mack, when are you comin back ? 


  ~ From WOLA:

Guatemala's Attorney General Elections: Judicial Independence and Democracy at a Crossroads

18 Apr 2022 | Commentary 

by Ana María Méndez Dardón and Julia Aikman Cifuentes 




 ~ From WPR:


Guatemala Has No Intention of Tackling Corruption 

Thursday, July 29, 2021




 ~ From Reuters:


A Reuters Special Report:


A Tax Man Went After Guatemala's Elites. Then They Hit Back 





The Backlash

By Frank Jack Daniel

Photo editing: Tomás Bravo

Art direction: John Emerson

Edited by Paulo Prada 

 Additional reporting by Sofía Menchú in Guatemala City.




Like I said, that is just the tip of the iceberg....will be back with money figures shortly.

Slight emergency, another H20 line break ...looked up USGS and no earthquakes. Meanwhile:

Last month in Tijuana, there were 141 executions bringing the year to date total to 555 killed in the drug trafficking business. We are edging up to the low 20's so far in May.

 ~ From Zeta:

Cierra Abril com 141 Homicidios en Tijuana

Destacados - - domingo, 1 mayo, 2022 10:14 AM 



AMLO Wants To Know...Where's The Beef?





Sorry, water line fixed, whew. Here are the links on USA's monetary aid to the triangle area. AMLO has inferred that Joe Biden is a cheapskate. Fox smells his own tracks first. Also, opinion pieces from a year ago, and on many of these, watch the figures for remittances, it is incredible. Also, most of you already know AMLO wants to get rid of US Agencies like USAID - he labels them part of the "neo-liberal" plan to to suffocate and eradicate the Latin world. Have fun.


 ~ From The U.S. Embassy in Guatemala:

 FACT SHEET: Urgent Relief to Central America  - April 26, 2021




 ~ From The White House:


Report on the U.S. Strategy For Addressing the Root Cause of Migration in Central America


Take care.