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Monday, November 13, 2017

Paris Surgery Recovery: First Week Report - RED ALERT: Tijuana Exceeds 1,500 YTD Executions This Weekend

Paris has been a full time job during her post operative recovery, she will have to wear her harness (Mike calls it her combat gear) for the next seven weeks.  She went into the VCA on last Friday for her first bandage change and x-ray - so far so good; this upcoming week she goes back up again for another bandage change and x-ray. We are weaning her off of the pain medication -  up until this weekend have been hand feeding her and holding her water in a little bowl for her to drink.  There have been no negative reactions to the med for inflammation and no need to give her tranquilizers, she finished her antibiotic. She cannot stand the crate-cage we bought her to keep her in when she can't be watched for short periods of time, so probably will have to take that back.

There was a break through this weekend, she actually sat up and got out of her bed !  She was able to walk just a bit (about five feet ) then falls, but pulls herself up and starts again.  She also started eating mostly on her own this weekend - we put her up on the sofa for her meals, sit next to her and hold her dish for her.  Her appetite is increasing, and her most favorite is chicken from "Pollo Asil" in Rosarito which I take off the bone and mix with rice.  Tonight she had pot roast from Sprouts, roast white potatoes and one carrot and four Wolf biscuits and we finally finished watching BBC's "The Last Post."

She has been a stellar patient with the exception of she growled at Mike when he put her soft collar back on tonight after dinner.  We are now beginning the second week of care giving and have six more to go then a four week monitor take it easy period with very short walkies down the block. Mike took some pictures, but he has to upload them off of his phone, as soon as he does I'll post them.  Bob the Daca cat slept in the house last night waiting for Paris to get up, evenings are getting cool on the coast...and basically along with my neighbors we feel like prisoners in our homes due to the never ending drug war violence which surrounds us.  And, we've all felt that way for a very long time.

Adding this....

Before her first bandages change 


Courtesy Frontera

11/12/17 Headlines

Just about the only time I have to catch up on all of the news is late at night after Mike and Paris are asleep, however once in a blue moon I can get down here. Every time we take Paris up to San Diego we wind up talking to people at the Hospital and different stores about the violence here, and believe it or not most people (except the Mexican Americans) are completely unaware of the situation in Tijuana, in Baja California and in Mexico.

Frontera's headline says it all, and I don't feel that they or the other news services are being alarmist - it is the reality. Over the weekend, Tijuana alone exceeded 1,500 homicidio dolosos/executions since the beginning of this year according to the authorities and is now considered the most violent city in Mexico. The war between the Sinaloa Cartel vs. the CJNG and their allies (CAF, Tijuana Cartel) continues.


Rebasa Tijuana Mil 500 Muertos
por, Luis Gerardo Andrade

So to keep you up to speed here is Frontera's Policiaca twitter, the only one not listed so far and it probably will be soon is the gringo shot at the restaurant on Blvd. Insurgentes whose condition is listed as delicate. Close by, one executed in Real del Mar across the road and just a couple of weeks ago, three bodies located in the barranca at Punta Bandera up the road - so far I've only seen Zeta point out that specific location.  As you will see, Rosarito has had an uptick in executions as well as Tecate, another in San Quintin, Ensenada:


Zeta runs special reports and if you click "Noticia Del Dia" on the left sidebar you can track back to past days:

Zeta Tijuana 


Importantly was the  surprise replacement of Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, I'll come back to that one and the threats against authorities in Tecate and update the October and November stats, I hope. Have to pull out a chicken from the freezer to bake for Paris tomorrow.


Meanwhile, Trump is still an asshole of course - here's the latest:

 - Adding this one on edit: can you believe this shit ? Check out the videos:

The Guardian

Trump Hails 'Great Relationship' With Philippines' Duterte 
by, Oliver Holmes

- Adding a good one from Robert Mackey with related reports:

Dazzled By a Red Carpet, Trump Gives Philippine Strongman a Pass on His Killing Spree
by, Robert Mackey


Democracy Now ! 

The Intercept 


More on the sidebar, also many reports on Mexico from:


Over and out for now, unknown when I'll be back due to Paris.


Friday, September 9, 2016

National Guard on Stand-By : North Dakota - Where TF are Obama, The Ice Queen Hillary and Dumb Shit Trump ? - teleSur's Mexico Coverage

Best and complete coverage of the Dakota pipeline, now with the National Guard on stand-by plus all the most important U.S. and World headlines: (CBS and NY Times have also had good coverage)

Democracy Now !

Dakota Access Pipeline 

From the Natives:

Indian Country Today Media Network

Dakota Pipeline


telesur's Mexico coverage: (in English)



Second day of water shut down here affecting roughly 600,000 folks and still no water stations provided for the most poor people, nothing.  Someone said to me when I was in town, " would think the Army could provide water stations, if only for an exercise purpose for a real emergency."  That is what some of the Mexican people are thinking. And still no visible Marinos in the streets that I could see. Will return with the homicide totals from the drug war, locally they are falling like flies here.