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Monday, December 14, 2020

This Is It - The Electoral College Votes ! (Hahahah Trump you jerk) - Excellent Observations & Advice From William Rivers Pitt - NPR Coverage of Trumpista Proud Boys Demonstration Which Naturally Turned Violent - The Vaccine: Thoughts From Juan Cole and Ed Yong


 Been insanely busy here with the feral cats: it has also been crazy cold which we cannot seem to adapt to. One of the six feral cats was injured - looks bad, as though a dog or coyote got a hold of her. This started about four days ago when I noticed she came in downstairs and was sleeping on Paris's bed.  Which is not completely strange, but she stayed there for hours into the next morning.  I tried to approach her, but she bolted. It was then I noticed her side had been injured pretty bad (the side she was sleeping on).

We decided the best thing to do would be to trap her and take her into Dr. Silva's to be treated, which was easier said than done . Could not get her to go in the trap and stayed up all four nights. Then, she just left and we haven't seen her. I don't think she will make it, these feral cats have such short little lives...and there are hundreds of them here at SADM.  Paris, Totsie and Rubio were all upset. However one of the new batch, I call him Squirt has indicated that he is in the process of becoming domesticated by sleeping with Totsie & Rubio and jumping in our bed with Paris and waiting patiently for me to put out boiled or baked chicken or hamburger and organic milk (Daca Bob did the same thing...he had a stroke almost over a year ago). Rubio is the son of Daca Bob and I fed him from a bottle when his mother Susan vanished so we bonded pretty quickly, Totsie was so tiny - we have no idea where she came from, but came up to me and let me hold her, she was starving.

  I have learned this about the ferals: they will be the first ones who make the move to transition to domestication, they will let you know. The others want to remain feral. My knee Doctor doesn't think we should be getting them spade and their shots, he suggested that it was not natural - but my argument is that if not done, they multiply overnight and then there are more cats and more cats and more cats who end up wild but they suffer, and can carry rabies.


Wait, I had to check the news, are all the votes in ? Yes, about a half hour ago, California puts Biden over the top !  Biden=306; Trump=232

 ~  From CNN: (also coverage of Biden's speech, latest on Barr)

 Electoral College Vote To Affirm Biden's Win 


By Meg Wagner, Melissa Macaya, Mike Hayes and Veronica Rocha, CNN

Updated 6:14 p.m. ET, December 14, 2020
From NPR. How gross and braindead are these Trump supporters?

Still there are some loose ends despite The Supreme Court saving our asses and the current Electoral College Vote; yesterday Trump said regarding the finality of the Electoral College Vote: "It's not over." We'll take a look at Trump's and the Republican  (not all of them) GOP's asinine behavior over the past few days.  Also, we are waiting to see if there will be more displays of violence from the extreme right groups, as we witnessed over the weekend.
Asinine Behaviour: 

 ~ From Truthout:

More Asinine Behaviour:

 ~ From NPR with terrific pics on the link:
As for myself, I wouldn't counter protest these neanderthals - not physically at least; after all they want to kill us. That is just one of their objectives. Plus, that type of chaos and violence is exactly what Trump wants(he thrives on it), not to mention I have a bum knee.


The Vaccine

Despite Trump's disdain and hatred of Science, it won. Still, there is a ways to go for all of us, we're not completely out of the woods yet. Keep stayin safe and don't miss this one:


Sorry darlings need to go and finish the tree and cooking;  this was tragic, another COVID victim amongst the 300K in the U.S.:

RIP Charlie Pride