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Friday, June 2, 2023

Dreaming About Havasupai and The Havasu Falls - Demonstration In Coronado Over Contaminated Ocean From Tijuana Sewage - The Cenotes are Screwed Thanks to AMLO - Latest on Dummy Trump


Gorgeous, huh ? We'll come back to this

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. A few blogs back I went on a rampage against John Oliver and suggested he needs to cover the contamination of ocean water both here and in San Diego from lack of infrastructure in Mexico.

I have some links for y'all with video from last weekend's demonstration in Coronado over their contaminated beaches - which as I understand it, have been closed down for months now. I have to admit, I was wrong. Back in 2006 I never thought that the sewage from Mexico would hit Coronado, but it did. Of course, we are off the charts here as far as contamination and truthfully, no one thinks this problem is ever going to be resolved. It is horrible down in Ensenada also. Instead of dealing with the problem here, speculation and development went rabid with no infrastructure for at least the last twenty five years. Just fast cash on real estate junk.

A couple of corrections: I stated the US gave Mexico 350 million dollars to clean the mess up on the border. That figure should have been 330 million dollars. The Mexican government is SAID  to have thrown in 120 to 134 million dollars to the pot. The problem is, that was back in 2022 AFTER A SO-CALLED AGREEMENT WAS MADE IN 2019 and yet, there has been absolutely no accountability - from either side. More millions are apparently on the way from Joe Biden, but is it too late? Didn't anyone sign an agreement that clear oversight should be part of the deal and both sides need to account for their progress - or lack of it at least on a quarterly basis along with general information in the form of town halls open to both the gringos and the Mexicanos. Knowing San Diego, the godfather of the good ole boy networks we should not be surprised.

Okay - BTW, nothing down here, no crowds it is a bust ....of course it is, it is contaminated (and violent).

 Another quick observation on the one chart it is listed as the San Antonio de los Buenos creek, the main sewage pours out just a bit north of that at "Punta Bandera" - but now it pours out everywhere. And BTW, the ocean has been a brown plume practically all the way out to the Coronado Islands for weeks and yep you guessed it, once again no potable H2O here...a slight trickle but that's it.

 ~ From The Coronado Times: With video

'Stop the Poop!' Protesters Hit Coronado Beach, Currently Closed Due to Sewage Contaminated Water

By, Megan Kitt 05/29/23


Over dinner during the Holiday, Mike read me this:

 ~ From The Guardian:

Mexico's President Says He would Support Peace Agreement With Cartels

By, Oscar Lopez 05/31/23



Everything Here: Note Mark Lorenzada's report 06/01/23 on Pulse. Note everything.

Pulse News Mexico

Cartels Terrorize Jalisco Municipality After AMLO's 'Peace Pact' Rhetoric

By, Mark Lorenzana    06/01/23


The Havasu Falls story is a long one, let's just say after hours of investigating the Phantom Ranch Camp in the Grand Canyon (whose 1930's CCC built pool was taken out in the '70's), Havasu would be better for us. The reason this comes up is because we've been talking about going somewhere ( but where ?) when I can walk again. Mike's choice is the Grand Canyon, because he has never been there. But what turns me off other than having been there a few times, are the crowds and the commercialization and the heat, I cannot stand the heat. Of course, it all depends on my knee outcome; but this looks great - I know it's not Bali, but check out the link.

More environmental news from Mexico:

Adios Forever

 ~ From The Yucatan Times: 04/29/23

Tren Maya Threatens the "Cenotes" of the Yucatan Penninsula

BTW, Time had an outstanding report last January:

A New Tourist Train in Mexico Will Destroy Indigenous Land and Livehoods

by, Soraya Lishwari/Tulum, Mexico 01/12/23


Latest On Dummy Trump

 ~ From Informed Comment with video:

Smoking gun: Trump's theft of Classified Iran Materials Caught On Tape, May Bring Him Down

by the Master, Juan Cole



Meanwhile, I'll be back, more info on the shoot-out/Massacre in San Vicente and a round up of the stats,the voltaren pills are driving me crazy I hate them.

Paris says woof.