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Friday, November 6, 2015

Frontera Lists The Current Executions for the Month of November and Yes We are Receiving All Reports

There was a bit of concern from the last blog that not all of the local news agencies were reporting all of the executions in our region, but yes they are. A little late, but they are being reported. As far as the totals from the beginning of the year to the end of October officially those numbers are not in yet although some agencies have stated we have surpassed the 2010 totals for the same time period of January through October.  Here is the link to, you can keep an eye on their results.

So far today, Frontera is reporting:

Courtesy Frontera

 - TIJUANA:  In the Loma Blanca neighborhood (height of the TIJ-Rosarito Free Road, San Antonio de los Buenos) this afternoon, an abandoned vehicle located with black bags (assuming these are large trash bags)  inside of it, and it is presumed - so not official yet - that there is a body inside of the vehicle.  At least one street was cordoned off and Frontera notes the people in this neighborhood have complained for awhile of the lack of public lighting in the area which they feel exacerbates the crime.  More information as it become available.

8:00pm update:  The body of a 50-55 year old male located on the side of vehicle,shot in the head.  The vehicle had Jalisco plates.

 - TIJUANA:  Around 4:00pm one man is shot several times  during daylight, in public close to the Casa de los Pobres en colonia Altamira. He has been transferred to the hospital, no word on his present condition.  More information as it becomes available.

A complete summary (some of these covered last blog) of the first five days of this month showing  twelve executions in Tijuana is here from Frontera.  And in colonia Cacho one man injured from gunfire, no updates on his condition. So, obviously the infiltration of the cartel (s) by the DEA and the discovery of the narco-tunnel did not have a great impact on the continuing blood shed in Tijuana.

I'll return with some of the current arrests and Zeta's reactions to these.  Just a note that for the third time this year in Rosarito Beach, the Municipal Police were back out on the streets handing out brochures on safety precautions and preventative measures  for citizens to take in order not to be victimized.