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Monday, June 12, 2023

The Indictment


In case you haven't had the chance, here is the Indictment (annotated) to read, and by all means, please do read it. You might not be able to sleep afterwards, I couldn't. I had nightmares all weekend.

 ~ From CNN:

Former President Donald Trump's Second Indictment, Annotated

By Zachary B. Wolf and Curt Merrill, CNN Published June 9, 2023


So far, nothing in yet from Zeta on this. Maybe they are waiting for Tuesday.'s a gloomy frightful thought...tonight Mike reminded me;'Well, they arrested Hitler for treason, gave him five years and he served something like eight months...then the shit hit the fan'  I don't think that was an immature analogy, in fact given that the United States is swirling in a cesspool of "God, Guns and Country" true believers, Trump loyalists and ranking GOP leadershipTrump support, it's pretty appropriate.

Interestingly, if you clicked that link and read it, who does Georg Neithardt remind you of ?

Over and out for now.