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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Increase In Drug War Executions And COVID-19 Here In a Matter Of Hours - Governor Bonilla Said the Drug War Violence Cannot Be Controlled - The Trump Problem From TruthOut - Democracy Now! Covers The Otay Mesa Detention Center With Video:"Death Trap Jail: Pepper-Sprayed Otay Mesa Detainees Demand Release As COVID-19 Spreads Inside"

All Reports From Zeta:

We are now at a YTD total of 614 executions in Tijuana and a YTD total for BC at 812 dead and it seems as though the  cartels are taking advantage of law enforcement's sick outs due to the virus and attempting to take care of the general public - Governor Bonilla said it all point blank, "...we cannot control it."

Se Reportan 13 Homicidios en BC, "Es Una Situacion Que No La Podemos Controlar":Bonilla 

"13 homicides are reported in BC; "It is a situation that we cannot control": Bonilla

Of the total murders, 12 were perpetrated in Tijuana; where the number of victims rises to 604 so far in 2020.

“We had a very serious day, 13 homicides in Baja California; 12 in Tijuana. We cannot control that situation. It has been a very serious beginning of the year; although, it is almost the same situation in the whole country, what concerns us and worries is Baja California, ”Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez declared this morning in his morning message, after the entity reached 812 murders this year. .

He noted that despite the operations carried out by the National Guard, Sedena, the Attorney General's Office and the Municipal Police, the crimes do not stop.

In Tijuana, in the last hours 12 murders were registered. Three of the victims are female. With these facts, intentional homicides in the city reached 604 in 2020.

First, at 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 21st, in the bathroom of a home located on Calle Paloma in the Cañón del Sainz neighborhood, the body of a female person was found. The victim had injuries from a firearm projectile to the face and chest. The woman was identified as Arabella Villega Echeverria, 40 years old.

15 minutes later on a local road, behind the Urbi Villas del Prado Section II subdivision, in the area of ​​the hill, the body of a male was found in a state of putrefaction. The deceased was blindfolded with a brown cloth and had a bullet injury to the head.

The lifeless body of a woman, naked and wrapped in a gray colored sheet, was located on a country road at the height of León Avenue, Villa Fontana IX Secc neighborhood. The young woman, between 20 and 25 years old, had abrasions and bruises on her body.

A double homicide by firearm was perpetrated inside a building located on Calle Constitución without number, Colonia Xicotencatl Leyva. The male victims have not been identified.

A couple named Karla Herlinda Segura Jiménez, 60, and Felipe de Jesús Segura, were killed by firearms at a home located in Privada Canaria, building E, department # 4, Villa del Álamo neighborhood.

Almost at the end of the day, in the patio of a house in Rosario street, Lot 7, Colonia Ejido Francisco Villa, the lifeless body of 49-year-old José Pablo Luna Montañez was located. The deceased had firearm injuries.

The morning of this Wednesday, the 22nd at the ISSSTE Palmas facilities, 53-year-old Gerónimo Maurilio Figueroa perished. The victim arrived at the hospital with various injuries. Until now it is unknown where he was attacked.

Later, on Nogales Boulevard and Corridor 2000, a male body was found covered with a black cloth and tied by the hands. The victim has not been identified.

Lastly, the corpse of a man with various injuries from a firearm was abandoned in Paseo del Bosque and in private Del Olmo, Residencial del Bosque subdivision.

For these events, no detainees are reported."


Local COVID-19 Stats Increase:

 123 Nuevos Casos Positivos y 37 Muertes Por COVID-19 en 24 Horas en BC
Por, Ariel Saucedo

"The number of deaths and infections in Baja California by COVID-19 continues to rise, registering 37 deaths and 123 new positive cases in the last 24 hours, reported the Secretary of Health in the State, Alonso Pérez Rico, on the morning of this Wednesday 22 April in the video conference of Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez.

As “a heavy day,” Pérez Rico described the last hours in Baja California, in which the number of positives for COVID-19 reached 975, more than 100 compared to the previous day. He explained that this is because the results of the tests that had been sent to the La Raza Epidemiology Laboratory in Mexico City, and that they had not been released, arrived.

The total of tests that have been applied in Baja California until April 20 are two thousand 666, of which one thousand 205 have given negative, 975 gave positive and 486 are pending, of these 405 correspond to the IMSS, 65 to the Secretariat of Health, 11 from ISSSTE and 1 to private hospitals.

Of the 133 people who have died since March 31, there are 86 men and 47 women, the majority of cases being people over 65 years of age. By municipality, in Tijuana 86 COVID-19 patients have died, Mexicali has 36, Tecate and Ensenada with four deaths, Playas de Rosarito has two and San Quintín one death from this disease; having an average of three deaths per day at the state level.
As for the converted hospitals of the Ministry of Health, there is a 47.6 percent occupation with 252 beds available; There are 47 fans available, 23 in Mexicali, 16 in Ensenada and only 8 in Tijuana, so they will be sending ventilators from Mexicali to Tijuana if necessary.

The IMSS COVID centers in Mexicali, Tijuana, Ensenada and San Quintín, have an occupation of 55.92 percent; Of the 608 beds in the state, 268 are available. As for the fans, they have 24, of which there are only two in the Regional Hospital number 1 in Tijuana.

“In Tijuana, both in the General Hospital and in the IMSS, for the two COVID hospitals we have 10 ventilators. If for example, out of every 10 patients discharged, 12 arrive, and of those at least one requires a ventilator, we are gaining patients every day, we are using ventilators; the reality of things is that we are already going to have to move fans from Mexicali and Ensenada to Tijuana, in what reaches us over 60 fans projected for this week, "said the head of the Ministry of Health.

He stressed that fans are still not needed, however, there is an upward trend if people who continue to go outside and do not respect preventive measures, so it is vital that citizens continue at home, because of increasing the number of patients will not reach respirators.

 If the increase in patients continues, starting this Saturday, April 25, the IMSS could have a fan deficit, but supposedly the Secretariat would be supporting the missing teams.

At the end of the videoconference, Pérez Rico reported that this morning he had communication with the general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, to coordinate with the samples that the IMSS is applying in Baja California and to have results in less time, in addition to making a IMSS auxiliary hospital unit at the Baja Center Convention Center in Playas de Rosarito with the capacity of 200 beds, which is projected to be ready in three weeks."

SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19)
FIGURES COVID-19 (April 22)
            Positive cases 975

  • Tijuana 557
  • Mexicali 364
  • Ensenada 14
  • Tecate 26
  • Rosarito 11
  • San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero 3

  • Deaths 133

  • Tijuana 86
  • Mexicali 36
  • Cove 4 (Ensenada)
  • Tecate 4
  • Rosarito 2
  • San Quintín-Vicente Guerrero 1
Mexico National COVID-19 Stats:

Van 970 DefuncionesPor COVID-19 en Mexico, Hay 300 Casos Activos en BC 
Por, Carlos Alvarez 04/22/20 - 5:23pm

" In Mexico, from February 28 to Wednesday April 22, there have been 10,544 accumulated cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19), with 3,618 active over the last 14 days, 7,796 " suspects" and 970 deaths, as reported by Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Federal Government.

1,043 new cases, representing 11 percent more than the previous day. Of the deaths, 31 percent correspond to women and 69 percent to men. While the median mortality age is 59 years, the majority because they have comorbidities, or are over 60 years old, or in a few cases, are pregnant women, said the federal official.

López-Gatell Ramírez added that in Baja California there are 300 active cases and 206 in Sinaloa. On the other hand, a total of 46 thousand 943 tests have been performed, of which 10 thousand 541 is SARS-CoV-2, 939 influenza, 105 other respiratory viruses, and 35 thousand 362 negative."


 Okay, the Convention Center is just down the road, so if it is outfitted to be a Hospital, more traffic down that way, no traffic lights, be careful. BTW, thanks to Governor Milan for that building.

Also, the old  free road into Ensenada has been officially blocked off so that people will go through the El Sauzal checkpoint - this doesn't mean Ensenada has been blocked off, but you will be checked going in .


Back in the Diego: 

 ~ From Democracy Now !  :

Chilling coverage of the Otay Mesa Detention Center:

Death Trap Jail: Pepper-Sprayed Otay Mesa Detainees Demand Release As COVID-19 Spreads Inside


The Trump Problem

Let's turn to just a few instances of the lack of leadership of Donald Trump during the COVID crisis. I read this report a few days back, and it just jumped out at me, entirely accurate:

From Truthout: 
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Trump’s Inaction on the COVID-19 Crisis Seems More Deliberate Each Day