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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Is it Hillary or Sandra Dibble?
Okay, so it's been forever that I have not been here...the Muffin is the priority, her tumor has not spread according to the latest tests - but still, we just do not know how much longer we will have her.  She was doing so well these past days that I actually left her alone yesterday and went to the states to take care of some errands.  She stayed up with me until about 2:00 am looking at all of news, Dr. Silva says he has never seen a pup handle this type of cancer so well.  There is bad news, Dr. Silva's wife passed away last Wednesday losing her battle with cancer.  He has been under immense stress for years now, unsure if he will be in the Rosarito office this weekend, but Saul and Elizabeth will be there. I need to add that "Juan" the wonderful gentleman who bagged your groceries at Calimax also passed away. Everyone loved him, we will all miss him.

Regarding the drug and gang related violence locally and the execution style killings not only in Tijuana but throughout Baja California it is ridiculous, over the top and constant (TRY LIVING HERE) including another massacre of five men in Ensenada just this last Sunday, with no arrests. (correction: confusing re the "arrest" of one person who initially we were told was mentally deranged; newer reports coming in that he was not involved in these five gruesome killings, so we'll have to wait and see on this one - but really you need to ask yourselves how could one deranged man take down five big strong men who worked in the wine vineyards with a sledgehammer?)   This and other outrageous events including the human heads located (one in TIJ and one in Rosarito), more burned bodies and encobijados, the shoot out in the tourist zone of Rosarito which freaked everyone out, children dead and wounded caught in drug related crossfire, more narco-tunnels, daylight attacks not just nightly attacks, three complaints of attacks on local journalists by the Municipal Police and almost daily executions up and down the coast (first three months of this year in TIJ alone there have been 197 homicides. The overwhelming majority of these homicides of course are drug and drug territorial related) - will return with those updates -  unsure with my situation here of when I will be able to return.  But I will.

As usual, Proceso, Aristegui and La Jornada have their fingers on pulse of National events. Also an updated US State Department report on human rights in Mexico which is a vast improvement over their last report, but with some shortcomings to be honest.


Early this afternoon we took my car to be tuned up and made some quick stops in Rosarito. At the entrance to Calimax, there were only two newspaper copies left, one of El Sol and one of Zeta with similar headlines of the increasing violence and homicides in Tijuana. According to El Sol, the bloodbath continues, we are now up to 232 executions counting the 30 so far this month of April (since this publication there have been more), and both the "... business people and the community at large are frightened". We are double the amount of homicides as compared to last year, same time period. Daniel Angel Rubio reports that authorities believe there are three groups (CAF, Sinaloa and CNJG) at war for territorial control and notably that this is an extension of the same fight which started last April after the murder of Luis Manuel Toscano Rodriquez aka "El Mono", leader of the CAF, Zona Norte. In the same edicion of El Sol, Yolanda Caballero Jacoco describes the the chaos of criminality in the Zona Centro, where the general public and businesses have been victims of robberies and assaults ("Blindar Centro Para Frenar Ola de Robos y Asaltos").

 Zeta's headlines (not online yet - #2194)) read "The Map Of Death" outlining the numbers breakdown of executions in the colonias of Tijuana - and just at first glance it is clear that the majority of these are taking place not so much in the east, but in the west and central. As soon as that edicion goes on line, I'll give you a link.

 So, yes it is bad, it has never improved.

 232 Ejecutados, Con 30 de Abril; Sigue Bano de Sangre
por, Daniel Angel Rubio


Another internet attack on Maggie's Madness.....

Meanwhile, my site has once again been minimized and tons of bogus material put up under by URL on the internet I just noticed this evening. Gosh, there are even all the demeaning parodied posts written by Linton Robinson as Fulano, Sandra's best friend. Strangely and suddenly Ms. Dibble who posed in a photo opportunity in 2010 when the violence was absolutely outrageous- posed smiling for the San Diego Union Tribune down in Ensenada with the idiot who wrote the book that the violence was only happening in the east part of Tijuana and was on a promoting junket waving and claiming that everything was just so okay down here has turned a leaf in her career and is now reporting in 2016 the CJNG is here.  Well  Sandra we already knew that actually very early last year ( and I blogged it ) and as a matter of fact Zeta reported CJNG activity here nearly two and a half years ago (blogged on the WP blog which is on a disk - hounded to death by Linton there constantly) yet it was constantly denied by the authorities and you were not paying attention. You didn't pay attention for years and years.... and years.  You knew, but you didn't say anything. I remember being so dumbfounded when during that earlier time period a family was run off the Scenic Hwy. just down the road a bit and executed.  Remember ?  Remember how the killers turned their vehicle around, the mom staggered out of the overturned vehicle with her dead husband inside, they shot her as she staggered out and then they shot the little baby who had been thrown from the vehicle and killed him. You didn't say anything. You didn't report it or the thousands of other atrocities. You didn't write about what was going on down as far as the drug war here for nearly ten years, you promoted. And you never responded to me when I sent you the porn pictures your buddy was attaching to my blog, you could care less.  You just sat silent while I was being absolutely terrorized, demeaned, hacked, lied about. 

Furthermore, I believe you knew exactly what was going on in Ensenada fifteen-twenty years ago and you said nothing - you promoted the area and led people to believe everything was just fine.  You and that dip shit brother of yours who worked for the State Department. You knew bout the dope, the human trafficking, you knew. You knew about the slave labor, you knew.  You knew about everything and you said nothing. In essence, you were supporting and promoting organized crime. And finally when I said something you and your goon squad just could not handle it.

Worse, you never reported how in Ensenada during the Grita, Yo Soy 123 members and their supporters - hundreds of them - had the shit beat out of them by the authorities. As I recall, back then you didn't have anything much to say about Yo Soy 123 except for one very short article.  Minimize, minimize. Hell Sandra, if that doesn't work you know how to do it, start rumors, make up lies, call em crazy, bi-polar, awful and horrible people,call them paranoid, call them alarmists, call them a lesbian (This is so hilarious, even if I were one what difference would it make?  And particularly even more ridiculous since Linton Robinson aka Fulano who generated this rumor is himself openly gay), attack their most personal and private relationships, call them abusive, attack their spouse, demean them over and over and over, gather your information from people who hate them and really are sick, and change things on the internet, change arrest records, change any kind of records, put up any kind of false information you can and don't forget to include pictures, send streams of verbally abusive emails and messages to them I mean send thousands of them and stalk them, spam out their blog ruin it so they have to rewrite and move it at least four times, steal their URL then put it up for sale, delete any and all back links to them so they seem disreputable, then break into their site and erase reference links they use to qualify information, break into their computer and get your dirty little fingers all over their files and personal information,while you are at it, monitor their emails and phone conversations (especially easily done if they have Telnor), scare them, threaten them, their home, their pets, destroy their work on the internet for christ sake, call them names, crush them, crush them, crush them - it is called psychological terror and you know how to do it because your best friend Linton Robinson is the master and you knew exactly what he was doing you stood by his side while he was doing it and by doing nothing by saying nothing you are a part of it and it is disgusting.

What is also disgusting about you Sandra is how you stood by silently for years while your co-workers at the Baja Nomad endorsed George Bush, supported the Iraq War  and claimed over and over again there is no such thing as global warming.  This went on for years. Didn't bother you, after all the appeal was for the wealthy gringos to invest and buy into it down here, and most of them were Republicans who supported George Bush and dismissed global warming. As a matter of fact, the person who started calling me "La Loca", Danny Loya, (which your goon friends picked up on and used continuously to taunt me through the years) was and still is an ardent supporter of Rush Limbaugh and neo-con ideals.You stood silent for years when Linton Robinson created "The Dead Nigger Society" which ran on the internet as a hate site.  Silent Sandra, not a peep out of you.  Of course after I busted him, he changed "The Dead Nigger society" to being a work of pulp fiction. 

I don't think you really give a shit that the CJNG is here, I don't think you give a shit about anything down here. The only thing you care about is collecting your great big fat paycheck and trying to convince everyone you are special and a class above because you went to school where - in India?  Who gives a shit Sandra, you are not special and you are not entitled. And really Sandra, you are still promoting - what - haven't you heard it is chaos in the Zona Centro? These are citizens and businesses and police being targeted - in the daylight Sandra. Hurry, change your most recent article and try to include the facts. Not only that, you said nothing nothing nothing about the recent clandestine grave site where 15 more bodies were found in TIJ, not a word.

BTW, tell your new friends at the LA Times I have the original newspaper report which was printed regarding my lawsuit against the County of San Diego which they have changed and does not appear in their archives.  What a different story, how it was Neil Connelly the so called county pesticide inspector who carried in the huge bags of zinc phosphide and spilled them all over the hallway several times (not to mention how he stored illegally and later doctored documents) but it was I who swept up and scooped it up with my hands. It was not me who carried the 70+ pound bags in which were improperly packaged  the smaller bags. Missing from these manufactured archived reports is the interview with the County Nurse which was important because it was she who told Connelly (a county employee) he could not do that - but he kept doing it for months. The fact that I was testing water for the citizens of Ramona for nitrate levels - not just the soil appeared in the printed article, but not in the archives.  Also, Dr. Dahlgreen of UCLA had much more to say, they cut so much out of their archived reports it is disgusting. Weird huh?  I have the original printed newspaper report, the report starts on front page and then continues for two entire pages, nothing at all like what the LA Times shows in their archives. Too bad it wasn't a class action suit, all the hundreds of immigrant Mexican women and babies in that social service front office being exposed to phosphine gas, a toxic substance. Didn't seem to bother you.

You certainly didn't cover the story as well as not covering the story of how the County Planning Board was attempting to railroad a landfill back in the 1980's for Boden Canyon in Ramona - and it was my neighbors the Woodward women and I who organized the community to stop it- boy I bet that pissed the county off, they had their private dump truck and construction companies already lined up ready to go. Mike said he cannot ever remember seeing you at any of the 1970's demonstrations in Cardiff and the north county against the safety hazards of the San Onofre Nuclear Plant - and for the life of me, I cannot remember you writing an article on the safety hazards of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant back then or even currently, maybe I just missed it, ya think? 40+ years later it was finally shut down, did you write anything about that - maybe you still can and jump on the bandwagon like you are doing now with the violence down here, except everyone else did all the hard work to get it shut down, not you.

Well like my attorney Joe Nalven (who I believe is teaching law now at City College  - I think his wife Shirley teaches there too) said to me, "...if you lived in or this happened to you in Northern California, you would be a millionaire." Do you think he was trying to tell me that San Diego is just full of rich crooks, liars and corporate fat slobs who will do anything to cover their asses and are assisted  in achieving this by a bunch of hack writers ?  Makes sense.

Finally Sandra, no report on either on the "Hacking Team" and US involvement or Berta Caceres?  Why not ? Do we have to wait another ten years before you suddenly write reports on those?

 When are you ever going to do a story on Americans who are threatened point blank not to go to Mexican Immigration to get rid of gringo criminals with criminal records in the US who are involved in criminal activity down here?  Too touchy perhaps?  Bad for business?  Well fuck that Sandra, the gringos aren't coming down here anymore - but maybe you should make it real clear to any gringo dumb enough to move here that they should never expect any help if they are caught up in a very bad position - especially at Campo La Joya , Punta Banda Ensenada - and are told: "If you go to Mexican Immigration do not mention my name or my camp, because there are no permanent people living here, this is just a tourist camp."  You know Sandra, you need to get your information straight - you have described Punta Banda many many times in the past as the "gringo gultch" - where many expat gringos live. Not according to the Mexican landowners - according to them no gringos live there permanently, it is only a tourist camp.  Bullshit. I dunno seems fair to me, USA expects the Mexicans to live in the Unites States legally and if they aren't legal they are deported - yet gringos are allowed to live here illegally? How as a reporter could you have missed that aspect completely ? 

Careful Sandra if you really ever do report what is going on down here, your other friend Erin might write that you are just being too "negative".

Shame on you and your goons - and you and your goon squad does this to me when I haven't bothered you, I don't have anything to do with you or Linton Robinson or Baja Nomads or Talk Baja (all your co-workers), or Linton's Borderland Beat  or even Tijuana Amigos, another of Linton's projects at all. (let's mention another one of Linton Robinson's real estate promotion sites, who blatantly supported one of the biggest scams in Baja California, the (Donald) Trump Towers.)  Nothing.  In fact, mostly since October most of what I've talked about is our pup Muffin who is dying from cancer and the numerous trips up to the States we've made since October to have her diagnosed and treated by the best doctors and specialists in San Diego.  But there isn't any treatment really for nasal carcinoma, so we are here under unbelievable stress trying to cope with this insanely tragic event for months and months in addition to living in an out of control war zone and you and your goons fuck with me?  You are a prime example of corporate spineless press and I hope to God someone you love is dying from incurable cancer and you get fucked with during your weakest moments - but now that I think about it Sandra, I don't think you love anyone and I don't think anyone loves you because you are a cold fish so it wouldn't matter if someone you know is dying, you just don't give a shit. Shame on you for defending and promoting corruption and impunity - that is what you do best, and I don't think a sudden report from you on the permanent, prevalent AND OBSCENE violence here after not reporting the conditions and thousands of drug related homicides honestly for years will ever redeem you, ever. BTW the other thing you got wrong - or the San Diego Trib got wrong was after the slaughter in Ensenada at the Palenque, the Trib published that an arrest was made, like that was the end of the story. Well yea Sandra, an individual was arrested as in "round up the usual subjects" but he was released. You and the Trib did not report that. What we did hear from the Mexican authorities was that "...there are no armed commando groups in Baja California."  Hmmmm.....another thing you got wrong, at this date there is no settlement between the Jornaleros of San Quintin and Dricolls - nope...but you wrote there was.  So tell us, is Driscolls one of your corporate sponsors?  Oh I get it, no wonder you never said anything when the porn was and still is attached to my blog by your buddy Linton Robinson - he has a vested interest in the Zona Norte and the porn business.  Oh doh me Sandra, of course, that is why you never bothered to cover either Lydia Cacho or Rosy Orozco when they gave presentations in Tijuana.  And shame on you, you never even bothered to cover Padre Solalinde. when he was here, or Sergio Tamai. I am curious though Sandra, do you keep a copy of Linton's Aztec whatever sex-porn book on your nightstand? 

 end edit.


Importantly there is much more information on the Berta Caseres affair and the 2009 Honduran Coup. I think last time around I said that Gustavo Castro Soto would probably be released and return to Mexico (This so that the US State Department and Hillary would not suffer more damage to their reputations and images). He was released and returned to Mexico at the beginning of this month.  Additionally the family of Berta Caseres has requested that the USA cut off all aid to Honduras and two European development banks have withdrawn their support for the Agua Zarca hydroelectric project.  Up to date information on twitter hashtag: #Berta Caceres.

Watch these interviews from Democracy Now ! with both Hillary defending her role in the Honduras Coup and with Professor Dana Frank's response to Hillary's lies:

Democracy Now !

Hear Hillary Clinton Defend Her role in Honduras Coup When questioned by Juan Gonzalez

Democracy Now !

"She's Baldly Lying": Dana Frank Responds to Hillary Clinton's Defense of her role in Honduras Coup

Well, what's new, right?  How about this whopper from Hillary about Bernie?  And she doesn't even bat an eye. So, where was Charlie Rose ?  What? You mean he didn't interrogate Hillary after all these lies?

Meanwhile  used to be we called the major news sources in the USA the "Main Stream Media" (MSM) - finally I am getting with the program and in the future will use the term borrowed from Juan Gonzalez and shall refer to them as "The Corporate Media".  For the best information on just about everything, go here:

Democracy Now!

P.S. found an old recipe for zucchini bread, hope to come back with that for ya'll....


The quote on the blog title came from here, Dylan's 2006 version of Rollin' and Tumblin'. Unfortunately, there was no original recording (along with several other pieces from "Modern Times") available except - and get this - from a Russian bootlegged underground taped recording. Problem is sometimes it plays, other times it doesn't.

Edit: Here's the old zucchini bread recipe, a blast from the past: Have your rack in middle of oven, preheat to 350 degrees, grease your loaf pan.

 Whisk together in large bowl:
 3 cups all purpose flour
 4 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
 1/2 teaspoon baking soda

 In another bowl combine:
 1 cup coarsely shredded zucchini (jackets on)
 3/4 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
 1/4 cup cup chopped scallions
 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
 1 tablespoon fresh dill - or 2 teaspoons dried dill.
 Add this to your dry ingrediants and gently toss to coat.

 In another bowl whisk together:
 2 large eggs
 1 cup buttermilk
 4 tablespoons warm melted butter

 Add this to the flour mix and mix with a few light strokes just until the dry ingredients are moistened. Do not over mix - the batter should not be smooth.

 Bake in 350 oven for 55-60 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Let cool for about 10 minutes before removing from loaf pan. Goes good with salads or soups !

 I'm trying to convince Mike we need to put in a dragon fruit plant as long as we have to stay here for awhile, will let you know how that one goes......