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Monday, March 7, 2016

You Probably Have Already Seen This - SNL

We are still here, the violence, corruption and impunity continues and have you noticed watching these Presidential debates that not a great deal has been said about the drug war and the regime the United States continues to support? Although Joe Biden declared last month that human rights in Mexico is " of the key goals of the Merida Initiative" we have yet to see it, us and millions of other people. Freida the Muffin is hanging in there; Dr. Beth tells us she is not feeling any pain, but we are considering another Scan/MRI to see what is going on with the tumor.

 She has had only one bleeding episode, and we have learned that someone has to be with her 7-24 otherwise if we both leave the house and then return she becomes too excited and will start sneezing.

 Several months ago back in August after Donald Trump told Reporter/Journalist Jorge Ramos to get lost I had an appointment at Sharp Reese for a checkup and my Primary Care Doctor (who is Mexican) asked me what I thought about the Trump. I just said, "Well, he's a Nazi." He looked a bit surprised and said, "A Nazi?" And I said, "Yea, he is a Nazi." Thank you SNL !!



Meanwhile, I understand the top neocons of the Republican Party are embracing Hillary. Which really should not come as a complete surprise, after all she just loves Henry Kissinger.

 Go Bernie !! ;)