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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who Pulled The Plug On WikiLeaks ? Lay Your Bets: The UK, The CIA or The MOSSAD ??? - Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman - David Crosby: "America is no longer a democracy"

As you probably already know, Julian Assange's internet access has been severed.  Everyone is wondering if he will be able to come up with a back up server because the Podesta - Clinton emails were just getting better and juicier as the days rolled on.  We were getting a first hand glimpse into the inner workings of power and politics of the elite.  Meanwhile the other question on people's minds was who pulled the plug - the UK, the CIA or possibly the MOSSAD ?

The Hill

WikiLeaks: Ecuador Cut Off Julian Assanges Internet

Here is a redirect of last week's Democracy Now!  video interview with journalist Lee Fang of The Intercept who along with his counterparts has been covering these recently released WikiLeaks - and don't miss the comments:

Truthdig - and don't miss all of their articles !

What We Know So Far About the Hillary Clinton Campaign's Leaked Emails

More coverage here including Hillary telling  anti-fracking environmentalists to "get a life."


The Podesta Emails Revelations: A Collection



Harry Pierce was rumored to have said it was all of the above, plus John Kerry working with Ecuador to pull the plug...code orange and all that......or something.

The Intercept  - good comments

Ecuador Cuts Internet Access for Julian Assange to Preserve Neutrality in U.S. Election

Next wager:  How soon do you think the next batch of Hillary emails from WikiLeaks will be made public? Surely before the election, don't you think? I think there will be a slight dramatic intermission and then whamo, I might be wrong.

end edit.


The good news of course is that charges were dropped against Amy Goodman:

Democracy Now !

Breaking:  Judge Rejects "Riot" Charges Against Amy Goodman in North Dakota


Here is an important one with a link to station KPFK which will air the entire conversation....wait a minute, you mean NPR won't air this?

Truth Dig

Chris Hedges and Robert Scheer on War, Religion and Fighting American Neoliberalism 


And finally, from the Guardian:

David Crosby: America is no longer a democracy


Hoping to update the drug war events and the Haitian migrante situation before the next charade they are calling a "debate".