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Monday, November 26, 2018

Tear Gas, Rocks and Rubber Bullets On The Border - It Will Get Worse - Update 11/26: US MSM Are Not Reporting Rubber Bullets Were Fired At the Migrantes But The Mexican News Sources Both Locally and Nationally Are

From La Jornada:

Con Gases y Balas de Goma Repelen a Migrantes que Intentan Ingresar a EU

Por, Blanche Petrich - 11/26/18 

"Tijuana: The illusion of being able to assault the sky with slogans and banners lasted little more than three hours for half a thousand displaced from the Central American exodus. The futile attempt this morning to cross without documents the border to the most powerful and best armed country on earth, only with the unwavering will that has pushed them for six weeks to travel more than 5 thousand kilometers, ended badly.

 The US Border Patrol repelled them at the height of the El Chaparral gate with tear gas and rubber bullets fired from the United States into Mexican territory, leaving four injured.

 One of the injured is human rights defender Rubén Figueroa, of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement, who observed the development of the events several meters away from the border wall. A tear gas canister shot from the north knocked him out. He was discharged after being treated at the general hospital.

 In addition, 36 people were arrested on the Mexican side, all Hondurans. On the US side there were captured 73 who had managed to circumvent the dividing wall through a gap. Several witnesses said that the detainees did not perform any violent act; that when the demonstrators withdrew and returned on foot to the shelter, patrols stopped them and handed them over to the immigration station. These, apparently, will be accused of "causing disturbances, fights, disrupting public order and assaulting citizens" , according to municipal police. And they will be deported.

 The march to the El Chaparral checkpoint was planned days ago. The commission of representatives and the organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras agreed to accompany the group with the condition that it be a peaceful walk.

 The blankets and banners were ready. In one it was noted: "Trump, we do not hate you" . Another prayed: "We come in peace" . And another: "Catrachos (Hondurans): 100% worker" . One alludes to the xenophobic campaign that has been felt on this side: "Mexico, excuse me if I have offended you in something" . Some children carried flags from the United States. They left after 10 in the morning with the plan to demonstrate in front of the sentry box that divides El Chaparral and San Ysidro.

The majority of those who cramp the oversaturated hostel chose not to join the column. Many went with the idea that it was a demonstration of protest. Others had the illusion that they could make the final leap. They carried small backpacks and a blanket tied behind their backs. Upon arriving at the vehicular bridge that goes up to the entrance port of El Chaparral, they ran into a riot police barrier from the Federal Police. Without success they tried with dialogue to move forward.

Half an hour passed and everything indicated that the demonstration would return. But inexplicably the police force neglected the flanks of the vehicular bridge. The temptation was too great. In an instant, the Central American migrants started to run along the side rails and shouted " "Let's go, let's go!"" They invaded the restricted area of ​​the border port. Headed by a young man carrying a Mexican flag, several hundred went down the canal of the Tijuana River, passed on to the other shore, perhaps thinking that they were already in US territory, and advanced towards the port of entry. But they mistook the road and moved towards the vehicular exit. It was closed by stones and mud. Another small handful ran to another direction, saw an open gate and entered directly into the mouth of the wolf: the parking lot of the INM. A few ended up directly in the kennels of the Beta Group.

In a chaotic period, from the top of the vehicular bridge, one could observe the surrealist scene: groups ran down a corridor that led them to a dead end street. Moments later they returned and took a wrong turn again. Another contingent walked through the commercial zone and approached the barbed wire of the port of entry, in the middle of thousands of cars stranded by the closure of the sentry box. Others walked to the border, climbed an embankment that took them to the disused train tracks and there they ended directly at the gigantic metal wall. It was the end of the road. And also the end of the peaceful nature of the march.

Several migrants found a hole in the wall. Some 73 dared to cross it. They were arrested. A Border Patrol agent fired the first gas capsule. From there followed many more. And rubber bullets. In their retreat, other boys picked up stones near the train tracks and threw them against the wall. That's what US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, interpreted in a statement issued in Washington of late as an attempt to transgress the infrastructure of the border fence and an attempt to hurt Border Patrol personnel by throwing projectiles at them . 

Minutes later, on the same embankment groups of Hondurans, Salvadorans and Guatemalans were disappointed and alarmed. Some came tearful and had difficulty breathing. Others only saw clouds of gas in the distance. 

Javier Bauluz, an experienced photographer who has recorded many other exoduses in the world, tries to relax for a moment in front of a beer in the picturesque Plaza Santa Cecilia, the Tijuanense Garibaldi. And suddenly he remebers an episode in 2015, when tens of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis fleeing the war tried to travel to Europe. They had reached Budapest. The Austrian government suspended the train run to Germany. The fugitives were stranded, in terrible conditions, in a country that rejected them. 

They were totally against the wall, stunned. And one night a man came to shake them. He took them by the lapel and shouted: let's go. In 24 hours he organized a caravan that walked about 16 hours on the road, until exhausted. And that scene was the one that moved the government of Angela Merkel to welcome them. And he sent them to Germany on buses . 

These are not similar conditions. But it does give the impression that for the epic displacement of Central Americans this day can be a turning point. And maybe in the shelter more than one will not be able to sleep, thinking about what is approaching. "


I don't know about you guys, but I can't sleep.  No word on Trump's "Return To Mexico" - that is, despite reports from Aristegui and the Washington Post nothing is official yet, Mexico has not officially agreed to the policy.

The remaining migrantes (minus the 500 men who were deported today) still need food, clothes, blankets, toilet things, happy things for the kids, etc.


  - Update/edit 11/26/18: The US MSM  (as well as CNN) are not reporting that rubber bullets were fired into the crowds of migrantes which included women and children by USBP, but the Mexican news sources both local and national are reporting rubber bullets were used against the migrantes. The US MSM has reported that "shot bangs" specifically two shot bangs were fired by the USBP. Here are examples from the Mexican Press: ( and after all, members of the Mexican press were very up close and personal on the ground, in the river channel and not standing off to the side at the Chaparral crossing) 

 From Zeta:

 Detiene Patrulla Fronteriza a Migrantes Centroamericanos, Lanzan Gas Lacrimogeno 

From Aristegui Noticias: 
Mexico Deberia Inteponer Queja Ante EU Por Uso de Ballas de Goma y Gases en la Frontera: Berruga (audio) 

From Aristegui: Univision Reporting:

 "redacción AN / AL 5 hours ago Jesica Zermeño, a Univisión journalist, tells how US Border Patrol agents fired rubber bullets and tear gas at Central American migrants to contain them in their attempt to reach the border. In the American Union, 42 people who crossed without papers were arrested. "

 42 Migrantes Detenidos en Tras Intento Violento de Cruzar la Frontera: Periodista (Video)  

The List Is Endless: Forbes Mexico, Animal Politico, La Vanguardia, El Finaciero - look, from google search "Balas de Goma: Caravana Migrante en Tijuana":

 Caravana migrante en Tijuana: balas de goma, gases lacrimógenos y ... LaRepú hours ago

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 Presidente de Honduras critica uso de balas de goma contra migrantes Local Source-FRONTERA.INFO-5 hours ago

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 And that is just a partial list.  They are all wrong or misinformed?  I don't think so.


More Information:

 - Frontera is reporting that Presidente Hernandez of Honduras has objected to rubber bullets being fired on the migrantes by USBP, and he says there is proof that these bullets were fired.  

 My neighbors are saying this evening that the whole catastrophe of yesterday @ the SY POE was a set up.  They think this rush on the Border was well planned in advance by Trump operatives with the goal  of making the migrants look bad and reinforcing Trump's "Wall Agenda". If you get a chance go to either or Zeta on Facebook and read the comments - the comments are mostly pro-Trump and super slick.  At any rate here is the Frontera report on Hernandez:

From Frontera - and this was re-directed from El Universal: 

Presidente de Honduras Critica Uso de Balas de Goma Contra Migrantes - 11/26/18

 end edit


 Well still, I would have entitled it "Escape From Alcatraz":