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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Report From United Nations on Human Trafficking Routes (Women and Children) for Sex Slavery From Mexico - Link to Arrests & Dope Busts BC - Narcotunnel Otay - Oh ! Blue Moon !

courtesy UNODC

The report from the United Nations defining the priniciple zones of human trafficking  (sex slavery of women and children)  is making all the top national news sources some of which are Reforma, Animal Politico, Aristegui Noticias, La Silla Rota including the local AFN this morning.

Although I noticed on Aristegui Facebook someone said right off the bat, "Tell us something we don't already know",  I for one did not know the significance of Mexicali's importance in this smuggling route. The report covers the routes of Tijuana and Mexicali of BC; Nogales, Sonora; Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua; Acapulco, Guerrero; Cancun, Quintana Roo; Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros, Tamaulipas; Tapachula, Chiapas; Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; Los Cabos, Baja California Sur; Distrito Federal, Tlaxcala, Veracruz and Oaxaca.

I am having a difficult time pulling up Aristegui's article which included a copy of the report, but I did find it here for you to read, if you don't read Spanish, hit your translation button.

"Diagnostico Trata de Personas"
Diagnostico Nacional subre la situation de Trata de Personas en Mexico

If that link doesn't work, try this one: 


Lydia Cacho

Last spring while I was trying to reset and move the blog after the fourth hack (no, I don't believe this was the Hacking Team's work), Lydia Cacho was in Tijuana giving a presentation for the "Primer Foro de la Paz por Mexico" organized by the Universidad Iberoamericana.  Her subject included the reports by the US State Department and the PGR which ranked Baja California among the top five states of Mexico for the sex trafficking of women and children.

Lydia has not been phased at all by the accusation of the Washington Post's Manuel Roig-Franzia that she fails on a macro level because she makes "...sweeping declarations that aren't always supported by concrete evidence."  But I wonder how Roig-Franzia  would feel about her reaction to the firing of Carmen Aristegui by MVS awhile back ? BTW, she also has a column at Aristegui. (link to her recent book on the guardian article also)

I'm linking this next report because I believe it did not receive coverage last spring in any major San Diego  news source who are at least supposed to have their finger on the pulse of Tijuana. At her presentation and press call, Lydia names Jorge Hank Rohn as running clubs and casinos which participate in the sex slave industry of women and children and states that there is no political will on the parts of either Mayor Jorge Astiazaran or the State Government run by Governor Kiko to fight or deal with this issue.  Further she describes both men as ultraconservatives linked to political cartels and mafias.

Zeta - Ezenario

Mas turismo sexual en Baja California:  Lydia Cacho

But just like the dope, the majority of support for this billion dollar market of the sex-industry and sex-trafficking is from the United States, a fact we should not forget.


Here is a link you should probably have because for one thing I never seem to have time to report on all of the arrests and dope busts.  Many people think these arrests and busts don't really matter because the criminals and the dope are always easily and swiftly replaced.  Nevertheless, check it out:

AFN - Security


Meanwhile this afternoon.....

"As the stakes (and profits) get higher with the US/Mexico drug trade/war, one thing's for certain - the demand will always be there, more lives will be lost and ruined; more tunnels will be dug deeper, longer, and the war will go on."  ~ Dan Carino (01/03/2011)

  Tijuana - This afternoon another narcotunnel located, this will make the third one found this year. The Mexican Army found this one inside of a warehouse in Otay Mesa.  First reports are that in the cellar of the building there are indications of a passageway, at this moment it is unclear if the construction has been completed.  Watch the link on this one:

Ejercito halla unnuevo narcotunel


Have a Nice Blue-Moon-Friday !

Will be back in a couple of days, executions continue.