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Sunday, February 26, 2017

From February 1 - February 24, 2017 Ninety-Four Executions in TIJ - One Hundred and Ninety Seven Executions From January 1 - February 24, 2017 in TIJ - Problemas in Ensenada

Private prisons back on the agenda, lies regarding positive influence on budget deficit, referral to "immigration policy" as a "military operation" ( and then his chiefs of staff saying no it isn't, along with denial of massive deportations), barring the New York Times, Politico, BBC, CNN, The Hill (?), The Daily Mail (oh gasp !) and the Los Angeles Times from the White House Briefing, holding another Nuremberg Rally aka CPAC with Bannon foaming at the mouth - eyes a twinkle like a madman, the Pruitt attack on EPA Regulations, chaos and political instability -  these are just some of the Trump atrocities from the past several days :

Common Dreams

Fantastico Essays and Reports:

The Intercept

And of course, the best:

Democracy Now !


P.S. You can order your Trump BS buttons here:

One Horse Shy


I haven't been here due to taking care of Paris, a really bad satellite connection, plus disgusted with the Trump barrage and of course the man who took his life here in Tijuana after being deported - some agencies here had reported he was also seeking amnesty in the United States because he had received death threats.  The Guardian reports at one point he was caught crossing in a vehicle with drugs, but still the incident caused more angst here in Mexico over Trump.

We did not receive that earlier predicted storm in the middle of last week, but are expecting another one in tonight and tomorrow.  My rain gauge shows so far 17 inches of rain on the coast, which is more than double the amount we usually receive during a full season.

The past two days have been quiet as far as the executions go and it is uncertain if there is a cease fire or the CJNG + CAF vs. Sinaloa are simply reloading.  Of course, we hope there is a cease fire and I should add given the amount of hatred and the millions of completely unstable people who support Donald Trump in the United States and his entourage of disgusting psychotic sycophants it probably is the best thing for us to just stay put in Mexico.  Course, I still wouldn't go out in the water but I still can ride my bike. For the time being, the demonstrations have stopped, but the Border Boycott continues.

Courtesy Frontera

Two days ago, Frontera reported six executions in Tijuana in less than twenty four hours, this included the human remains found in a suitcase by the bus stop next to the PRI Headquarters on Avenida International - you may have even passed it on your way up to the border.  Zeta reports two men are under investigation for this and possibly other killings in the Zona Norte. Also, a hand grenade located in  Sanchez Taboada.  At 7:30 am then on 02/24/17, the PGJE reported in February of 2017 so far there have been 94 executions in Tijuana which brings the tally from the first day of this year up to 197 executions in Tijuana. Since then, I am counting one more in TIJ, and one more in Ensenada:

Jornada Violenta en Tijuana
por, Angel F. Gonzalez

Ensenada itself, and particularly further south in Maneadero and San Quintin have seen an uptick in violent executions - from an earlier report: ( since that report, I count in Ensenada, two more - in Camalu, one more - in Colonet two dead and one wounded - in San Quintin one dead and two wounded - and in Maneadero, one more executed.)

Narcoviolencia en Maneadero
por, Juan Carlos Dominquez


Adding this one:



Update on Paris-Simone:

I am only able to type this because Mike and Paris are taking a media-sueno so I have a little time out.  She still is into everything, so I've ended up putting away pillows and towels and anything else she can get her little paws on. Doing really good on her walkies, but she is a hunting dog so sometimes she lunges. Everyone loves her, she is a sweetie.

A star is born !!

And yet another method - working on "Alberta" one of her faves, fan of Chuck Leavell ! !