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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Having More Problems With The Muffin - lots of rain here !

Campo Lopez still the same no condos...yet

I'm not giving up the ship even though our Mexican friend believes (along with his buddies) that Mexico will always be a narco-state no matter what. In fact, I have a folder full of US publications or articles I have been saving since mid December from the big guns AP (published by CBS), New York Times and the Washington Post where the authors are really nailing what is going on down here, an interview with the new USA "Drug Czar" plus blasting Pena Nieto. I am always saying the MSM is keeping a distance from the realities of Mexico, so I have been proven wrong the past two months, hope they keep the information flowing( although we are not expecting anything even close to these articles from San Diego).

 The problem I am having is with Freida aka "The Muffin", who has several health challenges. To make a long story short (sort of) Freida finished her antibiotic for the urinary tract infection, but three days later started bleeding again. During those three days she was perfect and full of energy. One of her Christmas presents was a Dr. Simi doll, which she went mad over - but then she told us Dr. Simi was a drunk and wasn't really a Doctor at all, he is according to her a charlatan.  One morning he was laying on his back on the counter with his arms in the air, a bottled of rum next to him - so he has big problems. We had a super difficult time getting another RX for her down here, luckily Dr. Damon wrote one out for us. Dr. Silva has had his hands full with his wife's illness, which is bad - we'll check in with him hopefully this weekend and I'll bring you up to date on that situation later.

 Meanwhile, we restarted the antibiotic, the bleeding in the urine stopped and were back at Dr. Beth's yesterday in the rain and I mean in the rain, thunder and lighting. More tests have ruled out kidney stones, but if the bleeding returns we need to have an ultrasound next week at Dr. Beth's. The ultrasound will show if there are tumors. Meanwhile, on the way home Freida was gulping water then she threw up. Same happened when we got her in the house, same happened this morning. I took the water bowls up, let her calm down and she did eat a little rice and roast beef. I've been giving her small quantities of Solural so she doesn't become dehydrated, but am waiting for a return call from Dr. Beth to see if I should take her into Dr. Silva's and have them put her on an IV.

 You think I'm out there - yesterday we were pulled over to Secondary and the Agent told us his dog actually talks to him. Freida said as we were leaving, "Of course his dog talks to him !" I made a really good turkey soup and turkey soup has always intimidated me, I'll give you the recipe later. So far we are at three and a half inches of rain here from this latest storm, but they are saying next week we are going to be hit from the west so the storm then may even be worse. No damage, no leaks, electricity goes off for short periods then comes back on, so far no water spouts but TIJ, Rosarito and Ensenada are all having flood problems , streets caving in, mud, etc. All classes have been cancelled for tomorrow, problems with the Scenic Highway but it has been re-opened. I will try to get back here with those US articles and the situation here; from the current data, 2015 was bad news for Baja California as far as the violence and two gringos from Campo Lopez kidnapped and released, more details coming up. Gawd, Campo Lopez, is that still there?

 Happy New Year !

P.S. The wind is just howling here.