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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Strawberry Fields Forever: Support for the Jornaleros de San Quintin, Ensenada from the USA: Call for a Global Boycott

Courtesy La Jornada 
As we nervously await for the election returns from Kentucky and Oregon - and I say that because if the Clinton Machine takes those states it will clearly be a psychological blow to the Bernie movement and popular philosophy and perhaps an indication that nothing has changed - reminiscent of the black boxes, the hanging chads with more recent inexplicable negligence at this years primaries in Arizona and New York or in other words put simply, rigging. When you have as much money as the Clinton Machine, you can do just about anything. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

 Although these next reports had no coverage in San Diego which I could find - or for that matter in Baja California, with the exception of La Jornada who have been covering the ongoing plight of the Jornaleros de San Quintin, Democracy Now covered the almost two weeks ago call for an international boycott of Sakuma and Driscolls. Here is that report and interviews in English with video:

 Democracy Now

 "Driscoll's Workers Call for Global Boycott over Alleged Abuses of the World's Biggest Berry Distributor" 

We are not members of Costco, so I am unaware if the Driscolls berries have been pulled from the shelves there - but  just last week they were still on the shelves at Sprouts and Walmart and people were actually buying them - obviously unaware of the "alleged" abuses. I'm noticing different labels on some of the berries, unsure if Driscolls changed the labeling in order to garner sales, I'll ask around.

 Here is Democracy Now's report on the musical group, La Santa Cecilia with video and interview:

Democracy Now

"WATCH: Grammy-winning Band La Santa Cecilia Performs & Discusses the Message Behind Their Music" 


The Muffin had an "attack" and is slowly recovering  so I have had my hands full.  Executions continue, I'll be back at some point with those updates.  BTW, in the next few weeks we'll be going down to San Quintin to take care packages to the Jornaleros, if you want to come along or have anything you would like to donate just leave a message.