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Friday, April 21, 2017

Are Julian Assange & WikiLeaks Employees Truly At Risk For Being Arrested ? Or, Just Another Example of Living in Trump's Culture of Fear ? - Must Read Recent Report on DHS - Executions Continue With A Vengeance

Yesterday the word was out that it seemed imminent that Julian Assange and many of his co-workers at WikiLeaks were doomed, that the US DOJ  was in the process of issuing warrants for their arrests.  CNN along with the Washington Post carried this report and it spread to the social and political media like wildfire. The standard conventional corporate (MSM) media downplayed the report, or at least limited their coverage to only a few paragraphs.

I looked for Mexican coverage of this story, and only could find a small referral at Aristegui Noticias which linked me to WAPO but not the actual report.  This was confusing, after all isn't "Mexico Leaks" based on WikiLeaks ideology of transparency/accountability/openness ? The good news is that all candidates of France have offered Julian and Snowden asylum, if in fact the US government storms the Ecuadorian Embassy and carries him away in shackles. (With links to CNN and the Washington Post)

The pressing point is that the US-Trump government has turned into a paranoid bellicose monster in order to completely control the universe with dark aged dogma (making billions of dollars along the way) and do appear to be stepping all over their own dicks while Trump continues to lie creating fear among just about all aspects of society and the entire world. As a matter of fact, how sure can we be over these threats to WikiLeaks?  It was only a few days back that Trump announced the "armada" heading for North Korea, a report which was covered front page down here and around the world.

Everyone was holding their breath - and as it turns out, it was bullshit. the "Armada" was headed in a different direction:

The Guardian

White House All At Sea Over Claims Flotilla Was Heading To North Korea

We cannot be sure of anything. But what we do know is that a veil of secrecy has been pulled over most Federal Agencies while the Trumpistas raid the cookie jar,rape the environment and are accountable for thousands of deaths including those of women and children due to bombing in the Middle East.


 Here is a recent report on conditions at DHS; not mentioned was that two weeks ago, DHS employees were handed a disclosure notification to keep their mouths shut about anything and everything or be fired.  Again, this last week they were notified that this is a serious order and that they will lose their jobs if it is found out they mutter a peep about anything they see, do or hear.

Fear and Loathing At DHS: Kelly Resorts to Trump Administration Fear Tactics
by, Rachel Kleinfeld


Meanwhile, in case you might have missed this - great interview with Julian Assange, the transcripts can be translated into Spanish by clicking the top right hand button:

Democracy Now ! (Don't miss all of their headlines and full coverage of the "March For Science")

Full Interview: Julian Assange on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More

UPDATE/edit 04/22/17:  Julian Assange pushes the envelope releasing even MORE - and at least CBS is covering the story:


WikiLeaks Releases More Top-Secret CIA Docs As US Considers Charges 

end edit.


Local Mayhem

Locally, we are well over 75 executions just in Tijuana this month including burned bodies, body parts in suitcases, at least four narco-mantas, two police officers shot to death, an attack on a tourist bus at El Chapparral, and today Governor Kiko announced that there is fight between the Sinaloa Cartel and the CJNG for control of the plaza in Ensenada which itself has experienced even more deadly shootings.  Hoping I can get back here over the next couple of days with that information.

Paris is now several weeks along in her "destructive" stage which is really bad. She's chewed through the cable, so now we are not getting TV, trashed the screen doors so it really looks like Hillbillies live here, with a wild hound dog, destroyed and tore up the BBQ cover, taken out sections of wood and plaster inside and outside, broken my collection of shells, and targeted the vacuum cleaner. We were told this is just a phase, that it too shall pass. Poor little thing.

Water pressure is still a problem here, Cantil was covered in water two mornings ago from more burst lines and an under the house water line connected to the hot water heater burst here at 2:00am in the morning. Our plumber is going to install a regulator tomorrow, until then we have shut the TIJ H20 off and are on pila.

 Should I hear anything...I'll just pass it on to Sergio Tamai.