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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Houston, We Have A Problem - Mayhem In Baja California - Stay In Place For The Time Being Y'all


From Zeta: Last Night In Ensenada

From Zeta: Ruta de Vino August the 3rd, 2022

Over a week ago there was a clear indicator that we would be in for some wild times: that was the burning vehicle left blocking the highway on the Ruta de Vino, between Ensenada and Tecate. When I first saw the picture, I thought - that is an old technique used mostly on the Mainland in the earlier drug war years between warring cartel factions. Of course there have been other clear warning signs of impending doom: the extreme high execution rates here and the Military Op Mike witnessed, not to mention the armed attack on the Playas Toll booth just a couple of days ago, the burnt out bus in Mexicali last Friday where passengers were threatened in clear daylight around 5:00pm by armed gunmen who also shot it out with authorities, prior to that, the fire and destruction of five structures down in El Rosalia (BCS - and note it is unclear that this is actually a precursor to what we witnessed here last night but you never know), high rates of kidnappings in Ensenada and the massive amounts of chaos and violence throughout Mexico including Jalisco, Chihuahua, Guanajuato etc. My neighbors tell us their relatives in Ciudad Juarez are freaked out. (added link  from Reuters/CNN to ciudad juarez 08/14)

As of this second, I have not been able to find any warnings from the Mexican government  for all of us to stay in place, but everything has been shut down, with Zeta calling last night, "the night of terror." Actually, the warnings for people to stay home and stay off of the streets were made on the social networks from the CJNG.

You should know this: 

 ~ From Zeta:

 Consulado de EUA Alerta a Ciudadanos Por Incendios y Bloqueos en BC 


Destacados   -  viernes, 12 agosto, 2022 10:06 PM


"The US Consulate General in Tijuana alerted US citizens about the fires, blockades and police activity in Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito, Ensenada and Tecate.

Through their Facebook account, it has been reported that US government employees were instructed to shelter in place until further notice. Avoid the area, seek a safe haven, if in the area, monitor local media for updates, be aware of your surroundings. As well as notify friends and family of your safety.

Likewise, the agency made available their telephone numbers of the United States Embassy and Consulates in Mexico.

On the afternoon  and evening of August 12, 2022, more than 15 units of trucks, cars and tractor-trailers, among other vehicles, were set on fire simultaneously in Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito."



 This is what we know so far:


 ~ From Zeta:

Baja California en Llamas: Pugna del CS vs CJNG 


Destacados - - sábado, 13 agosto, 2022 7:13 AM


 "24 vehicles were set on fire in four hours… in five of the 7 Baja California municipalities, Mexicali, Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana and Rosarito."


"Javier Adrián Beltrán Cabrera is the first suspect of having organized and ordered the drug blockades in Baja California on Friday, August 12, according to the indications received by the intelligence areas of the corporations integrated into the Coordination Table for Peace. and Security.

Beltrán Cabrera “El Javi”, “El Pedrito” “El Pit” and/or “El Puma”, was imprisoned in 2011 for possession of a weapon and was released. He is listed as the leader of the criminal cell identified as "Los Erres" who have served as CAF hitmen, from Sinaloa this 2022 allied with the CJNG.

"El Puma" was already being investigated as the intellectual author of the multi-homicides committed in July and August in the eastern area of ​​ Tijuana, of the murder of the FGE agent, Hermes García Santoyo, of the threats through narcomantas against Governor Marina Ávila and the prosecutor Ricardo Carpio in the month of March, and of the videos published on social networks of the CJNG. There is currently no arrest warrant against him.

In the face of the fires and blockades, ZETA learned that the position of the authorities integrated into the Coordination Tables for Peace and Security was that this violence was not exclusive or particular due to the conditions in Baja California, because these same criminal operations already were made, on August 11 Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua, and on August 9 in the states of Jalisco and Guanajuato, when Roberto Ruiz Velazco "El Doble R", and Gerardo González Ramírez "El Apá", capos of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel ( CJNG), escaped from an operation led by elements of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), to arrest them, in Guadalajara.

24 vehicles were set on fire in four hours… in five of the 7 Baja California municipalities, Mexicali, Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana and Rosarito. Tractor trucks, cargo trucks, freight trucks, passenger trucks, compact cars, vans.

Authorities apprehended suspects in three municipalities:

Mexicali : They captured three criminals in a black Suburban truck, after setting fire to a passenger truck, there were versions that reported that the criminals were from Tijuana, but the authorities did not confirm.

Rosarito : “Red vehicle fleeing towards the south, municipal police report that they managed to arrest it, there are 2 people detained, they also report a strong smell of gasoline and upon inspection, 3 Molotov cocktails were located, it is unknown if they are related to any of the fires, "the emergency numbers also received reports of cars speeding through the streets parallel to Benito Juárez Boulevard, with men shouting threats," reported a statement from the Baja California SSC.

Tijuana: Five men were apprehended when they were driving in a van-type motor unit, in which they located a can of gasoline.

In Ensenada , "... the Municipal Police reported that a sand-colored Honda vehicle with serial number 5FNJYF18455B027072 intervened, inside the vehicle there are balaclavas, and there is a strong smell of gasoline; two people were detained at the scene, a possible relationship with the Bypass incident," the same secretary detailed.

In most of the fires, the report stated that terrified drivers were robbed of their vehicles by armed criminals.

The criminals crossed the cars and set them on fire in different roads, all main roads and in high traffic, they even blocked bridges, closed the toll road in both lanes at the height of Rosarito, also the entrance to Tijuana through the Garita de San Isidro, burned cars next to hospitals, sports stadiums, to terrify and attract attention.

They did it during peak hours, at the end of work, between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Friday, August 12, then after 9:00 p.m. the reports of fires were reduced. The rows of smoke in the sky, and the howl of the sirens of firemen and patrols was constant.

The burning of wet and smoking cars were in at least 20 streets throughout the state, in total there were 24 accidents in which 28 motor vehicles were consumed by fire, while the municipal and state authorities decided to suspend all communication.

In Baja California, the first statement came out before 8:00 p.m., issued by the Fire Department and the Ensenada mayor's office, to report the burned-out tractor-trailer in El Sauzal, saying that they were looking for those responsible, and that the municipal police, the Army , the Navy, the National Guard and the State Attorney's Office were carrying out preventive patrols. However, the operations were only seen in the burned areas.

"... we ask you to collect the bills from those who owe them, not to the families, not to the citizens who work, because we are also vigilant" was the message given live, through social networks, by the mayor of Tijuana Montserrat Caballero, and addressed it to "organized crime and who is behind these crimes."

The municipal president of the border city was the second to come out before public opinion, and the only one who did it on video, at eight at night, three hours after the attacks had begun, and without giving more details, blamed organized criminals, to the drug cartels that maintain struggles for control of the sale and transfer of drugs through the routes of Baja California.

The mayor's words generated greater concern among citizens because in these same four hours, on social networks, criminals circulated a text and a video (unauthenticated and old), in which alleged criminals at the service of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) headed by Nemecio Osegueda warn citizens to stay at home - curfew from 10 pm - because they will commit more crimes in the state; and in the images you can see young people with half their faces covered who, excited, shout threats against the traffickers of the other cartels, "... we are hunting them, pure Mencho people, we are in Tijuana", is the message they repeat.

Previously, unofficial versions reported that warning calls and threats had been received to the C4 emergency numbers, but this was not confirmed. Municipal and state authorities remained tight-lipped.

In the end, Caballero warned that “the 3,000 members of the National Guard, our 2,000 police officers,” would go out to protect the citizens.

Minutes later, at 8:11 p.m., almost simultaneously, through Twitter, Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda condemned the events and informed about the detainees, said that the authorities were meeting, and that they would keep the public informed. But at that time, they were not even able to explain how many claims had been registered up to that time or their location.

In Tijuana, the Municipal Citizen Security Secretariat reported 10 accidents, and on the street, people and reporters gave an account and images of three in Rosarito, two in Tecate, three in Ensenada and two in Mexicali.

By then, the Autonomous University of Baja California had sent the students home and set up spaces for those who preferred to remain in the facilities; the Calimax supermarket chain reported an early closing; and the Association of the Maquiladora and Export Industry Index, canceled the athletic race that was scheduled for Saturday, August 13; and the US Consulate had issued an alert.

While the terrified citizens tried to return to their homes, creating chaos, paying a premium, while fighting to reach places on public transport that continued to work during the late night.



The CJNG recruited traffickers from Baja California in 2015, and for seven years, they have been fighting against the operators of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) and those of the Arellano Félix Cartel (CAF).

In fact, on April 23, “El Ranchero,” an unidentified Sinaloa Cartel operator, threatened to  “clean up” enemy cells and cartels. On May 7, six thugs who had just arrived from Sinaloa were arrested, and they reported: “I come from Sinaloa to  clean the plaza , because those from  Nueva  are making a mess, leaving bodies, blankets and  charging  people and businesses for a place, we were told to be here and receive orders from the 'Ranchero', and he was going to tell us what to do”.

In the coastal zone of Baja California, the CJNG is represented by

Javier Adrian Beltran Cabrera

Isaac Alhiu Chavez Cabrera

Jesus  Alfonso Trapero  Ibarra

Rodolfo López Arellano “Cabo 30”,

Ricardo Antonio Álvarez Olivas “Cabo 39”

CDS cells are headed by:

-“The Rancher”

-Edwin Antonio Rubio Lopez “Max”.

-Jesus Rafael Yocupicio "Big Head "

-Rene and Alfonso Arzate Garcia

-Jose Luis and Javier Mendoza Uriarte

And CAF-Chapitos

-Edwin Huerta Nuño “El Flaquito”

-David López Jiménez “Cabo 20”, Arellano Félix Cartel


WRECKED CAR REPORT (and blockades)

At 11:00 p.m., a report from the secretary of citizen security circulated informing of a total of burned vehicles: 24

Tijuana: 15

  1. International Avenue, Federal Employees neighborhood
  2. 2nd Street Nice view colony
  3. Descending Ramp, Bosque de las Uruaucarias colony
  4. South bypass, Francisco Villa neighborhood
  5. 2nd Street and K Canyon, Zona Centro neighborhood (2 vehicles)
  6. Chaparral Bridge, Colonia Federal Employees
  7. Martin Careaga Street, Infonavit Lomas del Porvenir neighborhood
  8. Blvd Salinas, Colonia aviation
  9. Blvd Cuauhtémoc, Aguaje de la Tuna neighborhood 1st section
  10. Bypass Rosas Magallón, Colonia Industrial Pacifico I, Sanchez Taboada district
  11. Tapachula Street, Colonia Hipodromo
  12. Emiliano Zapata Street, Colonia Ejido de Agua

13.- Libramiento Street, Colonia El Cortez San Antonio De Los Buenos District (2 vehicles)

14 Huehueteotl Street, Colonia Camino Verde

  1. Main Street, Colonia El Laurel

Mexico: 2

  1. 598648/2022 Vehicle fire, Calzada Independencia between J street, Nacozari neighborhood. (598651/2022 Carrying weapons or cartridges, Av. General Ignacio Zaragoza between Calzada Justo Sierra, Colonia Nueva (possible relationship with incident 598648/2022, there are three detainees).

2.- Av. San Ramón and Bahía Lucerna street, neighborhood Ampliación Lucernas

Rosarito: 03

1.- Free highway, Plan Libertador neighborhood

2.- Scenic road, Magisterial neighborhood

3.- Scenic road, Colonia Machado Norte

Tecate: 2

1.- Tijuana-Tecate free highway, El Bajío Industrial Park neighborhood

2.- Tecate-Ensenada highway, Maclovio Herrera neighborhood

Ensenada: 2

1.- Tijuana Ensenada del Sauzal Highway

2.- Junction of the Libramiento, Colonias Gómez Morin (3 vehicles)"




There will be mucho mas  data coming in, I'll be back with that information a bit later (because the figures may change and the violence may resume). Expect to see the troops landing later this afternoon. Sorta pissed off, I needed some bananas to make a banana cake, oh well. I'll be back.

Meanwhile, stayed tuned to the news sources:

  Zeta Tijuana 


Pulse News Mexico




 Keep your eyes peeled and be careful .🙀