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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Kerch Strait Bridge: Aftermath: Who's the Fuckin Terrorist - It Ain't the Ukrainians: It's Putin the Rashist Master

Putin retaliates - on hospitals, schools,residential buildings, social hubs, cultural institutions and administrative buildings.

  I wrenched my knee yesterday cooking and acting like I could handle anything, so I was pretty much laid up but still able to read. Of course you already know of the bombardments throughout the Ukraine, all of which are targeting civilians. At this point, 19 are dead, 105 injured/hospitalized from Putin's cowardly attacks. More news coming in this very early morning :


 ~ From Sky News: 



Ukraine latest news: Air raid sirens across Ukraine - as Moscow warns West of 'uncontrolled escalation'

Russia's deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov warns the West of an "uncontrolled escalation" over its "growing involvement" in the war - as air raid sirens sound across Ukraine. "


Current updates, one right after the next, videos and pics:


Sky News: Ukraine Updates 




 We'll see what the G-7 comes up with.  What can they come up with? At any rate, reading around yesterday I accidentally came up with a video of Dzhokhar Dudayev from 1995 which led me to reports on Putin in Chechnya, one of them I just did not agree with. 

But you don't really hear about Chechnya so much, we hear more about the comparative similarities of Putin's barbarism in Ukraine to what he did in Syria. Still, if you get a chance, go to YouTube and check out Dzhokhar Dudayev and his Putin analysis and predictions.

 The Video

This video is from 1995; "Dzhokhar Dudayev in 1995 explains Rashism tactics and negotiations with Russia. His words mirror what we saw in 2014 and today in the Ukraine."

"According to Dudayev, Ruscism is "a variety of hatred ideology which is based on Great Russian chauvinism, spiritlessness and immorality. It differs from other forms of fascism, racism, and nationalism by a more extreme cruelty, both to man and to nature. It is based on the destruction of everything and everyone, the tactics of scorched earth. Ruscism is a schizophrenic variety of the world domination complex. This is a distinct version of slave psychology, it grows like a parasite on the fabricated history, occupied territories and oppressed peoples."

" President Dzhokhar Dudayev, 1995 - Russia - Evil Empire that always violates treaties "

.............. ~


To add to this subject, here are some interesting reports: (BTW, google in Chechnya War images, much the same slash and burn/scorched earth as we are seeing in the Ukraine, complete insanity.)


 ~ From Zois Spotlight - I don't agree with the prognosis of events(or, outcome of the Ukrainian war) on this one, particularly when Dr. Hughes predicts a Russian victory, much the same as in Chechnya:

 " There are obvious similarities between the Russian-Chechen conflict and the current war in Ukraine, but there are also crucial differences. Perhaps, the most important factor in such a comparison is the learning curve experienced by the Russians and the tactical adaptability of the Russian military in response to initial failure. What has occurred in Ukraine so far, tactically, is an iteration of Russia’s Chechen conflict but on an even more immense scale. The strategic outcome, however, is likely to be similar: a costly Russian victory at the expense of massive opposition losses, destroyed infrastructure, and depopulation."

 Russia's Wars: Ukraine and Chechnya Compared 


by James Hughes 20/04/2022

James Hughes is Professor of Comparative Politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is the author of ‘Chechnya: From Nationalism to Jihad'.






 Russian Crimes in Chechnya and Ukraine are Identical - Anzor Maskhdov

Interview by Tatyana Popova

~ From  Eurasia Review | Foreign Policy Research Institute: (BTW, Kadyrov is an asshole)



By, Ivan U. Klyszcz and Harold Chambers*


  • Ivan U. Klyszcz is a doctoral researcher focused on Russian and Eurasian politics.
  • Harold Chambers is a political and security analyst focused on the North Caucasus.


~~~~~ I'm a few months late on getting the vernacular correct - but the bottom line is, Putin is a Rashist.


 Over and out for now.