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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

He Ruined My Greek Salad Goddammit !!!


I'm surprised we are all still here, period. I made a wonderful Greek salad for dinner last night, with still warm homemade sourdough bread to eat while we watched the debate. Very easy but yummy: Toss 2 heads organic romaine lettuce with 1 can chilled & drained black olives, 1-2 large red onions (sliced), 2 cans chilled & drained organic garbanzo beans, about 2 cups boneless chicken breast grilled, cooled and diced. On the side 1 jar of marinated artichoke hearts, 1 pound or more feta cheese cut into little squares. I don't add the artichoke hearts or feta because they make the salad soggy, so have them on the side for people to use at will. Dressing is olive oil & vinegar, or a couple of lemons, wedged.  For dessert: Sambazon frozen acai sorbet - you can make acai bowls, but we eat it straight.

 What a disaster. We sat there with our mouths agape and our eyes agog, our appetites lost after the first few minutes of the "debate", even Paris was growling at the TV and upset.  Forks down and the bread growing dry, we were aghast at Trump's behaviour. 


Proud Boys New Logo - Taking Trump At his Word


What struck me was his beet red contorted face for ninety minutes which if you were in public and saw a person screaming and making these wrenching whip lashed facial gestures, you would (if smart) not engage and make an exit, fast. Obviously mentally ill, with the potential to self implode and obviously a clear signal that this person is dangerous and violent. That is why I am surprised we are all still here today. And of course, once again, Trump embraces the white supremacists.

PBS this evening did knockout grand coverage, here is the entire episode and on the sidebar a special segment, " What Trump's Response To White Supremcsist Groups Means".

Of course, the lies, lies and more lies.  Trump's bullying and constant insane aggressive interruptions were so extreme and obnoxious that Biden told him at one point, "Will you shut up , man?"  Yea Biden, that tickled me.  Right, shut the fuck up you fuckin lunatic Trump.

By the end, the salad was no longer crispy cold, and we were disgusted.  CNN had  rounded up several "undecided" voters asking them their opinions of the debate (in the background Mike is now yelling, "How the fuck can you be undecided after the last four years?"). The assembly was a scary snapshot of the American mindset to say the least.

If you are a masochist you can watch or re-watch the entire "debate" here:... and don't miss all the reports:


 ~ From Democracy Now !


WATCH: Biden vs. Trump Presidential Debate - 90 Minutes Uninterrupted 


Meanwhile, here's what out cousins across the pond are thinking:

Dear Marjorie,

Our Washington bureau chief David Smith called the debate “the worst in American history, a national humiliation” that will make future historians weep. Geoffrey Kabaservice, who weighed in on a post-debate Guardian panel, called it “a distressing and largely unwatchable pissing contest.”

So how did the president’s supporters think he did?

Lois Beckett, senior reporter for Guardian US, watched the debate with a group of them to get their take. At a bar called Glory Days in Seal Beach, near Los Angeles, roughly 100 voters decked out in Trump 2020 gear – but no masks – cheered for their president between bites of burgers.

Most thought Trump gave a strong performance that showed off his leadership, despite what they felt was a biased moderator, whose network, Fox News, has moved too far to the left.

Our conversation about her night kept coming back to the audience’s view of the racial justice conversation taking place in America. One couple told Lois they think white people face discrimination, that their daughter didn’t get into college because she is white. Another woman called out when Biden defended racial sensitivity training: “What about our feelings? Who is being sensitive to us?”

“It is quite explicit that whiteness is part of what Trump is appealing to,” Lois says. Given his command of his supporters’ racial grievances, it is perhaps not surprising that they minimized what much of the country viewed as the most shocking part of the night: when, instead of denouncing a fringe white supremacist group, Trump instead seemed to offer the Proud Boys a tacit endorsement.

Lois heard multiple people repeat conspiracy theories around the protests of the last few months, viewing them as part of an inauthentic, coordinated campaign by shadowy interests rather than a spontaneous uprising in response to racial injustice. And given the vulnerability of so many Americans to conspiratorial thinking, she worries that journalists aren’t doing enough to challenge it.

“The approach the American media has had in dealing with the degree of conspiracies and misinformation hasn’t worked and we really need to take a different approach.” She calls on her fellow reporters to be careful not to legitimize the Proud Boys in their reporting on last night’s debate, and to describe their views accurately and unequivocally: as racist, Islamophobic, and with deep connections to white supremacist organizing.

As Guardian columnist Richard Wolffe writes in an op-ed we published today: Trump “has five more weeks to sow chaos and disinformation through the land as he brawls his way across the country. Hold on to your beer.”

All the best,

Noa Yachot
Guardian US membership editor



Some fact checking:

 ~ From the New York Times:


Fact-Checking the First 2020 Presidential Debate



 ~ From CNN:


Trump Unleashes Avalanche of Repeat Lies At First Presidential Debate

Updated 1:35 PM ET, Wed September 30, 2020



  ~ From AP:


AP FACT CHECK: False Claims Swamp First Trump-Biden Debate 


That wasn't fair...however Shane would be the first one to tell Trump to shut the fuck up...yea Shane !!

Go Irish !!!