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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Access to TIJ via El Chaparral Has Been Closed - UPDATE: Access RE-Opened - UPDATE 1/30: USA Constitutional Crisis and Chaos ! Trump Tells State Dept Officials Not Supporting Muslim Ban To Get Lost & Ms. Yates Holds Out and Defies Trump !!! Then He Freakin Fires Her

US authorities shut down access into Tijuana about an hour ago; anti-government protests continue here.  We are also in the high -70's as far as executions just in Tijuana since the beginning of the year.  Will return with that information.  Trump's evil ban on Muslims has touched us here, two part-time neighbors who are Iranian told Mike this morning they are afraid to try to get back into the United States where they live. According to US news sources, despite the New York Federal Judge's ruling against the Trump ban "rogue agents" are still carrying out the Trump orders also backed by DHS.

Courtesy Frontera


Cerrado El Cruce de El Chaparral Hacia Tijuana

UPDATE  01/30:  This report has not been updated on the local news services, but as far as I can see the freeways which were shut down were re-opened about three hours after they were shut down.  Unclear why these were closed as Frontera has pointed out the demonstrators  yesterday in TIJ were not were not even at El Chaparral. Also, no news on our Iran neighbors who I believe are permanent residents of San Diego.


"Caltrans San Diego ‏@SDCaltrans 19h19 hours ago

 SB I-5 and SB I-805 are now open at SR 905.#SDCaltransAlert "


UPDATE 01/30:

New York Times Reports Ms. Yates holds out and defies Herr Trump :

Acting Attorney General Orders Justice Dept. Not to Defend Refugee Ban
 By, Matt Apuzzo

UPDATE:  Then, the lunatic fires her !!!!


Trump Fires Top Government Lawyer Who Defied Immigration Order
by, Roberta Rampton

From Common Dreams:  includes press conference video with related articles...sign up for their newsletter while you're there.....and order their "Resist" bumper stickers too:

Trump to State Dept.Officials Objecting to Muslim Ban: 'Get with the Program or..Go'
by, Jon Queally

UPDATE:  Open dissent @ State Dept:

New York Times

Open Dissent @ State Dept Over Travel Ban
 By, Mark Landler and David E. Sanger

UPDATE:  This one is completely unbelievable:

NBC News

Trump Says He's 'Solved' Latinos Fears of Him
by, Suzanne Gamboa


Correction on TIJ executions:  We are up to and surpassing 87 just in TIJ alone since the beginning of the month which is keeping up with the ultra high numbers of 2016.  Will come back to those and the anti-government demos in a bit.


Way to go Trump you IDIOT !  Just grab 'em by the pussy !