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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Stand By Me : Relatives and Supporters of the 43 Missing Students of Iguala hit San Diego and Around the Globe - 03/23: UPDATES on the Ensenada Jornaleros

Two days ago, relatives and supporters of the 43 missing students from Iguala Guerrero converged on embassies worldwide including those in Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Korea, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, USA, France, India, Lebanon, Malaysia, Palestine, Paraguay, Panama and South Africa and delivered to the diplomatic representative of each country a letter stating that the PGR's investigations into the disappearances of the 43 students have not provided evidence to help locate the students.

The parents, relatives and supporters of the missing Normalista students hit the ground running in Texas then split into three groups to canvass the USA with their grievances against the Pena Nieto government.  Tomorrow the "Caravana 43" representing the missing students will hold a press conference at 4:30pm at the Monte Carmelo Catholic church in San Ysidro, followed by a vigil and a potluck dinner.

On Tuesday (03/24) "Caravan 43" will hold a press conference at 10:00am in building MS-162 of San Diego City College, followed by a lunch fundraiser and a march at 3:00pm.  After the march there will be a community forum at the Centro Cultural de la Raza on Park Boulevard.

Meanwhile, no new reports coming out of San Quintin regarding the striking Jornaleros with the exceptions that seven (some agencias report there were eight) busloads of Jornaleros from Oaxaca joined the demonstrators yesterday, however truckloads of Jornaleros from different parts of Mexico were halted in San Vicente and not allowed to proceed on the Transpennisular Highway to join their fellow striking workers. At this moment the Highway is open, the crops are rotting, and one of the large Agricultural firms has made an offer to increase the pay for hard labor from 100 pesos a day to 200 pesos a day.  More details on those events,  the Carmen Aristegui disaster where thousands have been demonstrating in the streets over her firing by MVS and local drug war events coming up.

UPDATE  03/23:

 - Ensenada: There were concerns that another roadblock would take place since late yesterday afternoon into this morning where close to (and perhaps more) 300 of the striking workers had congregated in the San Vincente area. It is unclear if this was in response to the truckloads of supporters who were turned back yesterday by the authorities.  Another group of 170 had also formed at Colonet; both groups remained calm and peaceful. In this article El Mexicano notes that outside agitators urged the jornaleros at San Vicente towards violent acts including attacking law enforcement.  There have been other articles reporting the infiltration of these striking groups where some believe these are politico firebrands, others think they could be anarchists and still others believe they are narcos.  Within the article Berry Mex outlines their proposals to end the strike.

 - Tijuana: In Tijuana the parents and supporters of the 43 missing Normalista students aired their complaints against the Pena Nieto administration and expressed solidarity with the workers of San

 - Tijuana: A disturbing report from Frontera that at least one site entitled "Extermino de Oaxacos en B.C." has appeared on the Internet denouncing the jornaleros.

 - USA:  If you have not read the Richard Marosi reports on the conditions of the field laborers in Mexico ("Product of Mexico"), I'm going to link it for you - a must read for everyone and it comes in Espanol too.  Here is a just few days ago interview of Richard Marosi by KCRW - it only takes a few moments to listen to, well worth it.

A masterpiece:

"Product of Mexico"

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We are still recovering the lost blogs from 2007 through 2014 which were hacked, unknown when those will reappear - links to be added shortly. Very much hope to see ya'll at City College.



" Familiares y amigos piden por los 43 Normalistas de Ayotzinapa en San Diego"