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Monday, February 20, 2023

Anyone Attend the Berlin International Film Festival ? NEWS FLASH 02/20: Biden Goes To KYIV !!! - UPDATE 02/21: NWS Updates On Huge Approaching Storms And Hazardous Weather Conditions In Our Area - UPDATE 02/22: A Special Treat At The Very End....."When the Levee Breaks" From Playing for Change With Historical Notation Don't Miss It !

Sean Penn, courtesy AP

 Doesn't matter what you might think about him, however we are hoping for a happier ending than what happened with El Chapo...that was a disaster.

From AP:

Zelenskyy 'Born For this Moment,' Sean Penn Says At Berlin

by, Louise Dixon 02/18/23


I agree with Mr. Penn regarding the Oscars...and several other issues.


I have an early Doctor's appointment, so I can't really hang out...the knee is gone I'm afraid. Another appointment next week and the class plus I'm supposed to be doing special exercises prior to the surgery. At some point, don't know when, we'll pick up where we left off. You guys have the links.

I did want to post the stagecoach chile recipe, maybe late tomorrow when we get back. It's not vegan, but boy is it good when it is so cold. Speaking of which batten down the hatches, more super super cold air for days with rain on the way going into the upcoming weekend. Brrrrrrrrr...


That's St. Michael in the background with his troops, keeping a watchful eye on the guys.

Update 02/20: Limping out the door, but completely caught off guard by this one: Our Joe Biden actually went to KYIV!!! Here are the updates:

 ~ From CNN: 

Joe Biden Makes Surprise Visit To Ukraine

Outasight Joe. My only question is: When is AMLO going to Moscow ?

Just remember you guys, just prior to the end of WWII, there was another chicken shit asshole who decided to use the train instead of flying...because he was scared and feeling the heat...

end edit.


Update/edit 02/21: NWS Updates !

Well, it's going to be big; we are counting on prolonged electricity outages and potential damage (like losing the roof again) so hold on to your hats. Also, big surf, but I would think this is going to be mostly storm surf. I'm going to put up the video and the report from NWS. You can find the videos under "News Headlines".


 ~ From NWS:

Hazardous Weather Conditions: San Diego 


We can always do some more Robert out for  bad road conditions....




We did not have 80mph winds, but it was spooky windy all last night until early this afternoon, so the roof is OKAY ! Just traces of rain, nothing great, the big one is coming in on Friday. It is cold. But I saw this & wanted to share it with y'all...a pretty bitchen version of "When the Levee Breaks" - you'll have to hit the link at the very bottom.  And check out Sebastian Robertson from Mission Beach, cool.

Speaking of Mission Beach, does anyone out there remember the folk-coffee house on Mission Boulevard from wayback, The Heritage?  Then, of course, there was the rockin Bath House. So here's the other version, enjoy:

 “When The Levee Breaks” is a powerful, thought-provoking and emotionally-charged classic by Led Zeppelin, from their Led Zeppelin IV album. The song is a rework of the 1929 original release by Kansas Joe Mccoy and Memphis Minnie about the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927; the most destructive river flooding in U.S. history. “It seems that little has changed since 1927, or even 2005 with Katrina. It’s still a really powerful track, both musically and lyrically,” John Paul Jones.

 Legendary multi-instrumentalist, John Paul Jones, is accompanied by Stephen Perkins of Jane's Addiction, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks and over 20 musicians and dancers from seven different countries, in this Song Around The World version featured in Peace Through Music: A Global Event for the Environment. Feel the impact of these compelling lyrics and let the music move your spirit! "


I will add: if this does not give you goosebumps, I don't know what will: