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Monday, July 16, 2018

Where's Pussy Riot When We Need Them ? In a Russian Prison...Again ! - Update/edit: Trump Spins Out of Control ! Update 07/19: Video of Dan Coats Being Genuinely Surprised That Trump Is Inviting Putin To The White House

I have been really sick for almost two weeks, so I am behind like crazy with everything...but the next few days will catch up.. It's a long story.

Let's start off with dummy.  Of course, just about the only thing which made me feel a little better in the last two weeks were the 250,000 Brits who turned out to protest against Trump which prompted me to look again at old pics and videos of Sennen Cove and wonder WTF am I doing here?

Adding this from Owen Jones: If you are interested, bookmark it, hit the "support The Guardian" link and give them a hand:

Support The Guardian - Owen Jones


  Here are some examples of how the USMSM press is reacting to Trump's latest press call with Putin:

 - From the New York Times: (with press call video)

Trump Shreds All Notions of How a President Should Conduct Himself Abroad
by, Mark Landler

 - From CNN: (with video)

Top Republicans in Congress Break with Trump Over Putin Comments
by, Lauren Fox

Ya'll probably already know about this one:

Not Natasha but rather Maria Butina !

From The Guardian:

Russian Woman With Close Ties To NRA Charged With Spying in US For Moscow
by, Jon Swain & Lois Beckett

More thoughts here....

From Democracy Now !

Debate: Is Trump-Putin Summit a "Danger to America" or Crucial Diplomacy Between Nuclear Powers? (Part One & Part Two) 

I still support WikiLeaks and I will never support Hillary the Ice Queen.

Oh, where are Pussy Riot just when we need them ?  In a Russian jail (again) for fifteen days:

From ABC:

Pussy Riot World Cup Protesters Get 15-Day Jail Term, 3-Year Ban From Sporting Events

Here they are....Pussy Riot - Police State - Live in San Francisco 

Update/edit 07/17: Trump spins ! And, everyone just about is laughing....or at least rolling their eyes:

Taken from the Tweets !

I'm not really a Lester Holt fan, but check out the tweets.
 check out the tweets.

From The Hill:

 Ex-CIA Chief: I'm Laughing at Trump

Instant Re-Play:  Two great reports on the whole shebang:

From The Intercept:

Trump & Putin Met In Helsinki's Hall of Mirrors Here Are The Highlights
 by, Robert Mackey - 07/16/18

The CIA Had A Rule Against Meeting The KGB Alone. Trump Was Reckless To Ignore It With Putin
By, James Risen - 07/16/18

ok over and out and end edit.

Update/edit - 07/19/18

Well not quite. Another addition, actually I saw this on AP, but here it is condensed; after all the outrageous behaviour, now this:

 From - The Guardian: 07/19/18

'Say that again': US Intelligence Chief Surprised by White House's Putin Invitation - video

 Unbelievable, but why should it be ?  Both of them are gangsters.

end edit, really.


The really big news which the US MSM is missing is AMLO, who I will return to.  Executions and violence continue in our neck of the woods despite the recent election - we are over 100 executions this month in TIJ alone, another kidnapping in Rosarito and another Ministerial Agent murdered in Ensenada...  I'll be back with those stats. Plus updates on the separated families.

Still, everyone sort of thought things would improve in Russia back in 2003, which did not happen.  Note Putin's "look" in video:

A blast from the past !! From 2003: