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Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas and Meet Paris-Simone ! The Christmas Miracle Pup !

Merry Christmas !

Since 2016 was and still is a dark political, social and environmental disaster for the United States and the violence here goes unabated, out of control - I decided not to blog about any of this until after Christmas.

 If you're not a dog lover none of this will interest you......

Originally we had decided to go out to Jacumba and spend several days at the hot springs to get away from here for Christmas.  That plan changed when we found DaphneyLand and Opus.  I made reservations for Christmas Eve check in at the Marriott, cancelled Jacumba and we were supposed to tour the rescue and rehabilitation center on Christmas Day.  Prior to this, we were on a waiting list for a Basset puppy (actually several) which didn't look good for us, since the breeders we were interested in didn't have any due pups except for one and in that case, all those pups had been spoken for.

 Two days ago, Mike received a call from the breeder whose pups had been spoken for, one of the potential "parents" backed out - would we still be interested in Paris ?  We decided yes we will take her! I cancelled the hotel and tour in Acton, but decided to sponsor Opus.  We are hoping after Paris-Simone (we added the "Simone") settles in we can return to Daphneyland for another Basset...hopefully Opus.

Here she is - the breeder told us his daughter accidentally misspelled "Paris", we pick her up tomorrow, on Christmas Eve :

We will baptize her "Paris-Simone" and register her with the Green Party


This is her father (European Basset) from Maple Street Knight and Day:

And here is Opus who we want to hopefully adopt:

Wait For Us Opus We Love You


Hoping that you find the true meaning of the "Gift of The Magi"on your Christmas Day and everyday.